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Sound Engineer and Entrepreneur Amar Bose Dead At 83

gopla Re:14 gauge zip cord (129 comments)

I can't make out are being funny here

Are you serious! Do you even know what you are talking about?

about a year and a half ago

My favorite New Year's celebration:

gopla Hindu New year (157 comments)

Yes. It is celebrated by one sixth population of the world . It is based on Hindu calender. Look it up at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hindu_Calender. Very interesting way of tracking time.

Although the celebration is not very pronounced as the 1st January.

more than 2 years ago

Odds Favor Discovery of Earth-Like Exoplanet in 2013

gopla Re:Wellll, ya know, (90 comments)

It is not like farmers predictions. The progress we have been making is quite impressive, as there are 800 know exoplanets by now, and more are getting discovered.

Scientific discoveries come in batches. There is nothing for a long time, then suddenly the lull ends and a breakthrough is achieved. Lot of similar discoveries occur simultaneously. This prediction is from people who know their stuff. Even though they may not come true this year it is still good prediction.

more than 2 years ago

A Tale of Two Companies

gopla Re:Incidentally... (70 comments)

After all, there isn't any reason why a company needs to struggle to perpetuate its existence forever(any more than a company would struggle to perpetuate the existence of a given product line forever).

That would be equivalent to euthanasia for companies. But there are real reason why it is not universally accepted. For all companies that have died there are enough examples that have struggeld and come out stronger. Nokia and Apple comes to mind immediatly. They diversified and successed beyond immagination.

The message is: don't quit too easily.

more than 2 years ago

Indian Gov't Bans Bulk SMS, Investigating Social Media

gopla Re:Alleged cause? (101 comments)

You already seem to have a grasp of the situation here in India.

People of northeast of India have a mongoloid features, which marks them as different from rest of Indians that have aryan features.

There is some ethenic violence going on in Assam, a state in notheast of India, between Bodo (ethenic Assames people with mongoloid features) and Muslims. So other Norhteastern people living in rest of India are therened by Muslims.

Most of these people are students and migran labours. Their parents got worried about their safety and called them back. Mass hysteria got generated when evey norhteastern person just started exodus from rest of India back to their hometown.

more than 2 years ago

Indian Gov't Bans Bulk SMS, Investigating Social Media

gopla Few corrections (101 comments)

The ban on bulk SMS is for 15 days at the most. This is not censorship, but an effort to avoid mass hysteria.

Those of you who know India will understand what I mean. Even before the era of mobile phones it was somhow easy to spread roumours and generate hysteria in India. For example read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hindu_milk_miracle/ for one hysteria of 1995 regarding idols that drink milk, or 2006 where sea water turned sweet.

These efforts are to help crub the new hysteria. But I am doubtful about its effectiveness.

more than 2 years ago

China Secretly Clones Austrian Village

gopla Re:Soulskill, please re-read the title of TFA ! (329 comments)

You go to India, and you will find towns that looks so much like what you get in England, with English bangalows and everything

Except that Bunglow itself is an Indian word adopted in English. And the Indian bunglows are more suited for the tropical climate conditions of India more than the English whether.

more than 2 years ago

Want To Get Kids Interested In Programming? Teach Them Computer History

gopla Re:Computers are hard, lolz (200 comments)

Computers should be appliances, for the consumer.

The story is about programming, not computers. Getting is interested in programming is like teaching music, dancing and a sport to a kid. Even though films, tv, big games are available for consumption that does not mean general public should just sit and watch and don't get involved themselves.

about 3 years ago

FDA Approves Self-Sanitizing Keyboard

gopla Today's fortune (185 comments)

Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing. -- Redd Foxx

about 3 years ago

For 1 kWh of electricity, I pay ...

gopla Re:No idea, doesn't matter. (216 comments)

Flat rate unlinked with actual usage is bad, does not make economical sense. You should buy an EV and charge it for free, thus saving expenses on gas.

World over people are being encouraged to save electricity and use it judiciously. Flat rate encourages wastage and defeats the whole purpose of the smart grid initiatives on which several carbon reduction targets depend.

more than 3 years ago

For 1 kWh of electricity, I pay ...

gopla Re:No idea, doesn't matter. (216 comments)

The grand parent obviously did not know what he was talking about. But your post regarding smart grid is interesting.

Still GP has a point. There are far too many people who don't care / don't know about their electricity bill. The electricity bill is less than 10% of their monthly income, hence they don't care. With smart grid features like time of day, seasonal or demand response load adjustment even if we can reduce their bill by 20%, It would still be too minuscule reduction for them to notice or care.

Hence, sometime I wonder if all these investments in smart grid would fetch the promised benefit at all or not.

A smart gird researcher here.

more than 3 years ago

Regarding timezones: I would rather live ...

gopla Time zone is not a criteria (359 comments)

I am least bothered about which time zone I live in. My daily dealings is with people in my current time zone. For few times that I have to deal with far away people its no big deal to adjust. It is same thing as the adjustments need to arrive at a meeting at right time.

There are far more important criteria like quality of living, commute time, education opportunity for children to care for. I am reminded of the time zone only when /. mentions it in their stupid polls.

more than 3 years ago

I say (N. Hemisphere) Fall starts ...

gopla Indian Seasons (454 comments)


This is Indian season of festivals. We have four months of back to back festivals starting with rath yatra at the beginning of monsoon (Varsha) culminating in biggest festival of Diwali at the end of autumn (Sharad).

This year the rains are good and we are looking forward to a bumper harvest. Even though there is lot of urban population the ultimate mood of people depends on amount of rains.

more than 3 years ago

Khan Academy Delivers 100,000 Lectures Daily

gopla Re:Spell it correctly. Its Khan. (213 comments)

There was a recent Indian movie which revolved around the name Khan. Its called 'My name is Khan'.



And all Khans are not terrorists


more than 4 years ago

How many countries have you visited?

gopla Skewed Results (958 comments)

The poll result will be skewed by all Europeans voting for 10+ countries, without much experiencing any substantial differences. So much for the university of Life.

You can travel a lot, and experience much more in India, without ever leaving the country. I have been to very common places within India where I cannot communicate effectively in spite of knowing three Indian languages plus English. I could not read any of sign boards because of differences in scripts. While I have been to Europe, where at least, they use common Roman scripts, which you can make out if you use little imagination.

Better I not say regarding strangeness of breakfast, in India. Words are not enough to describe the differences, the complete menu changes almost every 50 km.

You can experience, the most harsh desert, most coldest whether, most rainy place, oldest living city with continuous history all within radius of 1500 KM from capital New Delhi.

more than 5 years ago


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