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Ask Slashdot: When Is It OK To Not Give Notice?

greghodg Re:When you don't want a reference (892 comments)

Depends on the situation. My current employer is in the process of outsourcing engineering to India, and keeping the US engineers on for varying periods of time (3-9 months) to facilitate the transition. There are incentives to stay through the end, but many have decided it's better to get out now. There is no bridge to burn, and people that are leaving already have new positions elsewhere when they resign. What is the possible incentive to give more than one or two day's notice?

about a year ago

Def Con Hackers On Whether They'd Work For the NSA

greghodg Re:Ask them if they ARE WORKING for NSA (126 comments)

"No one was surprised" is such an elitist and immature statement. Millions of people across the country were VERY surprised by this. There's a big difference between believing in something and having proof of something. "Oh, that doesn't surprise me" is the equivalent of "I told you so!" after the facts are revealed. And its a worthless statement anyway, because it doesn't make one bit of difference if anyone was surprised. It doesn't change what's going on.

about a year ago

Wii Outselling Wii U, Only 160,000 Units Shipped Last Quarter

greghodg Re:Mario Kart Wii 2 (212 comments)

Agreed. And they should have made the Wii U capable of rendering existing games in HD resolutions, then the lack of new HD content wouldn't matter as much. The dolphin emulator can do it, Nintendo could have done it too.

about a year ago

Roadkill Forcing Cliff Swallows To Evolve

greghodg Re:first (387 comments)

the early worm gets eaten.

about a year and a half ago

Are Open-Source Desktops Losing Competitiveness?

greghodg Re:Figured this out in 2003 (663 comments)

I have never figured out why anyone would want this. Maybe I'm just a newbie, because I didn't start using X until fairly late in the 80s. Maybe if I had been using it from the very beginning, focus-follows-mouse would make more sense.

Mostly so that you can type into a shell window without having to bring it to the front. At least that's what I miss the most. Not a deal breaker, but once you get used to it, it sucks to lose it.

more than 2 years ago

Geeks In the Public Forum?

greghodg Re:Backwards and dangerous (326 comments)

I thought the same thing when I read that, what the hell?! It's ok for politicians to make policy based on morality, and they shouldn't base claims on falsifiable stamements? That's exactly the opposite of what it ought to say. Maybe the writer just got confused, because that is just wrong.

more than 2 years ago

Leisure Suit Larry Comes Again (Video)

greghodg Re:Age check (91 comments)

As a horny adolescent, I had the full page color ad for On-Line Systems "Softporn" featuring Roberta Williams in a hot tub, so I had no reason to actually play the game, or its follow-up, LSL.

more than 2 years ago

Browser Emulation of 1975 Computer Runs First 16-Bit Home Game

greghodg 16 bits (40 comments)

16 bits is $2.00, was really expensive for a computer in the 70s!

more than 2 years ago

Cops Can Crack an iPhone In Under Two Minutes

greghodg Re:We need full phone encryption. (375 comments)

Why on earth would you or anyone else give a crap who I've called? Or whose phone numbers I know? Or where I've been? At one point I wanted to sync my phone with my work exchange server. When I found out I'd have to turn on a passcode on my phone I said screw it. Seriously, WTF? Why do some people think anyone else cares about their trivial information?

more than 2 years ago

The Sounds of Tech Past

greghodg Disk ][ (231 comments)

Apple Disk ][ drive booting, seeking the head back to track 0, bumping up against the stop repeatedly. Favorite computer sound ever.

about 2 years ago

Huge Triangle-shaped Spot Over the Sun

greghodg Re:My god!!! (229 comments)

not a goatse, a mutant star goat! All of you, to the B ark!

more than 2 years ago

FDA To Review Inhalable Caffeine

greghodg packaging innovation (172 comments)

We could all learn from this company. Take an existing product, put it in a new container, make it look "sexy" and sell it at an exorbitant price. Every time I see something like this, it's obvious that its a useless gimmick and I dismiss it, because of course everyone else will see through it as well. And nearly every time, I'm wrong. Another one in the insanely-expensive caffeine area is "Five Hour Energy." Just another horribly overpriced caffeinated liquid that provides the user with exactly the same drug as a pill that you can get for 1/200th the cost. WHY would anyone ever buy this? So what's next? Where can I score millions from stupid people? How about a little spring loaded canister with mini cookies that ejects one into your mouth with the push of a button? Bingo. Now I can sell $.10 worth of cookies for $3!

about 2 years ago

FDA To Review Inhalable Caffeine

greghodg Re:Inhaling powder? (172 comments)

You're right, although it's left pretty ambiguous, it is definitely NOT inhaled. It's a fine powder that dissolves in the mouth, absorbed through digestive system. Just like every other orally consumed caffeine. Also, it costs roughly 100 times more than the exact same thing in a pill ($3/100mg aeroshot vs. 200 count 100mg caffeine pills for ~$6).

about 2 years ago

FDA To Review Inhalable Caffeine

greghodg not inhaled (172 comments)

It's not "inhaled." You puff the powder into your mouth, it dissolves in the saliva in your mouth, then you essentially swallow the saliva+caffeine and it's absorbed in your digestive system. No better or faster than any other caffeine that you swallow, and I guarantee a bottle of Vivarin is going to cost a HELL of a lot less than this gimmick.

about 2 years ago

Have Bad Cars Gone Extinct?

greghodg Re: GM and lacking quality (672 comments)

>> You can see evidence of this simply by looking up the Consumer Reports reliability scoring for This is normal in their reliability ratings though. The ratings indicate reported problems, and they always get worse as you go back in years. The one exception is redesign years. A lot of times you can tell when a model was redesigned because reliability ratings will go down in a later year, so something that was always rated good in the older years all of a sudden goes bad in a more recent year.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Tech Manufacturers With Better Labor Practices?

greghodg Re:IBM POWER servers (375 comments)

This doesn't make sense to me. How much manual labor is involved in manufacturing a motherboard? I would assume it's practically zero. Do chinese pick and place machines work for less than american ones? If anything, it ought to be cheaper to make in the US with sufficient automation.

more than 2 years ago

Against Online Surveillance? You Must Be 'For' Child Porn, Says Legislator

greghodg Re:Come on! (583 comments)

i HATE it when politicians take away our pedos!

more than 2 years ago

Aging Consoles Find New Life As Video Streamers

greghodg Re:wii is an awesome netflix appliance (255 comments)

I have a couple of extra Wii's without working drives that I use (mostly) for netflix streaming. Another advantage over the other consoles is the Wii's power consumption is generally less than 1/10th of the PS3 or Xbox. Even in standby, the PS3 draws over 170 watts vs. about 15 for the Wii. Also, like others have mentioned, it's got one of the better Netflix interfaces, although I like the one on my Vizio TV as well. The Netflix interface on the TiVo Premiere is atrocious.

more than 2 years ago


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