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EPA Mulling Relaxed Radiation Protections For Nuclear Power

grep -v '.*' * Relaxed vs Stressed Out (223 comments)

Relaxed Radiation? Good. I don't want ANYthing stressed out around nuclear power -- the pipes, the operators, OR the radiation.

Anything that keeps them all mellow and not blowing up to bits ;-) is fine with me.

2 days ago

Scientists Have Developed a Material So Dark That You Can't See It

grep -v '.*' * Scientists Have Developed a Material So Dark... (238 comments)

YES, ladies and gentlemen, Science is once again showing us still more things that aren't there. Darwinism, when everyone knows we didn't come from apes; that the world is millions of years old when it's actually only around 7,000, and now this -- stuff that's supposedly there that only atheists can see.

Well then "Mr. Scientist", let me walk right thru it and show more of your meaningless predictions that are actually worthl ... OUCH! My nose!

Yeah, well, I can only dream this'll be on the 700 Club's "Science is Evil" Show next week.

about a week ago

Single European Copyright Title On the Horizon

grep -v '.*' * Re:Disappointing (94 comments)

I hoped that they would at least discuss the issues raised there, and argue against parts they disagreed with, rather than just ignoring them.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it." -- Upton Sinclair, circa 1934.

Oh crap, that's still under copyright; he's only been dead for 46 years and said it a mere 80 years ago.

Never mind, I didn't say anything there. Nothing at all. Nope. Really! ... please?

about two weeks ago

When Beliefs and Facts Collide

grep -v '.*' * Re:CAGW is a trojan horse (725 comments)

Not that "climate change" is homogeneous and 10 years does not centuries make, but currently from a notorious yellow rag: NOAA's most accurate, up-to-date temperature data confirm the United States has been cooling for at least the past decade. "Temperatures in North Dakota falling for the past 10yrs is not relevant. " But this is NA, a slightly larger land area than ND.

I think the GP is arguing about extrapolation of the data to fill in missing gaps. And while I completely agree that "dumping crap into our atmosphere is a bad thing", the devil is in the details.

They think that a million smokestacks is enough, I think that a thousand of them is enough, you think that only one is enough. So how many are built? What point on the gradient is right?

Oh, and I like and believe in science too. But at a certain point you seem to have made up your mind (quote: Contradictions? No, "It's dead on."), blame the dumb and evil groups trying to stop you and come across as these guys. They were 100% convinced too, you know, with a literal evil guy trying to stop them.

Not that they're not bad and misleading groups out there. And to slightly mis-quote you: "climate data is HARD to deal with." So how do you know that you (they) have gotten it right? After all: men won't live through the high 15mph speeds of trains, bumblebees and men can't fly, and man will never go to the moon.

Models are wanna-be theory implementations, but this one is slightly wrong.

Quoting from elsewhere in this thread: "That is why there are so many people who choose ignorance and belief over reason and fact." And I'm sure the End of the World people above used those exact words too.

Down here in the bible belt (sigh) there's a saying; "God did it; I believe it; That settles it." As opposed to the other funnier saying: "My mind's made up, don't confuse me with the facts." Those match this current discussion When Beliefs and Facts Collide.

Finally, to end this rambling, no matter which side of of the fence you're on (fences only have 2 sides, right -- black and white, right and wrong, "yer with me or agin me"), this is just wrong: forced to step down after subjected to 'Mc-Carthy'-style pressure from scientists around the world.

Just because you want to present a debunked theory doesn't mean you should be shouted down -- it ought to be easy to refute their (new?) arguments. And if not -- why, that's even better! Science works by correcting incorrect "facts" no matter how widespread they're known.

about two weeks ago

By 2045 'The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,' and That Could Be a Problem

grep -v '.*' * Re:Warp Drive (564 comments)

evolution is powered by the failures dying off.

Hey! Quit getting personal there ... what did I ever do to YOU??

(I don't WANT to go on the cart.)

about two weeks ago

Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

grep -v '.*' * Re:Or Maybe Self-Driving Vehicles (579 comments)

The thing is, drivers should be predictable

DING DING DING!!! Give that man a e-cigar!

Today: I'm getting on the on-ramp doing 40-ish. Light traffic, two cars in my wanna-be lane doing 65, nothing behind them. Fine, they'll pass me and I'll speed up and merge, no problem at all.

What happens? The first guy slows down to let me in and flashes his lights, while the guy behind him has to slow way down. I floor it and merge in, now leading the way.

Had he let me worry about merging myself into traffic like he's supposed to do, it would have been easier for all of us. He had to slow down and speed up, the guy behind him got a surprise, and I had to quickly speed up and merge to make him happy.

If everything's bumper to bumper I could see him letting me squeeze in if I was close to the end of the ramp, but otherwise treat me as invisible. -- or maybe NOT, but you know what I mean.

about three weeks ago

Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

grep -v '.*' * What's wrong with all y'all? (579 comments)

The answer is obvious: flying sharks with lasers.

Put them around each intersection and train them to shoot down cars moving too fast towards a red light. It would also work great for pedestrians who are moving too slowly to make it across in time -- the cars have rights too, you know.

Now we'll have trouble when the tornadoes eventually hit town, but that's a different problem.

about three weeks ago

Seven ISPs Take Legal Action Against GCHQ

grep -v '.*' * Re:WTF (65 comments)

UK has lots of secret government organisations, that answer directly to the PM and cabinet, not to parliament. ... and TORCHWOOD

The funny thing is, they COULD now name a secret organization TORCHWOOD. All of the Doctor Who references would pop up and the real organization would be buried in the noise.

about three weeks ago

CMU System Lets You Get To the Good Parts of Video, Fast

grep -v '.*' * Re:Does it work on movies? (32 comments)

It seems attention spans get shorter all of the time.

No, they d

about a month ago

A Physicist Says He Can Tornado-Proof the Midwest With 1,000-Foot Walls

grep -v '.*' * Re:Your taxes at work (501 comments)

I was going to make an anime Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack of the Titans) joke here, but someone else already beat me to it. So I'll work with this.

Homeland Security will jump on this as the perfect opportunity to build a prison large enough to hold us.

Already been done, at least in the movies.

Escape from L.A.
Escape from New York

That, of course, pubs all of the criminals behind walls, leaving the innocent people outside. And now a slight change of topic: did you know there are so many laws that everyone is guilty of something.

...what an interesting coincidence.

And tightening down the straps on my way too-thin tinfoil cap here, having a humongously-long wall would be handy to use as a backstop for all of the bullets Homeland Security has purchased. The question is: who are they going to put with their back to it?

Or do they really expect Titans to break through?

about a month ago

Judge: $324M Settlement In Silicon Valley Tech Worker Case Not Enough

grep -v '.*' * Re:More (150 comments)

They didn't do anything; the company did things

I agree -- the company did things. And the companies all seem to want to be seen as individuals with corresponding rights (Free speech, all that.) Fine, but as an individual I can be throw in jail (Habeas Corpus, literally in Latin "you have the body") while corporations cannot -- so they have more rights than I do.

To remedy that, I propose: monetary penalties (not $324,000,000, but how about 10-25% of your total (not income, but) assets? it's a penalty, after all) are paid for by the company, but the "one" person who can find out anything in the company is the CEO. They direct the company; they're em>responsible for the company. So THEIR BODY gets thrown in jail when the company gets a jail sentence. Or if they get lonesome, the xEOs all join him, depending on the particular crime.

Oh, so that'll mean the corporation heads will become stooges, with "real control" behind the scenes. OK. So a company with 52 CEOs in 52 weeks might warrant an additional investigation. (Besides, it gives the stoopid people a job.)

about a month ago

Google and Facebook Can Be Legally Intercepted, Says UK Spy Boss

grep -v '.*' * Re:Internal and External Simultaneously (104 comments)

internal when ... yet are external when ...

It's all that damn quantum mechanics double-slit experiment stuff -- is an electron a WAVE or particle? Is the cat ALIVE or dead? Is it HEAD or shoulders? It is INSIDE or outside?

The answer is: it's both! See? That makes everybody in government happy!

about a month ago

Cable Boxes Are the 2nd Biggest Energy Users In Many Homes

grep -v '.*' * Re:Yup-article is BS (394 comments)

Someone clearly expected at some point it might need to draw that much power, I just can't figure out why

Obviously this is for when you are watching high-power-needing shows like Survivor. Do you realize how much amplification power it takes to get those pictures off that far-away tiny island?

And then there's porn. Some of those shows are so hot that the connection cables are overheating. So that's the other reason you need Monster Cables (Ka-boom!)

about a month ago

Congressman Asks NSA To Provide Metadata For "Lost" IRS Emails

grep -v '.*' * New Government Directive: Stuff Just Happens! (347 comments)

I don't think you ever worked for a bureaucracy before.

Imagine trying to use that excuse in an IRS audit of your business.

But sometimes "Stuff Just Happens."

I think I'll take 50x my deductions next year, lose all of the supporting receipts, and use that as the reason. If it works for one of their Directors, then it should work for me. After all, she's "Protecting the integrity of tax-exempt organizations" so her overall direction of SJH must be indicating a new government directive.

about a month ago

Dell Exec Calls HP's New 'Machine' Architecture 'Laughable'

grep -v '.*' * Re:Dell can have no valid opinion on this. (173 comments)

Why would anyone pay attention to what a Dell talking head has to say?

DUUUude, that's harsh.

about a month ago

The FCC Can't Help Cities Trapped By Predatory Internet Deals With Big Telecom

grep -v '.*' * Re:politicians put the public over that barrel. Te (93 comments)

The Tea Party people want whatever the Koch brothers tell them to want.

Yes, because they're our Vampiric Masters* and we cannot refuse their any whim. (Catches fly.)

Just remember that we're nice and good but they're pure evil. And the nice thing about that is: you print it out once and push it out everywhere!

* Vampiric Masters -- Ex: George Soros, Al Gore.
Suspected: Rush (Not the band.)


"I can call spirits from the vasty deep."

about a month ago

The FCC Can't Help Cities Trapped By Predatory Internet Deals With Big Telecom

grep -v '.*' * Re:A Question from a Stupid Foreigner. (93 comments)

Prevent breasts from being shown on TV.

Not quite. An completely isolated breast or two is just fine as long as long as the slasher with the bloody knife soon loses interest and finds a better target.

about a month ago



Favorite unexpected comment/slang/denigration phrase?

grep -v '.*' * grep -v '.*' * writes  |  about 3 months ago

grep -v '.*' * (780312) writes "I just ran across a new turn-of-a-phrase: "kitten-chewing software vendor." (They were maligning a software vendor for an $8K per seat application upgrade charge from XP to W7.) Now that may or may not be justified — my point here is that the word imagery was more shocking than the upgrade charge. (Then again, maybe I'm just jaded.)

So, what's your favorite new or old phrase? Mine is still: "No good deed goes unpunished", although "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you" is looking better and better. (The "I'm from the government and here to help you" joke just seems to be a lost cause.)

Now: ID-10-T error is good too, although I've lately come to realize that there are some smart people who like things other than computers and just want their immediate problem solved so they can move on to their other fun, non-computer stuff. That's was a surprise — fine, but there also seem to be a lot of ID-#-T people too, where # seems to be their IQ, or at least their interest in anything that I can detect."

Link to Original Source

Crypto decoding software and keys moved to hardware

grep -v '.*' * grep -v '.*' * writes  |  about 8 months ago

grep -v '.*' * (780312) writes "Beyond Broadband Technology will soon help deliver entertainment content and data securely to consumers.

“It provides a totally secure communications path” that uses a “downloadable conditional access system,” or DRM (digital rights management), with its hardware specifically designed so only a licensed user can access the content.

An outside expert given access to the BBT system says it appears to be a real innovation. “It is a fundamental step forward,” says Jim Turner, the former technical director of ATIS,

The BBT “core” patent is very broad. (Well, aren't they ALL now-a-days? And yes, it points to managing an on-line card game. I too don't yet know what they're extrapolating.)

“Were ready to prove what we’ve done is unique and nobody has done it before. It exists and it is in secure microchips and the implications are very interesting.”

So: anybody got a 16mm camera and an 8-track recorder they're not using?"

Link to Original Source

Open Source Assists Crime

grep -v '.*' * grep -v '.*' * writes  |  about 10 months ago

grep -v '.*' * (780312) writes "("Source Code" and "Open Source" are equivalent ... right? :-) )

Just listen to this (senior security strategist) expert:

Concern is brewing that the bad guys [will] use knowledge of Acrobat source code to intensify already widespread attacks revolving around corrupted PDFs.

"Having the source code to an application is like having the blueprints to a product," says ... an IBM company, "having access to it expedites the vulnerability identification process — leading to more weaknesses being identified and used for cybercrime."

So: source code is bad, you should hide it at all costs, if not completely prevent it altogether. Gotcha.

Unfortunately I can't find the opposing text I read on crypto design long, long ago. Basically it argued that the best crypto design is completely published where everything is open and described, down to key generation and even possible starting encryption values. In addition, sample in-the-clear and coded messages and keys are given — Every Single Thing you need to encode and decode the given messages, as well as how to mint your own keys.

Here, instead of being somehow hidden and secret, everything is disclosed to everybody. Now, source code isn't crypto design, but the same rules really ought to apply. Disclose everything. Yep, the "bad guys" might find and utilize something first, but at least the "good guys" now have a chance of finding the same problem. But that goes against the trade secrets and 3rd party company contracts and NDAs though, and after all — THAT'S what's really important.

That would also create a problem for the PMs: programmers would now be wasting time producing (hopefully) secure code instead of implementing new sell-able features. And who wants to pay for features not on the box? Hell, when was the last time you saw:

* New! Now Actually Works as Described AND Implied

... on anything?

The analogy: Blueprints for a safe and lock are completely described. A compete, actual working model is given as well. This exact same safe design is then used in production.

Car analogy: describe everything about your engine, frame, and suspension design. PM / Lawyer anti-assists: ... but forget about publishing the trade-secret microcode, we'll just sell the Automobile Diagnostic Tools to interested monkeys^W parties with enough money ^W^W approved credentials every year. (You DID update the ROM year-stamp so the older OBD-II machines will refuse to read it, right?)

Interesting juxtaposition: It's just a terrible, horrible thing when closed-source code becomes available, yet open source (by definition) does it all of the time, and the agreed-upon absolute best design (in another field) is when everything is completely described and above-board with no hidey holes.

Why, it's almost like closed-source is using obscurity-by-design and hiding all of their marginal cases they're not interested in fixing. After all, if you can't see the problems they don't exist — right?

Please Compare and Contrast. This WILL appear on the final."

Link to Original Source


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