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Linux Reaches 1% Usage Share

gregbot9000 patch (414 comments)

Cool, I'm going to sow one of those 1% patches motorcyclists have onto my jacket now.

more than 5 years ago

Cory Doctorow Calls Death To Music, Movies, Print

gregbot9000 Re:Addendum (336 comments)

SO you mean like how /. has been tanking hard? The I could go sleding on the alexa results,

I wondered about the same thing, all the people who started reading /. in their 20's in 99 are now in their thirties, middle managers, who's entry pay was far higher than now, and it really shows. /. is becoming the website your boss reads and the users are becoming more old, grumpy, and greedy. perhaps news will become more like coffee shops? and will be open for a few decades but become unhip and fade away as the only people who still hang around are 35 year olds smoking cigarettes you can't afford.

more than 5 years ago

Student Arrested For Classroom Texting

gregbot9000 Re:Mandated (1246 comments)

Or the self indulgent narration of things I'm to cool to do, like how I'm too cool to respond to your post.

Aww crap...

more than 5 years ago

IBM Offers to Send Laid-Off Staff to Other Countries

gregbot9000 Re:der takin oar jorbs (493 comments)

Hehe, read a book, I did, it was the text for Econ 101, which is obviously more than you have read. Or would you rather I read Michael Moore and "nickeled and dimed."

2)The people of the United States are, and always have been, the ultimate authority in this country. They write the laws.

That right their shows you aren't even worth arguing with, your understanding of how the world works is so simplistic that nothing but well meaning harm can ever come from you.Your "idea" of how things work has killed well over 120 million people in the last century alone. You live in a fantasy world, I suppose Fanny and Freddy weren't government meddling by buying up all those bad bundles, and the fact that the SEC and every other agency conveniently looked away during the boom wasn't meddling? No, it was greedy people, who need to be rectified by the new, gooooood, government.

The people do not run this country, The Law runs it. The laws guarantee liberty and private property as a right. I am usually the first to argue against the interpretations of the 14th that give limited liability and corporate personhood, but the right to form a business through contract and be free of coercion by the state(without due process) is as clear as crystal. If you don't like it get an amendment passed. Of course that won't ever happen because most people see your ideology for what it is, failed statism, hell even Obama has sharply left the far left.

No one ever said anything about "communism", maybe you have a persecution complex? I said statist, and I meant it, because that is what you are. Someone who believes a tyranny of the majority(middle-class in your case) should have the ability to use federal power to abridge the liberties of a minority group. Spin it how you want, but That Is What You Said, and in that sense you are no different than George Bush and the Neo-Con scum.

more than 5 years ago

IBM Offers to Send Laid-Off Staff to Other Countries

gregbot9000 Re:der takin oar jorbs (493 comments)

Your position lacks historical perspective. Badly.

The privilege of a corporate charter, and all the benefits that come from that are granted by the people of the United States. It is NOT a RIGHT.

No, those rights are guaranteed in the constitution and law, written and set in stone with very restrictive requirements to change. They are a right.

The people have very little to do with it. This was done by the founding fathers for a very specific reason: they saw what happens when you give individuals the ability to revoke rights at random. They knew what happens when you have people going around saying things like "the right to property is not a right" if "the crown" or "the people" or "the supreme soviet" says it isn't.

What you have just advocated, and I'm sure you don't even realize it, is patently false Statism. "The people" do not rule this country, the law rules it, and the law guarantees rights.

The downside is that you cannot simply demand that a company create jobs or bow to your demands that they pay for your society.

Yes we can.

No you can not, by law or by practice. It doesn't work, like water up a hill. No state in the history of the world has ever been able to put demands on one section of society to finance the expected living standards of another and had any measurer of success for very long. This is why America revolted against the crown, The USSR is a memory, Rome collapsed and the feudal system never got above subsistence agriculture, serfdom and the wanton violation of individuals rights, doesn't work.

The wage earners of this country are the engine that drives everything in our present economy, not the stock market, not the capitalists. A strong and healthy middle class is needed to support YOUR standard of living. Take care of it or you too will suffer.

Nope that is wrong, hate to say it, but the wage earners do not run any country, never have and never will. If they did they wouldn't be wage earners any more. You have had countries in the past where only the worker existed and things didn't work out to well. Wealth is created, it isn't taken, unless the government does it. people mostly get rich by doing something better, the basics and benefits of a market economy are so simple that it's hard to understand how you can make a statement like that.

The middle class doesn't exist statistically, it is a rhetorical device. The people who fall into the middle quantiles of income get their income mostly through utility added to their labour, through mechanization, education, ect. To use the government power to benefit this group because it is "the back bone of America" is just more pork and vote buying. A strong and healthy middle class has absolutely no relation to ones standard of living, in a market economy individuals human capital and the value of labour does. The problems of today, such as the housing bubble, are mostly caused by the government trying to distort the market for privet gain.

You are obviously a middle-class person. I am sorry, but it is not the governments job to benefit you at the cost of everyone else. The laws are written so that you can not bend the legislature towards your privet profit. I know that the gop has been doing this, but two wrongs don't make a right, we must end corruption and federal power, not bend it towards our benefit.

Our legislature is bought and sold. Many of the problems we have today are caused, as I'm sure you are aware, by the corruption of our government. Corporate welfare, selling of public goods for private profit. The solution to this isn't to turn that corruption toward the group you belong to, it is to eliminate it. Otherwise you will only increase the violence of the swings in Washington, with the dems giving bigger and bigger chunks to their supporters and the gop doing the same, until the country is ripped apart.

more than 5 years ago

Stone Tool 1.83M Years Old Discovered In Malaysia

gregbot9000 Re:when does a stone become an axe (200 comments)

Yep, because training by spending years sitting at desk means that they are now Ivory members of the intellectual elite well beyond us unwashed.

Little anecdote for you: Two experts are walking along, and one sees a $100 bill in the gutter and he asks his friend "Is that a $100 bill?" to which the friend replies """well it looks like it, but if it were obviously someone walking by before us must have seen it, so the fact that they didn't take it proves that it must not be," and off they walk.

Science works through falsifiability and the idea of a null hypothesis, so if your going to criticise that stupid comment, do it based on the general lack of knowledge it displayed, but don't do it by attributing special value to archaeologists in a way that implies he is ignorant for questioning their dogma.

more than 5 years ago

Difficult Times For SF Magazines

gregbot9000 Re:Two words... fan fic (218 comments)

fanfic is the craigslist of the publishing world.

And just like craigslist, 2/3 of it deals with sex and some kind of disturbing fetish.

more than 5 years ago

Teachers Need an Open Source Education

gregbot9000 Re:Lack of knowledge not an excuse (440 comments)

The thing that people often forget is that teaching itself is a serious talent/skill.

Are you from the teachers Union? That is a fat load of bullshit. Since they have been running that line, geting more and more people shut out of the schools, the quality of education has dropped.

more than 5 years ago

Remembering NASA Disasters With an Eye Toward the Future

gregbot9000 Re:Space isn't an option, it's a requirement (273 comments)

Private enterprise will never spark the initial push to interplanetary/interstellar colonization

That's because privet enterprise isn't staffed with idiots, who after having spent 9/10 of their resources escaping a steep gravity well aren't going to go back down another. the future of space is in the asteroids with robots, not on planets with humans.
Government doesn't have the resources they have the power to take them from you. If the government decides to "create jobs" in a non profitable industry all that is happening is society is being impoverished for the benefit of a few people.
Also there are several very rich people interested in resource's from space since one small Near Earth Object has roughly 15 trillion dollars worth of high grade ore.

more than 5 years ago

Obama Edicts Boost FOIA and .gov Websites

gregbot9000 Re:That shows amazing ignorance of the military (400 comments)

And that is why "our" criminal system has the most people in jail in the world.

I don't think most people agree that the criminal system should be binary with "right" and "wrong" being the only two states. The fact that an individual is conditioned towards extreme violence should factor into his sentencing and be corrected. They shouldn't be thrown into a box for the rest of their life at the expense of the state. I don't think the law exist as a means merely to get revenge on individuals.

Besides "the Quick-e-mart guy" is a false analogy, it would be more accurate to compare torture and the "it doesn't count because I didn't know better" defense to the vilonce such an individual would inflict on those around him and his children. Actions that are reinforced at every angle by his community.

But you're right, we should hold people to abstract lofty ideals in the legal system rather than actually account for human behavior and create a system that works. No body is talking about moral relativism, I know that would be your next response. I am are talking about humans, and a humanist system for law, not high moral fantasy. Humans follow a set system of actions based on their environment and situation, the people who manipulate that environment are the ones guilty. It's very easy for you siting at home to judge other humans based on your high moral codes, but your codes are just based on fantasy.

more than 5 years ago

Britannica Goes After Wikipedia and Google

gregbot9000 Re:FACTS, not "truth". (385 comments)

When I had to write academic articles for school the first place I always went was Wikipedia, not for the article, but for the collection of sources at the end. Usually there were more relevant and peer reviewed scores there than on Ebesco host. The citation sections of Wikipedia are probably one of the greatest overlooked resources on the web.

Just look at the sources for one simple comm theory: not to mention the primary and secondary sources linked for anything historic. I got to Wikipedia first, and to library catalogs second when gathering sources is involved.

more than 4 years ago

Obama Edicts Boost FOIA and .gov Websites

gregbot9000 Re:That shows amazing ignorance of the military (400 comments)

People keep looking at this in the context of right or wrong from am absolutist moral perspective. They need to look at this from the perspective of the people involved.

A soldier far away from home surrounded by other soldiers, conditioned with a set of values that is reinforced in every aspect by the others in his community. These people didn't commit torture as defined as one human to another, they commuted an act of torture from a member of a community against an animal. Nothing they did was wrong by the morals of their community, which were fostered by command. To charge them would be wrong. They do not have the power to question the ethical framework they are put in, that power has been purposely and systematically striped from them by command. Soldiers are not men of ordinary sense and understanding, no one of ordinary sense and understanding would go over a hill into certain death when ordered.

The leadership of this country purposely fostered an environment that was conductive towards this behavior, they reduce solders to equipment, and enemys to animals. To charge a solider with torture when they return to the states is like charging you for murder for eating meat today 10 years from now.

The social reinforcement and environment and community fostered by command is stronger incentive to follow orders than any punishment of treason. The punishment for questioning is social isolation and removal and shunning from ones community. These are the most powerful incentives in the human mind, add to that that every one around reaffirmed the belief that what they were doing was not only acceptable but right and noble. I'd venture that less than 1 in 1000 people have the moral fiber or dedication to human rights to either understand the coercion that is being allied or to resist it. This applies to Gitmo, Nam, and any other war. Command are the guilty ones.

more than 4 years ago

Oldest Weapons-grade Plutonium Found In Dump

gregbot9000 Re:Worth a read - interesting article (552 comments)

Could this have been dangerous in the wrong hands?

Oh hell yeah, if by wrong hands you mean ones without a glove.

Other than that not really, since you still need 100cc of high grade plutonium, which is near impossible to make if you aren't an industrialized nation.

more than 5 years ago

Oldest Weapons-grade Plutonium Found In Dump

gregbot9000 Re:Mystery Pits (552 comments)

It's obvious you have never played Risk, Alliances exist solely to give you time to kill them first.

more than 5 years ago

6 Pennsylvania Teens Face Child Porn Charges For Pics of Selves

gregbot9000 Re:Not good enough. (1044 comments)

You see, in the name of protecting children we have created a situation where they have no rights, none. They can't consent, or create contracts, they must have permits to get work, they aren't allowed after dark. Segregation blacks had more liberties. Some 16 year old's do have bank info, and go to college, and work, and statistically the average age that people lose their virginity is 14. I don't know when the last time you were in an US highschool, but you have no rights, and they make damn sure to ingrain this into you. We wonder why our nation is going to pot? I look at the 4 year forced indoctrination the government runs to teach people not how to think critically, but that they rule you. Its no surprise that they now feel they own your naked body.

more than 5 years ago

6 Pennsylvania Teens Face Child Porn Charges For Pics of Selves

gregbot9000 Re:Not good enough. (1044 comments)

It's a tough problem,

No it isn't. It is a very simple one, charge based on harm. child porn=abuse, abuse=harm, harm=jail.

Yes it's bad to have those sorts of pictures made and distributed,

Again, no it isn't. That's your opinion. It isn't the job of the state to enforce your moral opinion. These were pictures made by individuals of their own volition. Prosecuting them in anyway is a gross violation of their most basic liberties.

I'm not really sure that this is the sort of crime that the lawmakers writing the legislation had in mind when they passed it

This is exactly the kind of prosecution they hoped for. The goal of laws like this is to control human behavior that certain groups dislike, namely pornography and sexuality. it has very little to actually do with CP. They just come through the back door riding the CP train and started bending the law as they always wanted to. They don't feel that people can make decisions for themselves.

You shouldn't look at the law as a means to enforce what is "right" and "wrong" from a moral stance, but as a means of protecting peoples rights. If you don't, more laws like this will come out of the woodwork.

more than 5 years ago

Mars Desert Research Station Simulates Mars Base

gregbot9000 Re:3D mockups of the mars base facilities (122 comments)

more so than under ground? I have a sneaking felling it would be easier to put a self sustaining colony 1 mile down than it would be to put one on Mars.

more than 5 years ago


gregbot9000 hasn't submitted any stories.



Records And Papers

gregbot9000 gregbot9000 writes  |  more than 5 years ago As a journalist and /. reader I read constantly about the death of record companies and newspapers at the hands of the Internet. What I find funny is that the Internet and file sharing, while powerful tools, only solve the problems of distribution.

File sharing does not create music. Blogs, mostly, do not create news. They do greatly streamline the distribution though. What record companies need to do is become music companies(and stop trying to turn back the clock through lawsuits). Newspapers need to become news-companies. It's a minor change in market structure, not a "new digital paradigm."

File sharing does not create anything new, only spread that which has been created.

Many people in the extreme of file-share ideology trivialize the value and work put into content creation. This is similar to how early communists trivialized the value and work added to physical products by business men.

I love the Internet, but please stop talking about how the Internet is going to kill newspapers when all it's going to do is kill an outdated distribution model. Most of the decline in circulation started before the Internet came into power, and has more to do with corporations destroying content and profiteering than anything else. There are many print outlets that have focused on quality journalism that are still very profitable.

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