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Raspberry Pi-Compatible Development Board Released

greenwow Re:What is the price? (47 comments)

I don't understand why your kind refuses to tell the truth. That page says it will cost "about" that amount in large quantities. That doesn't tell us what it costs. I don't understand why you're defending morons who do such thing. They hate hobbyists and always screw us with their 1,000% or more profit margin one-off prices.

Again I ask, is there anyone willing to tell the truth about the price?


Raspberry Pi-Compatible Development Board Released

greenwow What is the price? (47 comments)

If they refuse to tell us the price, then we obviously cannot buy it. I guess they don't want to actually sell this item. It's just a dishonest PR stunt.


UK Team Claims Breakthrough In Universal Cancer Test

greenwow Re:I expect Republican assasins... (63 comments)

I doubt they'll do anything so obvious. Always in the past, cancer researchers that have made breakthroughs have just simply disappeared. That is the way the Republican operate. They're too scared to do something as obvious as murder. Instead, they quietly kill-off the research.

3 days ago

UK Team Claims Breakthrough In Universal Cancer Test

greenwow Re:The Republicans... (63 comments)

You're being too kind. Expect these scientists to be assassinated by their kind. That is their way.

3 days ago

AP Computer Science Test Takers Up 8,000; Pass Rate Down 6.8%

greenwow Re:Inconceivable! (119 comments)

No, it is the Republicans that don't want the poor and minorities to be allowed to take the tests. The College Board is run by hard-core Republicans like David Coleman who is the person that created the Bush crime family's common core standards meant to destroy public education in the US. It is notable that children are able to fight back and hold their own against the Republicans.

5 days ago

Researchers Successfully Cut HIV DNA Out of Human Cells

greenwow Re:AIDS is good (64 comments)

Because Republicans would rather have gays spreading it around rather than take common sense actions to stop its spread.

about two weeks ago

White House Approves Sonic Cannons For Atlantic Energy Exploration

greenwow Re:The Republicans that rule this country... (272 comments)

Which is now why most of the beaches in HI are closed, and tourism has dropped way off. His buddies immediately started drilling and spilling as soon as that scam was completed.

about two weeks ago

Chicago Red Light Cameras Issue Thousands of Bogus Tickets

greenwow Re:All branches of the government are corrupt (229 comments)

When I lived there, a Republican was claimed to have gotten just over 20% of the vote. Think that really happened? Hell no. The neighborhood paper went door to door after that, and they couldn’t find a single person that voted for their kind. The Republicans committed massive voter fraud to get those numbers.

about two weeks ago

FTC To Trap Robocallers With Open Source Software

greenwow The Republicans will never allow this (125 comments)

The vast majority of these callers are run by Republicans. That why they call several times a night on the night before elections to all of the nonracists to keep them up so they'll be less likely to vote. They control the FCC so they'll never allow the FCC to slow these calls down. They don't want normal people to vote, and these robocallers are just one tool in their toolbox. It might even be more effective than their rules that don't allow minorities to get state IDs then their kind wants to require a state ID in order to vote.

about two weeks ago

Malaysian Passenger Plane Reportedly Shot Down Over Ukraine

greenwow Re:Fuck the Urkainian morons (752 comments)

You are correct. The Ukrainians decided to do this because they are so racist. They hate Asians. My Ukrainian friends on Facebook are all celebrating the death of the (to use the words their kind keeps using) "little brown" people just as they celebrated genocides in Africa. I was in Odessa when news of the Rwandan genocide broke nearly twenty years ago, and the clubs were packed with people celebrating. A couple of the women in the office where I work wore blackface out that night. That is what they do. They are racists so they decided to kill a bunch of mostly Asians.

about two weeks ago

Massive Job Cuts Are Reportedly Coming For Microsoft Employees

greenwow Re:Who couldn't see this coming? (300 comments)

That price must be with benefits and vacation. Also, keep in mind that QA people don't make nearly what devs do which is the reason I left that team. When I worked on that team, the pay was $20 without benefits and vacation, and it was $16 with health insurance, dental, two weeks paid vacation each year, gym membership, and a few other benefits. That was in 2002.

Currently, my roommate makes $46 per hour w/o benefits as a contract SDE at Microsoft. My last job offer from them was $40 w/o benefits as a program manager level II. Microsoft doesn't pay that much. If they did, they could have a chance of making better software.

about two weeks ago

Interviews: Juan Gilbert Answers Your Questions

greenwow Re:Nothing about the Republcians? (18 comments)

Cruz is just upset because Wikipedia exposed the fact that he is Canadian by virtue of being born there, and thus is not eligible to rule the US. He is just lashing-out at the people that ruined his dream by exposing him as a Canadian.

about two weeks ago

FCC Approves Subsidy Plan to Upgrade School and Library Networks

greenwow Re:Amazing how little money this is... (70 comments)

My neighbor pissed on my wife’s car because she is a teacher. You are correct about the way Republicans feel about teachers. They hate learning. They only love violence. That and fucking over people.

about three weeks ago

The First Person Ever To Die In a Tesla Is a Guy Who Stole One

greenwow Re:Why is this news? (443 comments)

So in other words, Musk turned the car into an oven. That makes sense given his Nazi view and hatred of Jews. He, well seriously like everyone else that wealthy, is a disgusting hateful man. Just last week he said something positive about John McCain. That proves he has no morals whatsoever.

about three weeks ago

Interviews: Ask Juan Gilbert About Human-Centered Computing

greenwow Re:Why not fight against Internet voting? (30 comments)

I believe you when you say that the 16% number is a scam, because if there were that many of those people around you then you would move! 16% is almost one out of every six people! If that was true then that means as you walk down the side walk, every sixth person you pass on average is one of those racist gun owners. That can't be true. Their kind is so violent and has so many guns that it is dangerous to live near them. In my neighbourhood, the HOA collected our mail-in ballots, and not a single person voted for a Republican for a national office. I live in a safe place. I can't believe the Republicans that rule here thing we believe that 16% garbage. They insult us by accusing us of voting for morons.

about three weeks ago

CentOS Linux Version 7 Released On x86_64

greenwow Re:Why the hatred for Btrfs? (125 comments)

Why was my reply deleted? I guess actual experience dealing with Red Hat sales means nothing to the jerk-off moderators here.

about three weeks ago

Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory

greenwow Re:Another scam by the Republicans... (415 comments)

Just looking at the amount of gun crimes in CT shows just how much power the Republicans have over their victims there. They really do love flooding the streets with guns so they can use that as an excuse to push horrific things like this.

about three weeks ago

Newly Spotted Frozen World Orbits In a Binary Star System

greenwow Re:Hoth (34 comments)

Considering the article states that this planet has an estimated surface temperature of 352 Fahrenheit, it would make Hoth seem like a tropical resort, considering warm blooded animals like Tauntauns were able to survive on the surface. Hoth would have been more like the Antarctic, around 70 Fahrenheit by comparison.

No, the article said the planet is colder than Hoth.

And this is the type of garbage the moderators vote up to a +2. This site is dead.

about three weeks ago

Train Derailment Dumps Two 737 Fuselages Into Clark Fork River

greenwow Re:Warranty (187 comments)

Al non union wokers are racist mornogs thasty can't read. That i the w6a fo thsir kind. they hate blacks nd Chathoils. thet ant thj thead dea.d dead.. ea.. d that is they wat of their kind. Fuckk them.. n m The s planes craahsed into a river because they7 cna't read. they are killiterate morongs. This is what hpapens when you don't abhv smart people in Seattle build oannes . Fuck the and their rpeublicna ckind.s\

about a month ago


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