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Why Run Linux On Macs?

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Some people like to tinker (591 comments)

> Apple hardware has an unparalleled build quality

You haven't tried Lenovo's T-series business laptops, have you? The common saying is, that you could kill a man with one of them, and write his obituary with it afterwards. They also support most GNU/Linux distributions well.

Most Apple laptops are so thin and fragile, carrying one by a corner might be enough to bend it, or break the fragile electronics inside. Granted the edeges are usally very thin, so maybe you could slice somebody's throat with it. However, it would probably malfunction due to liquid damage.

about two weeks ago

UK Computing Teachers Concerned That Pupils Know More Than Them

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Kids these days ... (388 comments)

To be fair, when your desktop runs Ubuntu and has an uptime of more than five years, you can be forgiven for forgetting what the "Windows" (aka reboot) button looks like.

* ducks *

about two weeks ago

Would You Rent Out Your Unused Drive Space?

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:No thanks to kiddie porn on my drive.... (331 comments)

It is sad to see that years of propaganda and fear-mongering by the government, politicians and police have actually worked out so well for them. Twenty years ago, the response to a peer-to-peer hosting network would have been "give me some of that". Today, it's "imagine how the police could fuck you over if they wanted to".

How much more will it take to admit to ourselves that most Western nations are now police states?

about two weeks ago

Samsung Unveils First PCIe 3.0 x4-Based M.2 SSD, Delivering Speeds of Over 2GB/s

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Daring us to use it (100 comments)

> How long can you sustain these kinds of I/O rates before burning the thing out?

If you were to sustain 1550 MByte/s write for 1 year, you'd write a total of 48 PB. (1550*60*60*24*365/1000/1000/1000), or 0.13 PB/day. In Techreport's endurance test, only two drives made it past 1.5 PB. So, if that is the bar, the drive would last only 11 days.

However, that would give you no time to read the data you'd written. Since you're not likely to write at max speed 24/7, the drive should last considerably longer.


about three weeks ago

Sony: 'The Interview' Will Have a Limited Theatrical Release

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Dear SONY: (176 comments)

How about because they are part of the MPAA cartel? Suing grandmas and kids all over the world. But yeah, their dubious "family members" (aka Sony Music, Sony Computer Entertainment) doesn't really contribute to their reputation, whether Sony Pictures have control over them or not.

Watching Sony bleed has really been the greatest xmas gift of this year.

about a month ago

A Domain Registrar Is Starting a Fiber ISP To Compete With Comcast

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Holy Crap (65 comments)

Businesses that have gone through as many rounds of acquisitions and mergers as this one have are a bit Frankensteinish, so it's hard to say what is new or old or mashed up together.

Sort of like how Nokia used to be an old lumberjack and milling company, then produced rubber and car tires, then mobile phones, and finally went on to become a brothel for Microsoft executives who fetishize pale Finnish developers, developers, developers...

about a month and a half ago

Eizo Debuts Monitor With 1:1 Aspect Ratio

grumpy_old_grandpa Re: Sounds nice for programmers (330 comments)

Are you the guy who keeps writing those 200-line methods? If so, please break it up, even if you can see it all on one screen.

Think of code like a story: It needs paragraphs, chapters, a table of content. Section and split it up like that, and it will be a lot easier for everybody, including you, to maintain. Code has the additional benefit that similar "paragraphs" can be parameterized, and reused, rather than copy-pasted. (You don't copy-paste code, do you?)

about 2 months ago

FBI Warns Industry of Chinese Cyber Campaign

grumpy_old_grandpa Unit 61398 (106 comments)

Asumming Unit 61398 was part of a 65535 strong platoon, I guess there are only 65534 units left to be worried abput?

about 3 months ago

Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9?

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Not just 9 (399 comments)

So what you are saying, is that it confuses you that some of the OS versions happened to match the kernel versions, while in most they don't? Also, the fact that the latest OS releases have been mostly about UI, and (presumably) few changes to the kernel, is making your head spin?

about 4 months ago

Cyanogen Inc. Turns Down Google, Seeing $1 Billion Valuation

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Android without Google. (107 comments)

F-Droid is already there, and working just fine. Been running Cyanogenmod + F-Droid only for the last three years. Wouldn't go back to Google.

(Not using the stock OS, also has the advantage of avoiding the "later", "later", "later" options you speak of).

about 4 months ago

Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9?

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Not just 9 (399 comments)

Seriously? On Slashdot, of all places, people don't know the difference between a kernel and the OS it is included in?

Look at the Linux kernel, and it becomes easy and obvious: It is currently at version 3.16. Some of the GNU / Linux based OS distributions and their versions are: Ubuntu 14.04, Fedora 21, Debian 7.0.

Here's the complete overview of Windows versions and kernels:

about 4 months ago

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal By Google Over Street View Data Collection

grumpy_old_grandpa This is rediculous (113 comments)

It's not about encryption or not. It's about the scale.
Steal an apple from your neighbor, and nobody will make a fuss. Steal a fruit from every tree in the village to set up your own juice pressing factoring, and somebody will take offense.

about 7 months ago

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal By Google Over Street View Data Collection

grumpy_old_grandpa wut (113 comments)

> I suppose listening to ham radio now is a crime.

No, but recording and publishing it all on the Internet probably would and should be a crime. Which is more or less what Google did.

about 7 months ago

Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015

grumpy_old_grandpa FTFY.... (516 comments)

2015 will be the year of Windows on the desktop!

about 8 months ago

Don't Be a Server Hugger! (Video)

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Leasing is always more expensive than buying (409 comments)

I for one take my advice from the rich and sucessful. They ought to know what they are talking about, or else they wouldn't be rich and sucessful, right? So on the topic on leasing, we have Felix Dennis, good for a billion or so. He says:

"If it flies, floats or fornicates, always rent. It’s cheaper in the long run."

So taking his comment into account and applying it to yours, I guess it means renting server hardware is the way to go, unless you storn p0rn on them?

about 8 months ago

NSA Allegedly Exploited Heartbleed

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Conflict of interest (149 comments)

> You're virtually begging them to find and then sit on dangerous exploits.

That was their mandate in the first place. Nobody begged - It was an order.

about 10 months ago

White House "Privacy Tour" a Flop On Its First Leg At MIT

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:I find the Guardian reporting interesting (83 comments)

Only problem is, after The Guardian were threatened by their home government, they moved their web site from .co.uk to .com (go to http://www.theguardian.co.uk/ and see where you end up), because of the first amendment right in the US. In the UK, there is no such protection for the press or free speech.

So with this new "media leaks legislation", where will they go next? Brazil, Ecuador? Or maybe Russia; that would really be the epitome of irony.

about a year ago

German Chancellor Proposes European Communications Network

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:3rd Choice = Digital haystacks (197 comments)

TrackMeNot is s fun plugin to generate search engine noise:

Then there's Flagger which inserts dubious keywords in your URLs:

Both are in need of some updates and further work though. TrackMeNot constantly needs to update the internal URL of search engines (special parameters and such). And Flagger could probably use some keywords in Arabic and other languages as well.

What I'd like is a profile generator for Facebook, Linkedin etc.: Create a profile in your name, and let it go off making friends, posts, and random content. When somebody searches for you, they'll just find junk, and it will not be clear whether it is you or a different person with the same name.

about a year ago

Brazil Orders Google To Hand Over Street View Data

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Yet another government... (130 comments)

What always puzzles me when that thread of arguments is repated, is that one aspect is left out: scale. In my opinion, the technical details of wifi, or even the fact that electronics is involved at all is completely irrelevant.

So yes, feel free to listen in on my conversations in public. However, if you decide to do so to everybody, everywhere, all the time, it doesn't matter whether you well intended, malicious, Google, or NSA. To me, you're the same enemy of society, privacy and democracy.

about a year ago

Larry Page and Sergey Brin Are Lousy Coders

grumpy_old_grandpa Re:Bill Gates was a lousy coder too (204 comments)

I've heard that he learnt coding from print-outs he fished out of the trash can.

about a year ago


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