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Google Cuts Android Privacy Feature, Says Release Was Unintentional

guardian-ct Re:Eagerly awaited (324 comments)

Android has had a "set fake location for testing" feature for a long time. Even my mostly locked down Virgin Mobile phone has that allowed.

"Settings -> developer options -> Allow Mock Locations"

If you don't have developer options, you may be able to get them turned on from "Settings -> About Phone" by clicking the Build Number, at least 7 times.

Then install one of several location setting tools from Google Play. Set location wherever you want.

Other permissions are harder to fake, but location results are pretty easy to change.

about 9 months ago

Firefox 21 Arrives

guardian-ct Re:Update Fatigue (246 comments)

I just restart firefox once in a while, and it updates then. Never seen Firefox hollerin' anything about updates. I've got it set to auto update though. Perhaps if you chose an option other than "Check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them" it'd be quiet. It's in Tools->options->advanced->updates.

If you're talking about the Flash plug-in update, that's a problem you can blame on Adobe for releasing something more insecure than IE. Talk about something that goes through more versions than Firefox.... that'd probably be it.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Are There Any Good Reasons For DRM?

guardian-ct Re:Think about alternative business models (684 comments)

Digital Video Express was a DVD-based format that stopped working after a while, unless you paid a fee. It required your DIVX (yeah, they overloaded the namespace of Divx here) player to be connected to a phone line so it could call home and take care of the billing/drm.

Google works in the UK... First link for "Digital Video Express" will explain it quite well.

about a year ago

Stolen Laptop Owner Outwits Mugger, Police, and the Media

guardian-ct Re:Hero..maybe to you. (272 comments)

If he does get arrested for this, he'll probably get his laptop back, because for the thief to make a police report he has to go to a police station with enough information to connect the stolen laptop to this evil guy who's stealing all the thief's privacy. A new lead!

about a year ago

Build a Secret Compartment, Go To Jail

guardian-ct Re:Gun Makers (1111 comments)

Paintballs are so embarrassing to the poor marked animal, please think of the children who will grow up thinking zebras are black and white and green all over.

about a year and a half ago

Interviews: James Randi Answers Your Questions

guardian-ct Re:Faith healing needs to stop (217 comments)

You threw the can in the trash. Or you simply daydreamed that you got the soda out of the fridge and drank some of it. Since you didn't completely remember what you had done, it's quite possible you didn't do any of it. No supernatural intervention required.

about a year and a half ago

Game Site Wonders 'What Next?' When 50% of Users Block Ads

guardian-ct Re:Plead (978 comments)

Advertisers know that some people block cookies, and the obvious way around that is to put tracking info in the image request. So the tracking images also need to be blocked to prevent tracking. Most of these tracking images have random-looking junk in the image link. That junk might, or might not, be some sort of tracking information, but it sure seems suspicious.

Blocking only tracking cookies will not stop tracking.

about a year and a half ago

Game Site Wonders 'What Next?' When 50% of Users Block Ads

guardian-ct Re:It's a flawed way to keep a site up. (978 comments)

Best description so far of how I feel about most web ads these days. Too many creative types assume that the website visitors have the same multi-core fast graphics systems, and forget to put a CPU usage limiter on the flash ads. Oh, look cool ad, too bad I can't do anything else now until it stops playing, and sometimes not even then..

about a year and a half ago

No Firefox For iOS, Says Mozilla's Product Head

guardian-ct Re:Umm.. (318 comments)

Er... ok, I bought an Android phone at Walmart recently. No problem. You're mistaking "mass market" for "monopoly". If you're looking for something that only a few people in an area will want to buy (operating system software they don't have experience with), big box stores are not the place to get them.

There are a few companies that tried pre-loading GNU/linux, but almost nobody bought those. In most cases it was cheaper to buy an MS computer, and then put whatever you wanted on it, than to pay more for a similarly speced linux machine.

By the way, trying to buy a free desktop operating system at a retail software store like Newegg will always be difficult. There's this problem with not making a profit when no money is paid.

about a year and a half ago

Most Doctors Don't Think Patients Need Full Access To Med Records

guardian-ct Re:Conspiracy! (659 comments)

If you're painting over "precessing errors" in an X-ray lab, you're doing something wrong. Your analogy is pretty much unrelated to the average xray developer, which runs significantly less than 5000 prints/day.

about a year and a half ago

Most Doctors Don't Think Patients Need Full Access To Med Records

guardian-ct Re:Conspiracy! (659 comments)

So, the whole problem with US healthcare is the malpractice insurance cost, but not the fact that bills are often padded with another few 0s if you're uninsured, and then reduced by 80% if you prove that you have no money left to pay for them? The cost of healthcare in this country is pseudo-randomly generated, and requires a pretty large accounting department in each hospital just to keep track of what money they may, or may not, receive in payment for a fairly simple medical procedure.

Malpractice insurance expense is easy to track in comparison to the randomness of medical bill payments.

I've worked on software that processes medicare forms. There's a ton of bureaucratic paperwork involved in even the simplest of procedures for medicare patients. Not sure on this point, but at one time, you had to print out the forms, and couldn't just send them electronically.

about a year and a half ago

Apple and Amazon Flirt With a Market For Used Digital Items

guardian-ct Re:Hey Scott! (138 comments)

A lot of eBooks are based on either "First Edition" or "Advanced Reader Copy" texts, and never updated. I bet many of the DRM creating programs for big publishers require royalty payments every time it's used, so updating the copy to the latest edition costs money.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Personal Tape Drive NAS?

guardian-ct Re:come on! it's 2012 already... move on. (268 comments)

If you often find yourself in situations requiring you to read data off a HD that has scratched or demagnetized plates, you're doing something wrong.

more than 2 years ago

Bryson Crash Reveals Threat of Headless Government

guardian-ct Re:Really 10th in line? (308 comments)

Quote apt, really.

I don't quite see what you did there.

more than 2 years ago

SPDY Not As Speedy As Hyped?

guardian-ct Re:It's the advertising out of control (135 comments)

It's probably because Disqus is using web-tracking-like technology (third-party cross-site scripts?) to do the comment display, and some of the adblock plus filter subscriptions block those things whenever possible. I had to set ghostery to have an exception for disqus if I wanted to read the comments on any page with Disqus commenting system on it.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft Killed the Start Menu Because No One Uses It

guardian-ct Re:Ok, how do they know? (862 comments)

Those of us who despise corporate tracking are probably among the most likely to enjoy having an optional start menu.

more than 2 years ago

Police Called Over 11-Year-Old's Science Project

guardian-ct Re:I recommend ... (687 comments)

It's the usual clauses... "Socially Responsible Behavior includes, but is not limited to:" also known as, we can decide you broke a policy whether or not it's actually written. A great many school behavior policies include similar language, allowing school authorities to add things not previously written.

He didn't break any laws, but most policies are much less specific than law. He's just lucky they didn't include "these policies may change at any time, with or without notice".

more than 4 years ago

Gamefly Complains of Poor Treatment From USPS

guardian-ct Re:Heh heh.. riiight (269 comments)

2% of your own mail never gets there? Contact the postal inspectors. My experience is more like 100% makes it to the destination, as far as I can tell.

more than 5 years ago

CFLs Causing Utility Woes

guardian-ct Re:Still... (859 comments)

Because it's actually just 15 minutes of airing, prior to cleanup? Not hours. Check with the EPA, they've got a nice website at that has information about all sorts of good stuff, including CFLs. First thing that pops up on google when you search for "mercury light disposal".

more than 5 years ago



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