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Ask Slashdot: What Software Can You Not Live Without?

golem100 Let's hear it for continual software development (531 comments)

Directory Opus. Five major releases on the Amiga; now at release 10.x on Windows.

If you have to use a PC running Microsoft Windows; it is at least nice to have the Linus blanket of a *working*, highly multi-threaded, File Manager written by a competent programmer!

about 8 months ago

Experience the New Slashdot Mobile Site

golem100 Sorry, Mobile Site is not acceptable (384 comments)

I'm sorry, I realize that somebody spent a lot of effort and thought they were doing something really cool; however I have to give the mobile site a "fail".

Its page loading and scrolling performance is not acceptable in any of the Browsers on my dual-core phone: Opera, Dolphin, FireFox, Chrome--it feels high-latency: bloated and clunky. [...sort of like the type of user interaction expectations I would have from a Word Processor written in VisualAda.NET!]


New COKE, New Slashdot--back to "Classic".

about a year and a half ago

Slashdot Mobile: Now For Tablets As Well As Phones

golem100 a mobile site should support "mobile devices"... (123 comments)

Basically non-functional on either my phone or the Android Tablet I am current developing on:

Android 2.3 & 4.0 w/ current Opera for Android.

This is a rough crowd--would be nice if a "Mobile Site" would work with a pair of pretty vanilla "Mobile Devices".

Maybe Slashdot needs a QA department?

about 2 years ago

Win 7's Malware Infection Rate Climbs, XP's Falls

golem100 Re:And this is a surprise? (250 comments)

Oh Yea? Think again Buckwheat! I've got a little "zoo" of well over 20 unique Boot Sector Virii for the C=64. I have well over a a hundred virus variants for the Amiga... [then again--I was a Production Engineer at Commodore responsible for the Duplication Masters] If ever you get too smug with your Mosaic/Voyager Browser on a network segment that I control--you will see GURU Meditation so fast the the capacitors in your Monitor will POP! As for GEOS--got the source code. I'm sure there is something "interesting" that could be exploited at 2400 baud... [anybody got a simulation of Quantum Link running???] Now, VMS 3.5, there was a "virus proof" OS... No wait--3 of the 5 machines on my cluster got the Morris Worm--Sigh!

more than 3 years ago

True Tales of Tech Hoarding

golem100 Re:I painfully threw away three P.C.s just this we (268 comments)

Given that my significant other is moving in with me, some "adjustments" have been made to my single-Engineer lifestyle.. This past week I delivered unto the philistine clutches of the local Electronics Recycler: Six Amiga 1200 Computers; [14 MHz MC68EC020/2MB/120MB EIDE HDD] Four Amiga 3000 Computers; [16 and 25 MHz MC68030/18MB/105 to 400 MB SCSI HDD's] Two Amiga 4000 Computers; [25 MHz MC68040/18MB/250MB SCSI HDD's] Five Amiga 4000T PCBA's; Two VideoToasters; 1 Moniterm Monitor; 40 SCSI HDD's; [of various generations--including an originally USD$4000 Maxtor "Magic" 1.2GB] 10 UHD-FDD's; [1.76MB 3.5"] Two DC250 SCSI Tape Drives; [and about 100 Tapes--incl. the contents of every Amiga Pirate BBS in USA circa 1992] One Irwin FDD-interface tape drive; [another dozen or so tapes] One Microtek 4800dpi SCSI Flat-bed Scanner; About a dozen PC Motherboards--VLB, PCI, and expansion boards--a bunch of Adaptec SCI host adapters going back to ISA; Three Northgate Omni-Ultra Keyboards; A box of "Cherry" ERGO Keyboards; a couple of EGA Monitors; and about 20 tubes of 4Mbit Flash Memory that I paid USD$70/pc for!!! The Commodore SX64 stays! What's left? Mostly Engineering documentation--Schematics, BOM's, Service Manuals--and plus a couple of functioning CDTV's, an A1000 and a A2500HD... [and the video game collection from hell...I've got any GameStop seriously beat!] Sigh.

more than 4 years ago

US-CERT Says Microsoft's Advice On Downadup Worm Bogus

golem100 Re:What DRM is that? (290 comments)

Actually--have you had a look a the the total mess that is the Audio Mixer since Vista? That was not implemented "in the best interests of the Customer"... Blah.

more than 5 years ago

Firm Seeks To Ban Mobile Companies' Imports To US

golem100 Re:This is bad for the US... in the long run. (137 comments)

Its not quite true. As with fungus reducing tree trunks in the forest--Patent Trolls have a place in the Business Ecosystem--they create a market for the IP property of the fallen. This makes the effective "Price of Failure" a non-zero sum. This makes Banks, Bridge-Loan-Specialists, etc. willing to loan to High-Tech Start-ups that are one the ropes. There will be a market, admittedly small, market for the un-marketable. For those of us who have gone from Start-up to Start-up--even mushrooms are a source of nutrition!!!

more than 5 years ago

Sandals and Ponytails Behind Slow Linux Adoption

golem100 Re:What? (948 comments)

Well... Sandals w/o the ponytail. [Mountain climbing boots w/suspenders in the winter--like any good, former, VAX-Geek should!]

more than 8 years ago


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