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Report Says 36.4% of World's Computers Infringe on IP

gordgekko Re:Nice choice of words (331 comments)

Slashdot insanity reigns! I'm now a troll for pointing out that IP laws exist! Fuck this web site, I've had enough.

about 7 years ago



Apple iPhone numbers may be disappointing

gordgekko gordgekko writes  |  more than 7 years ago

gordgekko writes "Perhaps the idea of paying a lot for a multi-functional cellphone that locks you into a lengthy contract isn't attractive as everyone thought. Experts were predicting huge numbers for the Apple iPhone but news today from AT&T has dashed those hopes. According to the company, only 146,000 of the phones were activated on June 29 and 30. The actual number sold may be higher as many customers had problems activating the iPhone the first few days and aren't reflected in the number. Worse news, however, is that demand for the phone seems to have declined significantly. Is it too early to declare v1.0 of the iPhone a failure?"
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