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Google Kills Orkut To Focus On YouTube, Blogger and Google+

gte275e Google+ has taken off? (71 comments)

Really? Google+ has taken off? That is news to me and anyone working outside of Google.

about 6 months ago

One Final Manufacturing Run of Touchpads

gte275e Re:Maybe they should just make them (221 comments)

That's the problem. With poor management, they think they have the greatest management in the world.

more than 2 years ago

The Cost of US Security

gte275e He's right (456 comments)

He's right when he said this: 'We are continuing this policy in bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy,' said bin Laden, adding that that every dollar spent by al-Qaida in attacking the US has cost Washington $1m in economic fallout and military spending."

How would the economic outlook of the US (and by extension the world) economy be if 9/11 didn't happen? There wouldn't be a post-9/11 down fall obvious. How money would NOT have been spent on Afghanistan and then Iraq? How much money would be saved without formation of the DHS and the expansion of the TSA? How much money would have been saved if there was no PATRIOT Act? Money spent goes to to profit someone but for the average American, they face an improving but not terribly optimistic economic future from a country burdened with a rapidly expending national deficit that is not completely but definitely attributed to this "war" on terrorism.

more than 3 years ago

Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Persistent Bacteria Go Down

gte275e Let's patent it! (166 comments)

I can see it now. Drug companies will take their existing antibiotics, add a bit of sugar, and then upcharge $5 per fill for Sugarfukitol over normal Fukitol.

more than 3 years ago

A $25 PC On a USB Stick

gte275e The dog ate my computer (352 comments)

I can see the excuses now:

"I'm sorry Mrs. Smith, but the dog ate my computer."

"Damnit, where did I leave my computer now?"

"Crap, I left my computer in my pants and washed them."

"So, I was hacking the Gibson naked, slipped, and fell, and that's how my computer got stuck up my butt."

more than 3 years ago

Starbucks Gets Mobile Payment System

gte275e It's not bad. I did it this morning. (149 comments)

I bought my coffee this morning using this method. I actually like stuff like this so I don't have to carry a card around all the time and don't have to pull out my wallet. There will be training issues the first few times each employee uses it. What mine had to do is put their register on the Tender screen and then select Starbucks card before it would work.

about 4 years ago

How Men and Women Badly Estimate Their Own Intelligence

gte275e Re:Also, they don't care (928 comments)

Believe it or not, I live with a women and she could care
less about an IQ test. I would also like to go on record as
saying that she is much smarter than me Iloveyouhoney.

How much more could she care less? Could she care 10% less? 50% less? Could she possible care 100% less? If she could care 100% less, it says to me that she actually cares a lot about an IQ test.

more than 5 years ago

Did Chicago Lose Olympic Bid Due To US Passport Control?

gte275e Re:Personal Example (1040 comments)

No reason at all? Did he have a beard?

more than 5 years ago

iPhone Straining AT&T Network

gte275e The best way to relieve the AT&T network. . . (551 comments)

The best way to relieve the AT&T network congestion is to end AT&T exclusive iPhone contract. Once that is gone, I bet at least a million of those iPhone subscribers will disappear very quickly.

more than 5 years ago

Depression May Provide Cognitive Advantages

gte275e Makes sense (512 comments)

This article pretty much describes me to a T. I have been suffering from depression for a few years now and whenever I get down, I definitely have the thinking patterns that was described in this post. However, after going through depression, I have decided that it is much, much better to be ignorant and happy than depressed and realistic.

more than 5 years ago

Suitable Naming Conventions For Workstations?

gte275e Re:I ran out of names for my workstation (688 comments)

I actually name mine after obscure Star Wars characters:

Jaster Mereel
Wedge Antilles
Mara Jade
Corran Horn

There is definitely lots of room for expansion there.

more than 5 years ago

Small, High-Resolution LCD Monitors?

gte275e Aspect Ratio and Size (370 comments)

According to DisplayWars.com, a 19" 16:10 monitor is just a hair shorter than a 17" 4:3 monitor. To the OP, if you are looking at a new LCD monitor, get a 19-20" widescreen one. The vertical height will be nearly the same and you'll have about 2.5" more in width. This shouldn't be too much of a burden on your desk space. Hell, it'll actually clear a lot of it up. If you haven't noticed, these new fangled LCD monitors are actually a lot thinner than those CRT monitors.

more than 5 years ago

Teen Diagnoses Her Own Disease In Science Class

gte275e Medical Community (582 comments)

I have a lot of friends that have Celiac's disease, IBS, and/or Crohn's disease and the lack of medical personnel that know about these diseases is stunning. Especially Celiac's disease. It's an issue and as the prominence of these illnesses increases, more medical personnel will be educated about them which is good but right now, people with real issues, pain, and discomfort will continue to be misdiagnosed. I have one friend that found the 1 doctor in town that actually knew about Celiac's and another friend whose wife is having severe GI issues and the doctor has never even heard of Celiac's. It's a problem and we have to rely on the doctors to have the initiative to stay up to date on the current medical research.

more than 5 years ago

Survey Finds Airport Wi-Fi More Important Than Food

gte275e Re:restrooms ? (247 comments)

restrooms would be my number one airport amenity ..

Yeah, how else are you going to have anonymous gay sex with Republican Congressmen?

more than 5 years ago

Barack Obama Sworn In As 44th President of the US

gte275e Re:Optionally (1656 comments)

And with a lot of these issues, the Bible doesn't say anything about them either. Please, stop bringing up "B-I-B-L-E" or "G-O-D" every sentence when discussing these topics. Times have changed and we have to deal with issues and attitudes of today, not 200 years ago or 2000 years ago.

about 6 years ago

Job and Internship Salary Comparisons?

gte275e I thought it was Georgia Tech University? (231 comments)

I didn't know that it was Georgia Institute of Technology. I thought it was the Georgia Tech University?

(if anyone went to GT, check out my handle and then you should get the joke)

more than 6 years ago


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