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How Do Geeks Exercise?

gvc Buy a rowing machine (1806 comments)

[from http://ask.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=141278&cid=11855885 ]

Mail order for $800.00 from Concept II [concept2.com]

Rowing is low-impact, aerobic, and you can start
as slowly as you like. 30 mins a day while you
listen to the radio, watch TV, or just ponder your
latest bug.

The unit I mentioned above is suitable for
beginners through elite athletes.

Definite nerd appeal with a USB connection and
a wireless heart monitor. Lots of builtin
stats and uses a plug-in memory card.
Regenerative power means a D-cell lasts years.

I'm on my 2nd rowing machine (the first was
a competitor but it did last a dozen years
and thousands of kms). I'm about to hit 1000
km on this one.

No other $800 piece of exercise equipment will
dissipate enough energy (without self-destructing)
to give you a decent workout. You'd have to
drop more than $3K to get a treadmill anywhere
neare as durable. And getting on your feet to
walk/run requires a lot more motivation than
sitting down on the rower.

more than 6 years ago



Reflections from Scientific Director on IOI 2010

gvc gvc writes  |  more than 4 years ago

gvc (167165) writes "IOI 2010 is now complete. I have written my reflections which I hope illustrate my point of view without being too self-serving.


I appreciate the feedback I received prior to IOI 2010, and would now like to open the floor to a retrospective discussion. The IOI 2011 host — Thailand — is particularly interested in assessing the 2010 experience.

I will try to keep a low profile, but will certainly read and carefully consider all comments. IOI 2010 is history. I'm an International Scientific Committee member for IOI 2011, but it will be Thailand's show."

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