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Did Life Originate Underwater?

grayhaired Look you fucking arrogant dork... (707 comments)

I know that the gimps here pride themselves on their mean spiritedness, and snobbishness; God knows an original idea can't come from a mere reader, it had to be handed down from Einstein.

God I've been thinking about dropping this place because there is *NO* discussion here. Only a few pampered pets to get points and a bunch of wanna bes.

Im tired of this. Guys like you make me puke.

more than 12 years ago


grayhaired hasn't submitted any stories.



grayhaired grayhaired writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Because at the core of it, no matter how wise people here pretend to be, this place is, at the core of it, a popularity contest, no better than a beauty contest or a high school vote for cheerleaders. I've grown tired of it; and unfortunately, this place doesn't allow people to opt out. They're so determined at /. to increase their numbers that you can't delete your own account.

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