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Ham Radio Still Growing In the iStuff Age

goosman Re:Unique ID (368 comments)

Use a PO Box like I do. It doesn't guarantee total anonymity, but it does offer some privacy. DE K8MZO 73

more than 4 years ago

CBS Refuses To Preserve Jack Benny Footage

goosman Re:Lies, Damned Lies And Hyperhype (323 comments)

As the submitter, I'll admit that you may be right. I would also concede that I could have come up with a better title. Yes, if they are in a vault, they probably are "preserved". I'm trying to find out more details about some of the politics of this myself. The lesson for me here may be that Laura Leff is a very good self promoter.

about 5 years ago

CBS Refuses To Preserve Jack Benny Footage

goosman Re:revoke ALL their copyrights (323 comments)

They do know these people (it's in TFA), as these people have worked with CBS before on restoring other Jack Benny artifacts. Also, the IJBFC said that they would pay for the service, not that they would actually perform the service. I imagine that the scenario is that they would be paying CBS's technical people to handle the transfer, though I have not confirmed this.

about 5 years ago

Dell Sues Tiger Direct For Misleading Customers

goosman Re:Tiger direct sucks (214 comments)

I've never bought from Tiger Direct, but they still won't stop sending me their awful catalogs. I've used Newegg on occasion, but I usually find better deals at www.mwave.com Nothing but praise from a satisfied customer. Even a return was easy, like it should be.

more than 5 years ago

A Teacher Asking Students To Destroy Notes?

goosman Re:Pay for Knowledge (931 comments)

That statement is preposterous and I would love to see some case law that backs that up. Also, how many 'government' schools are there? Do you mean Federal government, state government, or local government? I won't hold my breath.......

about 6 years ago

Photographers Face Ejection Over Lenses

goosman Re:Freedom to take pictures in public spaces (743 comments)

Could you produce a link to these laws? Or define in what countries this might be illegal? I've taken lots of photos at many large airports, MSP, DTW, MEM to name a few. Plus several small airports. Never have I been told this was illegal, nor have I been stopped by guard, police, etc. for doing this.

more than 6 years ago



CBS apparently refuses to preserve Jack Benny show

goosman goosman writes  |  about 5 years ago

goosman (145634) writes "The president of the International Jack Benny Fan Club had the opportunity to review some holdings of the CBS vaults while assisting them with some transfers. In the vaults she found 25 shows on film that were unreleased, but in the public domain. The IJBFC offered to pay for the digitization and preservation of these show, and got a letter from the Benny estate supporting this effort. CBS so far has refused to allow this preservation to happen."
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