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Southwest Declares Kevin Smith Too Fat To Fly

gruvmeister Welp, that's it (940 comments)

There goes the last shred of credibility Twitter may have had. Fatties are now using it to vent rage over how cruel the world is for discriminating against them for being fat.

Maybe if he directed some of that rage into jogging or not stuffing twinkies into his maw it wouldn't be a problem.

more than 4 years ago

Gravatars Can Leak Users' Email Addresses

gruvmeister Re:So? (170 comments)

That's pretty much it. If someone already knows your real name, and can guess that you may have an email address of your real name at one of the big free hosting providers, they might guess your email address! OH NO STOP THE INTERNET AT ONCE!!

about 5 years ago

Woman Fired For Using Uppercase in Email

gruvmeister Re:Wow. (364 comments)

And there will still be people who read that email and either miss the deadline or don't follow the instructions.

more than 5 years ago

New .tel TLD Now In Use

gruvmeister Yawn (175 comments)

I'm still waiting on .porn And then maybe we can do some more TLDs like .amateur, .milf, .scat, or .tranny - you know, to keep things organized.

about 6 years ago

iPhones, FStream and the Death of Satellite Radio

gruvmeister Re:News flash -- it's not always the CEO's fault (397 comments)

The ONLY thing keeping them afloat right now are deals with high-profile comedians and pro sports. Period. And they have to pay those folks boatloads of money to play at all.

Of all the people I know and have met that listen to Sirius/XM, a very small amount listen to the talk and sports stations primarily. It's possible that I have a bad representative sampling, but I don't think that is the case. Lose the high cost deals with the talk show people and then maybe the expenses will be a bit more manageable. Or maybe some of these high cost 'personalities' will have to work for less - one of the good sides of less competition. For the ones who can't or won't go back to FM, what other options do they have?

about 6 years ago

iPhones, FStream and the Death of Satellite Radio

gruvmeister Re:My humble opinions (397 comments)

They need to realize that most of us subscribe for literally a handful of stations, and if you screw with them, we get pissed.

This right here. I listen to ONE station primarily, have a secondary backup that is about half as enjoyable for me, and then dance around a handful of others when there's something on the first two I'm not in the mood for. They really need to learn to stop fucking with the music stations, every one that gets axed is that potential ONE station for thousands of subscribers. I know for a fact that if my primary station got the axe, my subscriptions (yes, plural) go as well, and I'm sure a lot of other people feel the same way about 'their' stations.

about 6 years ago

New Nanotech Fabric Never Gets Wet

gruvmeister Re:It's a drag, man (231 comments)

The purpose of low-drag swimwear is not to stay dry, but to reduce fiction, and therefore resistance, caused by moving through the water. Lower drag = higher speed for the same energy expenditure. And yes, this is probably the most useless possible application for this technology, but you've got to sell something to the people providing the funding. Much better ideas have been mentioned in this discussion already - sails, ship/sub coatings, extreme cold weather wear and raingear. Also, how about protective tarps, a replacement for tarpaper on roofs, umbrellas... the list goes on!

more than 6 years ago

Oil-Immersion Cooled PC Goes To Retail

gruvmeister Re:Bulletproof? (210 comments)

Hey, if I'm paying 11 grand for a machine, it damn well better be bulletproof.

more than 6 years ago


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