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Supreme Court Rejects Appeal By Google Over Street View Data Collection

grumpy_old_grandpa This is rediculous (113 comments)

It's not about encryption or not. It's about the scale.
Steal an apple from your neighbor, and nobody will make a fuss. Steal a fruit from every tree in the village to set up your own juice pressing factoring, and somebody will take offense.

about 2 months ago

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal By Google Over Street View Data Collection

grumpy_old_grandpa wut (113 comments)

> I suppose listening to ham radio now is a crime.

No, but recording and publishing it all on the Internet probably would and should be a crime. Which is more or less what Google did.

about 2 months ago

Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015

grumpy_old_grandpa FTFY.... (516 comments)

2015 will be the year of Windows on the desktop!

about 3 months ago

Don't Be a Server Hugger! (Video)

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Leasing is always more expensive than buying (409 comments)

I for one take my advice from the rich and sucessful. They ought to know what they are talking about, or else they wouldn't be rich and sucessful, right? So on the topic on leasing, we have Felix Dennis, good for a billion or so. He says:

"If it flies, floats or fornicates, always rent. It’s cheaper in the long run."

So taking his comment into account and applying it to yours, I guess it means renting server hardware is the way to go, unless you storn p0rn on them?

about 3 months ago

NSA Allegedly Exploited Heartbleed

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Conflict of interest (149 comments)

> You're virtually begging them to find and then sit on dangerous exploits.

That was their mandate in the first place. Nobody begged - It was an order.

about 5 months ago

White House "Privacy Tour" a Flop On Its First Leg At MIT

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:I find the Guardian reporting interesting (83 comments)

Only problem is, after The Guardian were threatened by their home government, they moved their web site from to .com (go to and see where you end up), because of the first amendment right in the US. In the UK, there is no such protection for the press or free speech.

So with this new "media leaks legislation", where will they go next? Brazil, Ecuador? Or maybe Russia; that would really be the epitome of irony.

about 6 months ago

German Chancellor Proposes European Communications Network

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:3rd Choice = Digital haystacks (197 comments)

TrackMeNot is s fun plugin to generate search engine noise:

Then there's Flagger which inserts dubious keywords in your URLs:

Both are in need of some updates and further work though. TrackMeNot constantly needs to update the internal URL of search engines (special parameters and such). And Flagger could probably use some keywords in Arabic and other languages as well.

What I'd like is a profile generator for Facebook, Linkedin etc.: Create a profile in your name, and let it go off making friends, posts, and random content. When somebody searches for you, they'll just find junk, and it will not be clear whether it is you or a different person with the same name.

about 7 months ago

Brazil Orders Google To Hand Over Street View Data

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Yet another government... (130 comments)

What always puzzles me when that thread of arguments is repated, is that one aspect is left out: scale. In my opinion, the technical details of wifi, or even the fact that electronics is involved at all is completely irrelevant.

So yes, feel free to listen in on my conversations in public. However, if you decide to do so to everybody, everywhere, all the time, it doesn't matter whether you well intended, malicious, Google, or NSA. To me, you're the same enemy of society, privacy and democracy.

about 10 months ago

Larry Page and Sergey Brin Are Lousy Coders

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Bill Gates was a lousy coder too (204 comments)

I've heard that he learnt coding from print-outs he fished out of the trash can.

about 10 months ago

The Ridiculous Tech Fees You're Still Paying

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:DNS and ICMP Tunnels (318 comments)

> Using for-pay Wifi for free is stealing.

That is why I always download Metallica's forth album over DNS. The two injustices cancel each other out, and it all becomes flowers! You didn't know that!? You should really try it some time!

about a year ago

The Ridiculous Tech Fees You're Still Paying

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:DNS and ICMP Tunnels (318 comments)

Tried this over the airplane wifi the other day. Works like a charm!

about a year ago

Sorm: Russia Intends To Monitor "All Communications" At Sochi Olympics

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:SLOP syndrome (193 comments)

Two wrongs doesn't make a right. So in terms of growing up, the "they also did it" excuse is as mature as a six-year old who gets caught red-handed, and tries to justify his wrong-doing because the other kids also stole from the cookie-jar.

Regarding perspective, I think it would help if more people would read Bruce Schneier's "Beyond Fear". There he gives a very straight forward, for they layman, introduction to analysing risks and appropriate security measure response. In that light, it becomes clear that neither NSA's nor FSB's programs have anything to do with mitigating risks. It's not even about the pretence and security theatre any more (after all NSA's programs were mostly secret).

It's pure corruption based cocaine induced money-making and dick-swinging: "Look, our data center has a gazillion coca-bytes!"; "We'll monitor you so thoroughly, we'll know when your wife is PMS'ing"; "I want a Star Trek Command Center! Wabu-wabu!!!" See Keith Alexander's ego trip for the last one - talk about being out of touch and lacking perspective.

about a year ago

The Memo That Spawned Microsoft Research

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Future of Microsoft in question? (148 comments)

Microsoft is in the past, if you ask me.

Show of hands, everybody: Who hasn't used Windows for work nor leisure in the last ten years? (Tech-support for parents and friends doesn't count).

about a year ago

I use spinning-drive storage media ...

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Not mature enough yet (232 comments)

Solid state is all right in certain circumstances, but I always treat it as a suspect drive about to fail.

Me, I treat all media as about to fail. Professionally, I've spent many a happy year backing up from one media type to another just in case I was right. Once or twice I have been.

Precisely. I've never understood the attitude of not doing anything while waiting for disaster to strike. But SSD, which at worst will wear out after many years of normal use - No definitely not touching any of that! Too risky!

You'd think technically inclined people were better at analysing the benefits and risks of the technology they use. Apparently not.

1 year,2 days

Court Declares Google Must Face Wiretap Charges For Wi-Fi Snooping

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Terrible Ruling (214 comments)

In my personal opinion, it was wrong, not because it was digital, but because of the scale they executed at. It would have been just as bad if they had driven around with audio microphones and recorded snippets of everbody's voice and put all of that on the Internet.

In fact, I fail to see why Google should get a pass on this, when we all clearly see the problems with NSA doing the same, but on fiber. Oh, and don't get me started on Street View.

1 year,3 days

Croak & Dagger: Following the Trail of a Herpetologist Spy

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Sounds like a movie (40 comments)

Dude, did you just dial in from 1980? Tell me which week, and I'll beam you the lottery numbers, OK? Oh, and if you could do something about that horrible fashion trend coming up, that'd be great!

1 year,3 days

Amazon Hiring More Than a 100 Who Can Get Top Secret Clearances

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Amazon CIA reviews (213 comments)

That's too concise and too much to the point. I believe the reviews would be more personal, littered with titbits of no relevance to the product at hand. Let's see, maybe something like this:

My wife's third cousin twice removed made an interesting comment the other day about her neighbor. Apparently, he had been doing some handy-work on his house lately, but there seemed to be any issue with the payment of the electricity bill. So, his other neighbor had helped out with an extension cord from his house. Now, my wife's third cousin twice removed found all this somewhat suspicious, so she called in the NSA to do a complete check, including a full house search by the local swat team and cavity checks on all family members, even the dog. They didn't find anything, but if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, so they are all good. Thanks CSI for your thorough work. I would definitely order again.

1 year,9 days

Leaked Documents Detail Al-Qaeda's Efforts To Fight Back Against Drones

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Fear (234 comments)

> this kind of religious devotion is mental illness

That strikes awfully close to home, don't you think? According to a 2007 Gallup poll, about 43% of Americans believe that "God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so." Viewed from the other side, our current mission to bring "democracy to the world" (or whatever the hell we're doing and excusing it with), might just as well be seen as modern day crusades. I'm absolutely sure both you and I would fight it if we were at the other end of the stick.

As for the quote from Rudyard Kipling's story, that applies to any enlisted or ranked man, in any military at any point in history. See Gwynne Dyer's documentary "War" for an excellent view into the training of Western world enlisted men. So yeah, maybe your comment was indeed sarcastic? Hard to tell. Some people actually do believe that "the team I'm with is better than and morally superior to yours". Tribe belongingness is after all how human kind has survived over the millennia. I wouldn't call it sophisticated, though.

Finally, are we supposed to be afraid? Well, but of course we are! How else would our masters be able to pull a sock over our head and go on with their cocaine induced power-trips? "We've always been at war with Eastasia", and so on.

1 year,9 days

NSA-resistant Android App 'Burns' Sensitive Messages

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:WTF, PRZ? (183 comments)

Relax. What he's advocating is an expiry date for information. That's an old concept, already implemented in many systems and companies. If you work for a shop big enough to employ one or two in-house lawyers, chances are you are not allowed to keep your e-mail around indefinitely. In his 2009 book, "Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age", Viktor Mayer-Schönberger concluded that an expiry date on data was the only feasible solution to the security and privacy nightmares we find ourselves in today.

Now, can this kind of system be circumvented? Well, but of course it can. However, just like ignoring the expiry date on food-stuff you buy, you would do so at your, and possibly other's, peril. Viewed as a recommendation from somebody with your best interests in mind (just like the pack of beef you buy at the supermarket), it is actually a very good idea.

1 year,10 days


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