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20,000 Customers Have Pre-Ordered Over $2,000,000 of Soylent

glitch0 Missing the point (543 comments)

Most of these comments are missing the point of Soylent and also the target customer.

I like eating home cooked food. I like time. These two goals are at odds with each other, because making home cooked food takes lots of time.

Some nights, I just don't feel like cooking or I don't have time to cook. I just want something quick to satisfy my hunger. I would probably end up eating fast food, which is terrible for me nutritionally.

Soylent is for those nights for me. When I don't feel like cooking and I just want to feel full. It would be nice to have something filling but also healthy, and that's where Soylent comes in vs just getting fast food.

I imagine that most people who preordered Soylent are similar to me in this sense. Very few people plan to stop eating altogether and subsist solely on Soylent.

It's not about replacing food, so please, get over that idea.

If you've ever come home from work, and hacked away at a project until the wee hours of the night, and thought "damn, I'm so hungry, but finishing what I'm working on is more exciting than eating right now. I wish I could just make my hunger go away so I could focus on what I want to work on." then you might be able to understand my desire for something like Soylent.

about 6 months ago

ATF Tests Show 3D Printed Guns Can Explode

glitch0 Re:Fearmongering at its finest. (233 comments)

But, that's why I don't buy nor use them.

If plastic guns are banned, then you can't buy nor use them anyway. You don't even have the option.

about 8 months ago

Startup Touts All-in-One Digital Credit Card

glitch0 Re:Too late? (222 comments)

Those cash back rewards come from the credit card processing fees that merchants charge. The merchants must raise their prices to include those fees and still make the same profit, so really, you're paying extra every time you make a purchase and then you're waiting for them to give it back to you in the form of a "reward".

about 8 months ago

Project Seeks To Build Inexpensive 9-inch Monitor For Raspberry Pi

glitch0 HDMIPi? Come on! (176 comments)

HDM-Pi sounds so much better than HDMI-Pi. How did they let that one slip through the cracks?

about 9 months ago

Project Seeks To Build Inexpensive 9-inch Monitor For Raspberry Pi

glitch0 Re:Gee, they're going to build an ARM-based comput (176 comments)

You clearly don't understand the purpose of the Raspberry Pi. Nobody is replacing their computer with this, it's for making projects and experimenting and learning to program. A 9-inch monitor would use useful in many scenarios.

about 9 months ago

Android Fragmentation Isn't Hurting Its Adoption

glitch0 Re:Controller that costs as much as 20 games (419 comments)

Yes, because PS3 and XBOX wireless controllers are $10 each, right?

Oh wait, they're $45 and $55 each respectively. Seems pretty close to $60 to me. I'd rather pay $60 for a game controller and $3 for each game than $55 for a game controller and $60 for each game.

That's just my opinion, but I'd be surprised if the majority of people (casual gamers) won't feel the same way, especially with portable games improving so much in quality.

Also, just an FYI. All the android gamepads cost around that same price. Google around, the MOGA pro gamepad for android is $50, for example.

Your point is moot, sir.

about a year ago

Woz Says iPhone Features Are 'Behind'

glitch0 Re:Check me if I wrong... (587 comments)

The iPhone 5 also has LTE which the Nexus 4 lacks. It's hardly surprising that a phone with 4G is priced higher than one without it.

about a year and a half ago

Woz Says iPhone Features Are 'Behind'

glitch0 Re:Check me if I wrong... (587 comments)

I don't think it's really fair to compare the price of the Nexus 4 to the iPhone 5 when Google specifically left out LTE to keep the price of the Nexus 4 down.

about a year and a half ago

Internet-Deprived Kids Turning To 'McLibraries'

glitch0 Re:OH I see (331 comments)

Comcast is $29 a month for the first 6 months, not that far off. If you're really desperate you can cancel and renew it every 6 months. Me and my roommates did it in college to save money.

about a year and a half ago

As Music Streaming Grows, Royalties Slow To a Trickle

glitch0 Re:too much offer, too hard competition (665 comments)

I love how your post is written like a research paper with citations. Very nice sir!

about a year and a half ago

As Music Streaming Grows, Royalties Slow To a Trickle

glitch0 Re:Not a bad start. (665 comments)

That is false. Take Girl Talk or Skrillex for example. Both of them do many live shows, yet they create their music entirely on a computer before the show. If it can be played on a computer, you can have a live show for it, even if the show is simply the artist standing in front of the laptop dancing to the music, which is essentially what a Girl Talk show is like.

about a year and a half ago

Anonymous Warhead Targets US Sentencing Commission

glitch0 Re:Let's kowtow! (252 comments)

Well to be more accurate (pedantic, I suppose), he would really be bringing a robot into their house to systematically take pictures of everything so that he can reconstruct a virtual 3d version of their house. That's different that just taking every picture yourself, just like it would be a different story if A.Schwartz had taken the time to visit and "print to pdf" every article in JSTOR.

Note: I'm not saying that what Aaron did was wrong or right, just saying that your analogy really isn't apt and needs some corrections to truly be apt.

about a year and a half ago

'Gorilla Arm' Will Keep Touch Screens From Taking Over

glitch0 Re:This isn't rocket science. (610 comments)

1920x1080, no thanks. How about a HighDPI display? Or at least 1920x1200?

about a year and a half ago

Nebraska Sheriff Wardriving, Sending Letters About Unsecured Wi-Fi

glitch0 Re:Utter Horse-shit! (248 comments)

sounds to me more like he's stealing wifi from a neighbor and doesn't want to lose his free internet.

about 2 years ago

iPhone 5 Scorns Standards Promise To European Commission

glitch0 Re:Fuck Apple. (543 comments)

Except that Apple complies with the standard by providing an adaptor, and therefore this story is complete BS.

about 2 years ago



Internet Explorer Market Share drops to almost 15%

glitch0 glitch0 writes  |  about 2 years ago

glitch0 (859137) writes "Internet Explorer used to be the most prevalent browser with a market share that peaked at 88% in March of 2003. Now they're down to almost 15% due to stiff competition from Google, Mozilla, and even Apple. What implications does this have for the future of Microsoft?"
Link to Original Source

Linode hacked and $15,000 of Bitcoins stolen

glitch0 glitch0 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

glitch0 (859137) writes "The Linode Control Panel was used to change the root password on a number of Linodes in order to steal Bitcoins from them. It has been confirmed by Linode that a vulnerability in their system, and it appears to be a superadmin password that was leaked. It's unclear at this point how Linode plans to respond to this incident. More information is available on the bitcoin forums here."
Link to Original Source


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