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Is the Tesla Model S Pedal Placement A Safety Hazard?

gutnor Re:Tesla (394 comments)

All cars of in that price range have quirks that don't make the news, it is just Tesla. That's the flip side of all the positive media hype surrounding Tesla: extravagant CEO, car company from silicon valley, aggressive communication ( eg: to defend the car after a mild review ), ...

about a month ago

Time Dilation Drug Could Let Heinous Criminals Serve 1,000 Year Sentences

gutnor Re: Ridiculous. (914 comments)

Well if you look at the summary, she does not call it justice, she calls it punishment.

about a month ago

Research Suggests Pulling All-Nighters Can Cause Permanent Damage

gutnor Re:Oh... (144 comments)

I tend to take it with a very large dose of salt

Well taking that much salt will clog your arteries and you will die in horrible suffering studies say :-)

about a month ago

Eric Schmidt On Why College Is Still Worth It

gutnor Re:Going bust not unique to drop-outs (281 comments)

Welcome to real life. HR is run on a budget like everything else in a company. Even if they were technically able to, they simply do not have the resource to properly assess everybody. So like everybody else in this life, they look for external sign of competence. A degree is such a sign, recommendation of a friend is another one, resume that fits the requirement perfectly, ...

On the flip side, it works in your way too. Why do you think that most development job is not done in cheapo place like India, China, ... ? That's not because there is nobody as good as you are over there, it is just that they don't know how to find them. So enjoy working from home as a developer, providing exactly the same service a Mexican would provide for a third of the price, if only he could prove his skills.

about a month ago

EU Votes For Universal Phone Charger

gutnor Re:Dumb (358 comments)

Wasn't that the other way around ? They standardised first the wall part to USB 5V which more or less all constructor (including Apple) followed. Now they want to standardize the other end of the cable, the actual plug in the phone.

BTW, isn't micro-USB limited to some ridiculously small Amp compared to the 2A / 5A / 15A that new devices draw from the cable now ?

about a month ago

Mt. Gox Knew It Was Selling Phantom Bitcoin 2 Weeks Before Collapse

gutnor Re:Interesting... (263 comments)

There are 2 categories (within the people that really care about giving you real advices, i.e. friends and family) - the true believers that really think in 20 year bitcoin will be the only / most popular currency used on Earth. Considering the limited supply of bitcoin, that means its current value is still several order of magnitude cheaper than when it reaches that goal. So buy 10K in bitcoin today, and in 10 year you will have the equivallent of 1M buying power.

The other category, are the guys that made money out of it. It worked for them, it will work for you, right ? (the same guys that were telling you to buy in the middle of the housing bubble because they sold the house they bought in the 80's for a fortune in 2005)

about a month ago

IEEE Predicts 85% of Daily Tasks Will Be Games By 2020

gutnor Re:Yeaaaaahhhhh... (146 comments)

You don't. Gamification reward result, not long term investment. So imagine you spend time creating a script instead of doing a repetitive task, you lose in the beginning and make up for it at end. If you do not make up for it, then maybe it was not such a good idea and your wisdom sucks.

Well that's the theory. First, except for the most rudimentary task (i.e. the one robots will do around the same time), your result depend on many external factor on which you have no control whatsoever. Say maybe your script was a good idea, but too bad that the company decided to cut the bottom 50% of the staff before you have had a chance to use the script. Well there would be no game without luck being involved, right ?

Secondly, the best way to win at a game is either to cheat or to make other lose. Best gaming system in the world: the financial world, I am sure you are looking forward to have your healthcare following the same model.

about 1 month ago

Apple To Unveil Its 'iOS In the Car' Project Next Week

gutnor Re:Uhmmm... what? (198 comments)

That has been a common feature on BMW: the navigation screen - so in the middle of the console, meant mainly for the driver - had a DVD player. Never really understood that. The marketing about it is awkward, similarly targeted at the driver. I can imagine/hope it is ultimately for the passenger.

about 2 months ago

Blood Test of 4 Biomarkers Predicts Death Within 5 Years

gutnor Re:Correlation == No insurance (104 comments)

correlation imply causation of not finding an insurance.

about 2 months ago

Consumer Reports Says Tesla Model S Is Best Overall Vehicle

gutnor Re:Another Tesla story? (318 comments)

Because of Musk. Geeks have also a thing for famous people voyeurism, just not regular star or singer.

about 2 months ago

Are Bankers Paid Too Much? Are Technology CEOs?

gutnor Re:They are all paid too much (712 comments)

That would not work, the intrinsic problem is that they control huge amount of money, and since they sit at the top of the pack they take the largest share, no matter their relative contribution. That's pure animal instinct and that will not change unless you use fear of god or something similar to have them behave.

What would they do ? Hollywood accounting: all the non management worker in a fully-owned subsidiary making shiton of losses because of the cost of contracting the boss from the parent company. Or they would force everybody to be an independent contractor. Unless we get back into full-employement economy, they can basically do whatever they want to work around that problem.

To really solve it you need to work on the actual problem: make the market tougher. Free market is a legal construct where companies fights, you can make it as tough as you want. As long as the rule are fair, competition will still play. For example increase the administrative overload for large group to tremendous level and smaller, leaner companies will take over.

Secondly, you want to change subtly people mentality. People would find it weird for to give the medals and money to the team coach rather than the actual player. Well, with a few exception, everywhere else that is considered normal.

about 2 months ago

Fake Pub Studies Drinking Habits

gutnor Re:So a fake pub with drinks and a place to sit (118 comments)

Well that means basically one beer per person and that's it. Not quite sure what they will get out of it but that's would be quite different experience than regular pub going in London ( a lot of people drink one or two beers, but there are generally a few that either were already there, or leave later. A synchronized, everybody enter, drink his beer and leave is weird )

Also, that is central London, nobody drives to the pub. You take public transport like everybody, especially in the center. As long as they don't let you get drunk, they should not care about the driving limit.

about 2 months ago

US Secretary of State Calls Climate Change 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'

gutnor Re:Bah, fake posturing. (401 comments)

The US has no interest in saving the environment. Neither is (really) any of the other first world nations. Like Europe, the US will not get the worst of climate change, and in any case, there is no place better prepared to deal with the consequences.

It is however a real problem for almost all other countries. I guess Kerry's message is really "Friendly warning guys: you better care about the environment, because we don't give a fuck and you will get the sharp end of the stick."

about 2 months ago

Google Apps License Forbids Forking, Promotes Google Services

gutnor Re:Wait, what? (163 comments)

The list of exception is rather significant: the missing apps are also the foundations of the API other apps uses. So you are not just missing out on the Google App Store and a few standalone apps, but all the API related to those apps too - which a very exhaustive list.

When people say "Android is open-source" that is not what they have in mind. In practice Android is open source like OSX is open source (Darwin), sure you get the foundations of a great system, but none of the shiny bits. So rather than a walled garden, you have a fenced garden. If you want freedom you need to look at Firefox and Ubuntu.

Have a look at the following doc for detailled discussion: http://arstechnica.com/informa...

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Should Developers Fix Bugs They Cause On Their Own Time?

gutnor Re:Guarantee (716 comments)

Let's not forget that the example is flawed. A brick wall losing bricks is a serious fault. There are plenty of minor fault you would have to pay to fix. For example, the wall is not perfectly straight, sorry the plaster guy will rectify this. There is a lighter or darker brick in the middle of the wall that annoys you ? The builder used cut bricks in place you told him the brick would be visible and you find it ugly ?

And that is just talking about a very simply brick wall. When talking about a whole house, you need to go to court to have even serious fault corrected.

about 2 months ago

Samsung's First Tizen Smartphone Gets Leaked

gutnor Re:I don't think so (153 comments)

That's not just the developers that are the problem. The overall environment need to be adapted for those developers to work: what are the processes, the managers, IT, environments, ... I have seen shop where corporate policy prevent a developer to be admin, install software and use another browser than IE7. Others where you have several months of lead time to setup a new database test server, where you cannot run a compiler locally, where only a manager can access the source control system. where bugs cannot be reported internally outside of an official testing phase, where all the feature of the software need to be vetted through a stakeholder committee composed of people with no experience that will never use the software, ...

That's what kills enterprise software.

about 3 months ago

200 Dolphins Await Slaughter In Japan's Taiji Cove

gutnor Re:Everyone creates arbitrary lines (628 comments)

Oyster and other ( including Lobster I have eard ) can be eaten by vegan, but not vegetarian. The vast majority of vegetarians are vegetarian for religious reason or custom. The line drawn by vegan is either suffering or exploitation ( those that won't eat milk products ). Vegetarian is more based on classification in animal realm or not.

Well, that's one classification. Vegatarian / Vegan in the First World seems to have a special meaning for everybody practicing it.

about 3 months ago

Apple Devices To Reach Parity With Windows PCs In 2014

gutnor Re:Incorrect correlation (511 comments)

Sure let see how that looks: IPod vs all the other MP3 player, Linux vs Windows. You can go further: Linux is going strong despite "losing", Apple was profitable despite a negligible market share, ...

That's not even considering that we are talking about Apple vs Android, which should be Sony vs VHS. Sony eventually embraced VHS. Apple did not abandon OSX. Worked for both of them.

High Level comparison like that are only good for fortune cookie type wisdom.

about 3 months ago


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