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Facebook User Satisfaction Is 'Abysmal'

gnarlyhotep Re:User satisfaction is irrelevant (289 comments)

User satisfaction is important, and that's what could end up busting Facebook at the bank. The users are their commodity. If they are unsatisfied and stop using the service (which they will when the next big-splash social site opens), Facebook finds itself with less and less value to offer their customers. Not concerning yourself with the users is a great model for a turn-and-burn, but not for sustaining a business. Zuckerberg comes off short sighted enough that he either doesn't get it, or doesn't care because he can cash out with a big sale before the critical event.

about 4 years ago

Entertainment Industry's Dystopia of the Future

gnarlyhotep Bending over? (394 comments)

Sure, congress bends over when it comes to passing favorable copyright laws, but that's a long way from acting as enforcers of private property rights, which the *AAs seem to be indicating here. When it the feds have to pay their own money, you'll see far less bending over going on.

more than 4 years ago

Aussie Army Trains With Fleet of Robots On Segways

gnarlyhotep Amazing (109 comments)

Someone actually found a viable real-world application for Segway that isn't a publicity gimmick.

more than 4 years ago

IOC Claims Olympian Lindsey Vonn's Name As Intellectual Property

gnarlyhotep Re:No matter who wins... (399 comments)

Eh, you win some, you luge some.

more than 4 years ago

IOC Claims Olympian Lindsey Vonn's Name As Intellectual Property

gnarlyhotep No matter who wins... (399 comments)

we luge.

more than 4 years ago

Jeremy Allison Calls Microsoft Dangerous Elephant

gnarlyhotep Turning an elephant? (306 comments)

Is this some new cleric ability in D&D 4.0? Back in my day clerics could only turn undead.

more than 4 years ago

Failed Games That Damaged Or Killed Their Companies

gnarlyhotep Re:Hellgate wasn't that bad (397 comments)

Flagship, not mythic. That's what I get for trying to write two rants about games at the same time.

more than 4 years ago

Failed Games That Damaged Or Killed Their Companies

gnarlyhotep Re:Hellgate wasn't that bad (397 comments)

It didn't help that Mythic was completely unable to produce a viable business plan to support an ongoing MMO game. The ongoing profitability was tied to subscriptions, but they provided no mandate or even an incentive to subscribe. "Subscribe if you'd like, but you really don't get anything out of it," combined with a need to have the subscription income is just foolish business practice.

Good riddance to Mythic, and now we get the joy of seeing Bill Roper able to ruin Champions Online and Star Trek Online with his insane business and game design ideas.

more than 4 years ago

How Many Admins Per User/Computer Have You Seen?

gnarlyhotep You forgot option #3. (414 comments)

You're seriously understaffed, and it's normal.

more than 4 years ago

Dave Perry Shows Off Cloud Gaming Service "Gaikai"

gnarlyhotep Won't anyone think of the ISPs? (79 comments)

I'm certainly not signing up for anything that absolutely requires an active high bandwidth connection to play single player offline games until companies like Comcast have been brought to heel.

They're already complaining about those pesky high-bandwidth users, they aren't upgrading their infrastructure, and they're charging fees for just about anything they can think of. Now wait until their metered plan really takes off, and tell me about gaming in the cloud. Any savings from hardware cost with this setup will be eaten by increasing ISP charges.

Besides, really, aren't we reaching the point where mandatory PC upgrades for games are much farther apart, really mitigating that factor?

about 5 years ago

Could We Beam Broadband Internet Into Iran?

gnarlyhotep You're doing it wrong! (541 comments)

You can't beam a series of tubes!

more than 5 years ago

RIAA Wants To Bar Jammie From Making Objections

gnarlyhotep What the... (306 comments)

Are they really relying on the argument that the previous jury upheld their claims, when said verdict was overturned? Are they that dense, or is this desperation?

Better yet, do they have a song on their list which the artist didn't assign the copyright to the label?

more than 5 years ago

How Comic Fans & Shops Are Stereotyped

gnarlyhotep Why are comic book fans stereotyped? (387 comments)

Minus one point for doubling up on Malcolm in the Middle. Plus 10 points for referencing Spaced, which I hope you all have seen.

That's why, precisely. Because comic book fans feed the stereotype, at least partly as self-deprecation. The other part is just being oblivious to how we fit it.

more than 4 years ago

Philip K. Dick's "Flow My Tears" To Be Filmed

gnarlyhotep It's probably for the best. (117 comments)

In some cases, as with Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic Blade Runner, the adaptations are loose to say the least.

Given the nature of most of Dick's work, a direct 1:1 film adaptation of his writing would be at best nonsensical. Adapting the theme of the work, and leaving leeway with the details is generally the best approach.

Hell, even with other author's works it's the best approach. They are completely different media after all, and require completely different approaches to storytelling.

more than 5 years ago

ASCAP Starts To Act Like the RIAA

gnarlyhotep Re:If you are right by the law... (272 comments)

They can file a lawsuit. Do you have any idea how expensive those are, even if you settle before any substantial court apperances? Lawyers don't stop charging just because you're in the right.

more than 5 years ago

Interview for Mytheon

gnarlyhotep Re:US mythology? (32 comments)

Never heard of Paul Bunyan, have we? Or Johnny Appleseed? Or John Henry. Hell, nearly 100% of the stories about old west outlaws and lawmen fall under the rubric of myths and legends.

Just because it's not a god tossing around lightning bolts doesn't mean it's not mythological.

more than 5 years ago

Star Trek Premiere Gets Standing Ovation, Surprise Showing In Austin

gnarlyhotep Wait...what? (437 comments)

"Proving that science fiction can still be great entertainment"

When was this something that needed to be proven? I've found plenty of entertaining science fiction around. Did I miss the elitist newsletter that told us all we had to say science fiction was crap now?

Jeez, miss one meeting...

more than 5 years ago

How Steam Revived a Dead Game

gnarlyhotep Re:They should patch Vampire (234 comments)

Who's going to patch it? The development company went out of business back in '05, and only lasted the last year becasue they laid off all their staff. None of the companies involved in UT had anything to do with it. Valve sold the engine (or liscensed it) to Troika, and doesn't have any financial incentive to patch it. The amature patch is the best you will ever get.

more than 5 years ago


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