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The Last Three Months Were the Hottest Quarter On Record

gmfeier Coldest first half in the US since 1993 (552 comments)

Latest from the NOAA site: The contiguous U.S. average temperature for the first half of 2014 was 47.6F, 0.1F above the 20th century average. This ranked near the middle value in the 120-year period of record, and marked the coldest first half of any year since 1993. Just sayin'.

about two weeks ago

Why US Gov't Retirement Involves a Hole in the Ground Near Pittsburgh

gmfeier The system worked perfectly for me (142 comments)

I retired from the Federal Government at the end of 2006. I never had any problems getting the information I needed about my upcoming retirement and the money started coming in right on time. Given all the failed modernization efforts I witnessed during my government career, I would hope they get a new system up and running before they do anything to the current one.

about 4 months ago

Particle Physicists Facing Insane Competition For Work

gmfeier Re:old story for this physicist (226 comments)

I was in a similar position once, but I hooked on with the US government as an engineer and did my last 15 years as a mathematician. Comfortably retired now.

about a year ago

In Vitro Grown Meat 'Nearly Possible'

gmfeier Is it tasty? (260 comments)

Went out last night and had an amazing prime rib. If lab-grown meat would taste like that, I'd be all over it.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do With a Math Degree?

gmfeier The Federal Government always needs statisticians (416 comments)

I spent the last half of my career with the Feds as a statistician after working as an engineer for the first 15 years (MS degree in Physics). It pays a lot better than teaching and the retirement benefits are pretty good, especially the health care. You don't make all that much to start, but, if you have something on the ball, you can move up easily. The only disadvantage is you have to work where the job is.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Good, Forgotten Fantasy & Science Fiction Novels?

gmfeier Re:Barry Hughart (1244 comments)

Bridge of Birds has the best ending of any work of fantasy I have ever read.

more than 2 years ago

France's Bold Drunk-Driving Legislation - Every Car To Carry a Breathalyzer

gmfeier Designated blower? (706 comments)

Helps all the drunks start their cars.

more than 2 years ago

Higgs Range Narrowed; Hunt Enters Final Stage

gmfeier A lot of theories will be going down soon (80 comments)

I suspect that we have fallen into a trap similar to the Ptolemaic system. Just because it works mathematically doesn't mean the universe is obligated to actually match the predictions. I wonder if there is an underlying false assumption that is causing all the current uncertainties. Simply put - has the speed of light been absolutely constant since the big bang? If not, a lot of things look entirely different.

more than 2 years ago

Red Hat CEO On Patent Trolls: Just Pay Them Off

gmfeier Danegeld, anyone? (167 comments)

Didn't work then, doesn't work now.

more than 3 years ago

Kilogram Gets Controversial; Why Not Split the Difference?

gmfeier Reminds me of the joke about 3 statisticians... (520 comments)

...out hunting for ducks. The first one fires and misses a foot high. The second shoots and is a foot low. The third one yells "We got it!"

more than 3 years ago

Does Windows Phone 7 Have a Data Transmission Bug?

gmfeier Re:Not Just Windows Phone 7 (202 comments)

I have had an iPhone 3G for almost 2 years. I mainly use wifi so I have the minimum data plan. I just checked my AT&T account usage for the past 5 months and I'm seeing an average of 16.5 MB. That does not seem to leave a lot of room for any extra transmissions.

more than 3 years ago

Palm App Catalog Glitch Locks Out WebOS Users

gmfeier The important thing... (36 comments)

I don't have problems with dropped calls on my iPhone 3G. Why? Before I purchased it, I made sure that AT&T coverage was excellent in the areas where I use it (and it is). If it wasn't, I'd have an Android phone now. Moral - Don't buy any phone if the coverage where you are mainly going to use it sucks.

more than 4 years ago

Serious New Java Flaw Affects All Browsers

gmfeier Re:Howcum? (164 comments)

Thanks. Way beyond my level of competence, such as it is.

more than 4 years ago

Serious New Java Flaw Affects All Browsers

gmfeier Howcum? (164 comments)

Just asking: "Browsers running on Apple's Mac OS X are not vulnerable. "

more than 4 years ago

The Worst Apple Products of All Time

gmfeier How come... (469 comments)

...nobody ever posts a list of the worst Dell products of all time? Just askin'.

more than 4 years ago



Samsung misused proprietary information from Apple and Nokia

gmfeier gmfeier writes  |  about 10 months ago

gmfeier (1474997) writes "Samsung executives seem to have gotten hold of proprietary information from the Apple v. Samsung court trial and disseminated it throughout the company. The information was under a protective court order and sanctions may be in store. It appears that a document provided to the company by Samsung's counsel was not properly redacted."
Link to Original Source

Scientific literacy vs. climate change belief

gmfeier gmfeier writes  |  more than 2 years ago

gmfeier (1474997) writes "An interesting study reported in Nature Climate Change indicated that concern over climate change did not correlate with scientific literacy nearly as much as with cultural polarization."
Link to Original Source

Owner of Segway company dies in Segway crash

gmfeier gmfeier writes  |  more than 3 years ago

gmfeier (1474997) writes "The millionaire owner of the UK Segway company has died after apparently riding one of his company's motorised scooters off cliffs and into a river. Jimi Heselden, 62, crashed into the River Wharfe while riding the vehicle round his estate in Thorp Arch, Boston Spa, West Yorkshire, on Sunday."
Link to Original Source

Honey, they shrunk the proton!

gmfeier gmfeier writes  |  about 4 years ago

gmfeier (1474997) writes "A paper in the July 8 Nature reports an on an experiment that showed the radius of the proton to be about 4 percent smaller than previously believed. This apparently has serious implications for quantum electrodynamics. New experiments are underway to sort out the discrepancies."
Link to Original Source

Microsoft Kin phones are apparently dead

gmfeier gmfeier writes  |  more than 3 years ago

gmfeier (1474997) writes "It looks like the new Microsoft Kin phones are already on the way out. There was a lot of head-scratching when the Kin One and Kin Two were introduced due to the long list of missing features. The expensive data plan required by Verizon was probably the final nail in the coffin."
Link to Original Source

'Artificial life' breakthrough announced by scient

gmfeier gmfeier writes  |  more than 4 years ago

gmfeier (1474997) writes "BBC is quoting a paper published in Science that claims to have produced a synthetic living cell. Only the genome is actually synthetic, though since it was transplanted into a host cell. This would seem to open up a host of possibilities, but some folks seem to be worried about it, possibly with good reason."
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