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Subversion Project Migrates To Git

gstein Option (c) (162 comments)

Everybody in that issue, except for three, .. were part of our coordinated effort. Two people threw in comments that we had to delete (and if you look closely, are in the history). The third was likely aware, and his several comments supported our ruse, so they remained.

Our various tweets, including the two from @TheASF were (of course) coordinated along with the movement on the issue.

It was about a dozen of us, spanning around 14 hours. Many April Fool's pranks are "fire and forget". Keeping it *live* was our key. Many people, many voices, and many hours.

Hope you enjoyed :-)

about 10 months ago

Apache Declares War On Oracle Over Java

gstein Re:OpenSolaris Board commits seppuku redux (428 comments)

Apache tried that game for many years. Work *within* the JCP, and as a member of the EC. Apache *has* made many useful changes to the JCP and how it operates. But even with all that, it hasn't produced the JCK without an FOU clause.

At some point, enough is enough. The Apache brand name cannot continue to be associated with a sham.

more than 4 years ago

G2 Detects When Rooted and Reinstalls Stock OS

gstein Re:Wut? (406 comments)

Exactly. The Apache license provides freedom for developers to work with the code (pretty much) however they wish. It does not provide freedom to end-users (like copyleft/reciprocal licenses do; such as the GPL). HTC and T-Mobile are well within their rights to do something like this. It's uncool, but it is not a violation.

more than 4 years ago

Iran Tries To Pacify Protesters With Lord of The Rings Marathon

gstein Queued up next... (419 comments)

... Braveheart.

more than 5 years ago

Chrome Complicates Mozilla/Google Love-In

gstein Re:Use of resources (307 comments)

You struck gold on #3. If you don't work at Mozilla Corp, then you have a LONG, HARD road ahead of you to get changes in. Much less an architectural revamp to enhance security and speed.

more than 6 years ago

Google Goes After Open Source Licensing Cruft

gstein Re:There are only two licenses I care about (127 comments)

The concept of Public Domain is actually pretty difficult to do with software. It is kind of hard to "abandon" the fact that you wrote the software which means you will always be liable for it. And you can't attach a disclaimer of warranty because that obviates public domain :-P Throw in that France won't let you disown your copyrighted works, and the whole area about PD software grows real murky. Daniel Berlin could probably be more specific, I just know the rough bits here. This question has also come up on our google-code-hosting@googlegroups.com mailing list; there should be more details there.

In any case, if you want to provide users with lots of rights, then I'd simply recommend going with the Apache License.

more than 7 years ago


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