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How Alibaba Turned November 11 Into the World's Biggest Online Shopping Day

gumper23 Re:November 11th? Really? (115 comments)

You'll get over it. There, there...

/ Veteran

about 3 months ago

Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

gumper23 The diet is unimportant... (588 comments)

I recently lost 40+ pounds in ~6 months using Atkins and no exercise (just started exercising this week). I'm 46.

My takeaways:
1. If calories in calories burned, you'll lose weight.
2. The hardest part about that is controlling appetite.
3. The best way to control appetite is with a low carb diet.

This is the second time I did Atkins. The first time (10 years ago), I lost 60+ pounds in 6 months and I exercised 5 days a week. A guy at my gym had a shirt that read "Look great naked! 90% diet, 10% exercise" and the shirt was right. Diet is much, much more important that exercise when it comes to weight loss.

So, uh, no - diet isn't unimportant - it's the *most* important thing for weight loss - at least in my personal experience.

about 5 months ago

Administration Admits Obamacare Website Stinks

gumper23 Re:I'm confused (516 comments)

By that logic many want to be in a devastating car crash because they slow down to look at the carnage?

about a year ago

Research Shows E-Cigs Might Be As Good For Quitting As Nicotine Patches

gumper23 Totally Disagree (314 comments)

E-Cigarettes aren't "as good as" the patch - they are much, much better. I smoked 1-2 packs a day for 28 years and was finally able to quit due to e-cigs. My lungs sound better, I feel better, and I don't stink anymore.

The patch left me with a rash on my arm.

about a year ago

Sony Blames 'External Intrusion' For Lengthy PSN Outage

gumper23 Sigh (321 comments)

Earlier this week I purchased MLB.TV for $120 so I could watch baseball on my TV. Since MLB.TV requires a login to the PSN (a new "feature" this year), I haven't been able to watch the service I'm paying for. I could spend the time to write threatening emails, but in the end nothing will fix this.

Sony - you really, really need to get your act together. I know you think this is only affecting "game-playing" but damn - this is really inexcusable.

more than 3 years ago


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