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Iconic Predator-Prey Study In Peril

grunfeld RE: Iconic Predator-Prey Study In Peril (84 comments)

Kind of ironic, that the experts want to get involved.... yet again ... Why.... because they can, so, they can generate yet another useless study, that the poor tax payer has to fund somewhere along the line. Mankind hasn't learned yet that mother nature will balance where she sees fit. No need for mankind to intervene Then again mankind usually does intervene and messes things up and throws all into a tail spin....

about a year ago

Facebook Testing $100 Fee To Mail Mark Zuckerberg

grunfeld Other Plan for the $100 (228 comments)

I will take the $100 quid and put into my retirement fund !! Money much better spent IMO

about 2 years ago

New Study Suggests Wind Farms Can Cause Climate Change

grunfeld Re:Local impact = climate change? (384 comments)

maybe the author of the study should of used words like definite maybe, if one or two trees where planted it would change the results of this "study" Fine work fine work not

more than 2 years ago



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