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No Mod Tools for Fallout 3 Launch

guaigean Re:Interplay (91 comments)

Well, prior to all of that they were an extremely successful company with a large list of titles and a wide variety of IP. They produced many of the best selling and best rated games of the 90's. Perhaps knowing what was once possible mixed with a nostalgia for past days could lead someone into such a venture.

more than 6 years ago



guaigean guaigean writes  |  more than 7 years ago

guaigean (867316) writes "John C. Dvorak has recently written a piece regarding the failures of Vista, and the problems existing today regarding OS development and practices. Included in the article is the evolution of the OS from a "file loader" to a series of icons and animations, which Dvorak says have nothing to do with an Operating Systems purpose, eventually causing the whole system to become a constant problem, barely holding together. The article is available here

From the article: 'It became a clunker, in fact, with a pretty face and a high price tag like a Park Avenue hooker using too much makeup to hide the fact that she's old.'"


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