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Ask Slashdot: What To Do After Digitizing VHS Tapes?

guytoronto Burn to M-Disc (267 comments)

Burn them to M-Disc. As long as there is a DVD player somewhere, no worries. M-Disc doesn't degrade like magnetic media or dye-based optical media.

about a week ago

HP Claims Their Moonshot System is a 'New Style of IT' (Video)

guytoronto What does their website run on? (68 comments)

Being in IT sales, I am often required to surf HP's website. Their site is consistently painfully slow. You would think that a company like HP would make sure their servers could serve up webpages faster than a snail.

about 2 months ago

Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo Streaming Service

guytoronto Re:SlingBox (484 comments)

With SlingBox, you are your own cable company. Within your own household, it really wouldn't be considered public rebroadcasting. If you gave your neighbor access to your SlingBox, now you are rebroadcasting to the public, and as per this ruling, you are the same as a cable company and have to pay the appropriate fees to the original broadcaster.

about 3 months ago

Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo Streaming Service

guytoronto Re:Wrong decision (484 comments)

And because of all that, the Supreme Court ruled it's a violation of copyright law. Aside from the copyright issues, OTA broadcasters make their money via local advertising revenue. Local advertising doesn't mean much if the programming is being sent to the other side of the country. If you really want to access OTA TV through your web browsers, buy an OTA TV tuner + antenna + Slingbox.

about 3 months ago

Canadian Teen Arrested For Calling In 30+ Swattings, Bomb Threats

guytoronto Re:good (350 comments)

Yes, because we all know that incarceration would be very beneficial to a 16yo. It will give him 5 years to interact and socialize one-on-one with the scum of the earth, and when he turns 21 he will come out as a model citizen. Or (and this is just a hypothetical), we could be more civilized, make him do a ton of community work, and actively work at rehabilitating him.

about 4 months ago

UN to Debate Use of Fully Autonomous Weapons, New Report Released

guytoronto Autonomous weapons could be good (180 comments)

In a ground combat scenario, autonomous weapons could be a good thing. Right now, soldiers are tasked with protect others as well as themselves, and in most situations the safest resolution is to kill the antagonist. A machine or robot wouldn't suffer from emotional lapses in judgment (anger, hostility). A robot may have better weapons skills, so instead of a kill shot, may only need to wound. A robot would be more willing to put itself in harms way to protect a living person.

The programming required for such a machine would be incredibly complex, but controllable with defined precision. A human soldier can't be controlled or programmed, and history shows that humans make a lot of bad decisions when it comes to the use of deadly force.

about 4 months ago

Autonomous Car Ethics: If a Crash Is Unavoidable, What Does It Hit?

guytoronto Re:Pinto? (800 comments)

On a side note, it's sad that they exploding Pinto myth continues to be perpetuated. The Ford Pinto was just as safe (or just as dangerous) as every other average car on the road at that time. The urban legend of how deadly the Pinto was really needs to die in an exploding ball of fire.

about 4 months ago

Kids Can Swipe a Screen But Can't Use LEGOs

guytoronto Re:most lego's are a rip off (355 comments)

Yes, LEGO can be used in multiple ways, but the markup on formed plastic chunks is insane.

about 5 months ago

Reviving a Commodore 64 Computer Using a Raspberry Pi

guytoronto Re:This could be cool (165 comments)

Most likely the majority of those floppy disks will have issues. Magnetic media doesn't last forever.

about 5 months ago

UN Report Reveals Odds of Being Murdered Country By Country

guytoronto Yay Canada! (386 comments)

Canada = 1.4-1.8/100k

U.S. = 4.7-6.6/100k

It's amazing how some people will defend the American way of life while being completely blind to the American way of death.

about 5 months ago

New French Law Prohibits After-Hours Work Emails

guytoronto Re:A law for everything... (477 comments)

We don't let people work crazy hours because it allows employers to take advantage of the desperate, poor, and ignorant.

about 5 months ago

New French Law Prohibits After-Hours Work Emails

guytoronto Good (477 comments)

Tight labour laws are not something to be feared.

about 5 months ago

Will Living On Mars Drive Us Crazy?

guytoronto Oculus Rift? (150 comments)

Sounds like a good opportunity to utilize the Oculus Rift. Trick the brain into thinking they are on a beach on Earth for a few hours. Have custom programs within a virtual environment. It would be almost like Holodeck v.1.0. (now, let the Oculus/Facebook jokes commence)

about 6 months ago

Daylight Saving Time Linked To Heart Attacks

guytoronto Re:Enough of the stupidity (240 comments)

If you are going to title your post "Enough of the stupidity", you may want to educate yourself about DST first.
DST takes an hour of sunlight in the morning and moves it to the evening. Here in Toronto, the longest day of the year (June 21) has the sunrise at 4:30am and sunset at 8pm under STANDARD time. Under DST, that becomes a 5:30am sunrise and 9pm sunset.

This has nothing to do with school kids. This is all about shifting our clocks so that we have more sunlight during our awake hours. When we switch to DST in March, sunrise shifts from 6:40am to 7:40am. Sunset shifts from 6:15pm to 7:15pm. It works out very well. So why don't we stay in DST?

Well, on the shortest day of the year (Dec 21) sunrise is 7:48am and sunset is 4:44pm. DST would give us a 8:48am sunrise. DST during the winter would be really frickin' depressing.

Although, to be fair, Saskatchewan here in Canada is perpetually in DST time. They've aligned their time zone permanently with one zone to the east. Their sunrise on Dec 21 is almost 9am!

about 6 months ago

Google Now Arrives In Chrome For Windows and Mac

guytoronto When will Google kill this one? (74 comments)

Should I even both installing it? With Google's track record, I'm sure this one will be dead within a couple years.

about 6 months ago

HP To Charge For Service Packs and Firmware For Out-of-Warranty Customers

guytoronto Re:company charges for paid support (385 comments)

This is not pay for support. This is pay for firmware updates.

How is a firmware update not support? How would you define support?

Who pays the cost to fix old, out-of-date drivers and firmware? Is HP supposed to do it out of the goodness of their heart? At what point do they stop patching problems? An easy metric is how many support contracts they have in place for a specific piece of hardware. And the people who do pay for ongoing support shouldn't have to be subsidizing those who don't want to pay.

about 8 months ago

The Human Body May Not Be Cut Out For Space

guytoronto Re:Another idea (267 comments)

Earth is already a spaceship. The problem is, we have no control over where it's going.

about 8 months ago



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