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3D-Printed Gun Earns Man Two Years In Japanese Prison

globaljustin Re:you deserve neither (272 comments)

also: I reject your acknowledgement of my feelings

2 hours ago

3D-Printed Gun Earns Man Two Years In Japanese Prison

globaljustin Re:you deserve neither (272 comments)

so what were you suggesting then? when you said this:

We already have all the worst sides of authoritarianism, so why not get what few good things there are, too?

2 hours ago

3D-Printed Gun Earns Man Two Years In Japanese Prison

globaljustin you deserve neither (272 comments)

We already have all the worst sides of authoritarianism, so why not get what few good things there are, too?

you're an idiot

just because some asshats are screening new hire's facebook page doesn't mean we should surrender all privacy rights

really, everything about your post is upside-down...

10 hours ago

3D-Printed Gun Earns Man Two Years In Japanese Prison

globaljustin Re:Good, it should be that way! (272 comments)

are you saying that Japan does not pad it's crime rates? Or are you criticizing the source in the particular movie, or using movies as sources no matter what, or...?

just criticizing a source with no context is trolling...

10 hours ago

NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew

globaljustin myopic analysis & sexism (376 comments)

The problem w/ the "women only" conclusion is that it myopically focuses on **ONE** factor as if it is the determining factor in mission success.

Part of this is the fault of NASA admin/beauracracy: "We can't spare the weight" is an excuse for all kinds of ideas NASA wanted to kill...

"Too heavy" is almost a trope in NASA/space's the go-to way for beauracrats to make their presence known.

As others have pointed out, weight and food requirements are not a determining factor in mission success.

At best, the "weight is everything" mentality is obsolete...IMHO it was never about weight ultimately (of course it matters to mission planning) was just a handy excuse.

Also...there is some misplaced feminism here...women have been dismissed from science b/c sexism for centuries, and often the reasons given are something **other than gender**...a beaurecratic answer that belies the real motivation for the decision.

All in all, dumb analysis like in TFA are a legacy of sexism and bad beaurecratic's like the sexism equivalent of what the CIA calls "blowback"


An Algorithm to End the Lines for Ice at Burning Man

globaljustin superiority complex fault (320 comments)

I'd asked a handful of Burning Man veterans about this, and they said that Arctica had tried this at one point, but was required to stop by Nevada health code regulations, which treated ice as a "food product" and therefore said that it could not be moved out onto the counter until an order has been placed. This sounded puzzling to me...

this is why i don't like Burning Man...

1st problem is in bold...see, Burning Man is about overcomplicating and mystifying something to make it have social cachet...****ANYTIME**** you ask a question like this to a Burning Man veteran, you should expect a bullshit answer...somehow it will be bullshit

2nd problem is in italics...the problem is not trusting your own common sense! obviously they are full of shit and just making stuff up to sound like they know what is going on

in other words, the problem lies with the ice truck people ("Arctica")...they are just douchebags...they could try to make it better but they don't care....the problem with this system is that Burning Man as an event encourages this superiority complex mentality


Be True To Your CS School: LinkedIn Ranks US Schools For Job-Seeking Programmers

globaljustin depends upon variables! (127 comments)

If you're in a position to actually hire new graduates, how much do you care about applicants' alma maters?

depends on the school!

some schools matter, and some do not....and some that matter are a benefit, and some are a drawback!

if an applicant came from a program that distinguishes itself among others by *requiring all grads to make a capstone project* for example...that could be a point in the applicants favor over others who did not do a capstone

2 days ago

Robot SmackDowns Wants To Bring Robot Death Matches To an Arena Near You

globaljustin tech, money, competition first (82 comments)

everyone wants a fighting robot's like jetpacks, hover boards, and other stuff featured in sci fi depictions of "the future"

fighting robots are awesome...this is not in dispute...

here are the 3 most salient factors as to when we will have a fighting robots league:

1. technology...especially materials science...we've gotten to the point conceptually that we can model any form of robot, but it's making the materials stand the stress, and batteries to power it...those are our limitations now

2. $$$...fighting robots are expensive...a league needs money

3. competition > PR...they have to be the opposite of MLS or WWE...this has to be done right and not over marketed or over simplified (how it can go wrong: something like the random narrator voice in Mythbusters)

this is your formula for a robot fighting league

2 days ago

When will the first successful manned Mars mission happen?

globaljustin "will leapfrog" logic (218 comments)

There is for sure a lot of PR involved, and that should tip you off for the future. They will sooner or later leapfrog the US, just because of that,

just stop it

you admit that China's "space program" is mostly PR (like most of what a totalitarian communist gov't does...) but then somehow make a logical "leap" to just assuming that China will advance beyond the US's capability

see, we went to the moon for many reasons...for science, to hide our development of ICBM's, because Americans are explorers by nature, to make sure the Russians' didn't use space to dominate us, AND...among many other reasons...'public relations'

China has never leapfroged anyone in the modern world except in one area: pollution

4 days ago

Early Childhood Neglect Associated With Altered Brain Structure, ADHD

globaljustin Re:Makes sense (87 comments)

i don't think someone orchestrated the need for both parents to work as part of a way to alter the brain structure of a generation...

but there is no denying that people with low impulse control make better consumers...

5 days ago

When will the first successful manned Mars mission happen?

globaljustin I give the Chinese 300 years (218 comments)

China is not a modern country...they can barely do PR stunt space exploration

wake me up when these countries don't have masses of people pooping in plastic shopping bags in the streets

again...China's space program is PR not exploration and not a 'threat' in any way shape or form

about a week ago

When will the first successful manned Mars mission happen?

globaljustin "transhumanism" is nothing (218 comments)

give me a break...

if you want to "evolve" yourself and shed your mortal coil just put a bullet in your head and save us all the trouble

about a week ago

When will the first successful manned Mars mission happen?

globaljustin **right now** (218 comments)

if it is merely a question of technical ability, we crossed that line ***decades ago***

we could be on Mars right now

look at every NASA project (and total up the $$$$$)...shuttle, WIMP detectors, etc and we could **easily** have the budget to go to Mars

we have the technical ability, but our global society is still caught up in very short-term view

also: there are actually people who claim to be space explorers who are ***anti-manned mission*** not just pro-probe, but also anti-human exploration...these people are involved in space industry at every level

we could be there right now if we had the guts

about a week ago

FBI Says It Will Hire No One Who Lies About Illegal Downloading

globaljustin amish agents (578 comments)

an Amish would make a bad FBI agent...

which, IMHO, is the point....

if i wanted to cripple an organization that fights crime, i'd put archane rules about hiring that ensures only Mormons who do what they are told always without question could get a job

nice...this way, the criminals only have to bribe the boss

everyone else will just do as they are told without question

about two weeks ago

Living On a Carbon Budget: The End of Recreation As We Know It?

globaljustin you = anti-science (652 comments)

if any part of you was interested in productive conversation you would have listed a policy...


> pollution regulation
> "global warming"
> fracking
> NSF funding
> religion in school textbooks

any of those would have been fine...but you're just trolling, so you just highlighted and blockquoted me and continued your logic-offending rhetoric proved to be trolling by not even attempting to engage in rational discussion

about two weeks ago

Living On a Carbon Budget: The End of Recreation As We Know It?

globaljustin any GOP policy you name = anti-science (652 comments)

list the GOP's recent policies on anything dealing with science or the application thereof and that is also a list of anti-science GOP policies...they are the same list

look, everyone knows you are trolling...i'm conversing with you for my own reasons...but it's this simple...**you** pick any policy that deals with science and i will explain why the GOP's policy, especially in congress, is anti-science

so you tell me a US policy issue that involves science and i'll take it from there

about two weeks ago

Living On a Carbon Budget: The End of Recreation As We Know It?

globaljustin GOP = anti-science (652 comments)

GOP'ers hate science...and work in lockstep to oppose it by policy

that's not in dispute here...anyone rational enough to understand how our system works and looks at policy rhetoric and votes can draw this conclusion from basic information

that's your problem, you're using rhetoric to support a position that is unsupportable

i'm not stereotyping 'GOP'ers' is a stereotype: "all asians are bad drivers"

stereotypes are unfairly categorizing a group of people based on non-relevant information

GOP'ers choose to support anti-science policies of their own free will, which makes them fair game

about two weeks ago

Eric Schmidt: Anxiety Over US Spying Will "Break the Internet"

globaljustin anxiety over *corporate spying*... (179 comments)

spying is spying

whether it's our Totalitarian Big Brother or our Capitalist Creepy Uncle

spying is spying

about two weeks ago

Why America Won't Match Sweden's Cheap, Fast, Competitive Internet Services

globaljustin Re:red herring (346 comments)

either way, the reason is that Verizon, AT&T etc have a guaranteed revenue stream w/ no regional competition...that's the point...

looking at what works/doesn't work and the evolution of their network is helpful but still an analogy

this is about Verizon, etc and how TFA just ignores the glaring obvious cause of it all

about two weeks ago

Why America Won't Match Sweden's Cheap, Fast, Competitive Internet Services

globaljustin not for a network admin (346 comments)

There is also a hell of a lot more involved.

yes...for a laymen i understand it would seem that way, but for anyone who has been trained in IT or network engineering or telecommunication engineering would see this as just another day at work

are you saying that teleco's litterally do not know how to make a nation-wide network? b/c that's's workaday t-com engineering

it's not about lack of knowledge or's about Verizon & Co wanting to keep their gravy train running at our expense

about two weeks ago



Interview at Startup From Hell

globaljustin globaljustin writes  |  37 minutes ago

globaljustin (574257) writes "The author recounts an interview for a non-tech, full time job at a Silicon Valley startup that exemplifies the unprofessionalism in the industry.

"Late in the day, one of the programmers took out a toy helicopter and began flying it around the office.

[The Boss] was still at his laptop, laughing along but looking increasingly desperate at his lack of control over the employees.

"Come on, guys, what about some work?" he asked pathetically.

Everyone ignored him...""

Link to Original Source

NASA's HI-SEAS Project Suggests a Women-only Mars Mission

globaljustin globaljustin writes  |  yesterday

globaljustin (574257) writes "Alan Drysdale, a systems analyst in advanced life support and a contractor with NASA concluded, “Small women haven’t been demonstrated to be appreciably dumber than big women or big men, so there’s no reason to choose larger people for a flight crew when it’s brain power you want,” says Drysdale. “The logical thing to do is to fly small women.”"
Link to Original Source

"Canvas Fingerprinting" Online Tracking Difficult To Block

globaljustin globaljustin writes  |  about 3 months ago

globaljustin (574257) writes "First documented in a forthcoming paper by researchers at Princeton University and KU Leuven University in Belgium, this type of tracking, called canvas fingerprinting, works by instructing the visitor’s Web browser to draw a hidden image. Because each computer draws the image slightly differently, the images can be used to assign each user’s device a number that uniquely identifies it.

[The] fingerprints are unusually hard to block: They can’t be prevented by using standard Web browser privacy settings or using anti-tracking tools such as AdBlock Plus.

The researchers found canvas fingerprinting computer code, primarily written by a company called AddThis, on 5 percent of the top 100,000 websites."

Link to Original Source

Rappers & actors invest in Coinbase, Bitcoin

globaljustin globaljustin writes  |  about 10 months ago

globaljustin (574257) writes ""According to Pando , Nas and partners have invested in Coinbase, a company that lets you buy and store Bitcoin.

CBS Local reports that Childish Gambino (otherwise known as Donald Glover from Community) are believers. Glover seems to think we're still on the gold standard and that it should be replaced with Bitcoins..." this good for Bitcoin?"

Link to Original Source

Obama Directs FCC to Mandate All Cell Phones Be Unlocked

globaljustin globaljustin writes  |  about a year ago

globaljustin (574257) writes ""Several months after calling for legislation to unlock cellphones, the White House filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday asking that all wireless carriers be required to unlock all mobile devices so that users can easily switch between carriers."

This move should be met with universal acclaim from cell phone users, right?"

Link to Original Source

Bill Proposes Database of Offenders to Aid Dating

globaljustin globaljustin writes  |  more than 6 years ago

globaljustin (574257) writes "A California state bill would create an online database open to the public of men and women convicted of domestic violence in California.

"If you're online, Googling and looking for information on someone you met in a bar or on MySpace, this would provide a tool for people to go and look to see if someone who is suspicious and a little creepy has a history of violence," said Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, who introduced the bill.

Also reported by the New York Times and GCN"

Link to Original Source



cybernetics in the 3rd order

globaljustin globaljustin writes  |  1 year,2 days

This is my first journal entry.

I will chronicle my scientific and business related endeavors.

My business approach uses Cybernetics.

What do I mean by Cybernetic Approach:

A 'cybernetic' approach to problem solving and decision making is a way of contextualizing and processing decisions.

Cybernetics is, roughly, the study of how humans interact with systems. What makes the approach useful is the trans-disciplinary connotations of the word 'systems'

Everything is a system! Nature is a system, your face is a system, a soufflé is a system, a beer in your glass is a system, a crowd of people is a system, this website you're reading is a system...


It might seem reductive...'of course it's a 'system'...that tells me nothing' you might say...however this contextualization puts everything we observe into a systemic context, which guides how we progress.

So that is a bit of theory about cybernetic systems. Now, the **application** of that systemic approach is where cybernetics really shines, and IMHO shows that it is the most fit method of inquiry.

Cybernetics is **applied** trans-diciplinarily as well. No application of a action to control a system is out of bounds. ALL methods and means are used to capacity as needed.

ex: writing a 'novel'...

there are many approaches to writing a novel, some authors I've read will sit and type out a book they like as a way to get the feeling of doing the work...others like's up to the writer...the writer **chooses** at several decision nodes exactly how the novel will be

choices, multifactor analysis, nonquantifiable data, decision nodes...this is something a cybernetic approach can assist

if an author was truly taking a 'cybernetic' approach to the decision making process of writing a novel, she would use **every** style and genre as it fit the needs of communication

nothing is out of bounds, and indeed, by design, all possible methods are not only 'in bounds' but the method requires using all of them (or at least the possibility that any might be used)

ex: choice of narration style. will this novel have a narrator? will the narrator be a 3rd person omniscient? will they be a character in the story who is 'telling' the story to the reader? will they be a reliable narrator?

"yes" is the cybernetic answer...

communicating the message to the reader is the single most important factor...full expression...

cybernetics gives us the freedom to choose any tool we like to accomplish our goal, as long accomplishes the goal

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