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The Role of Human Culture In Natural Selection

gwait Evolution never stops (337 comments)

Do any actual evolutionary scientists believe that humans stopped evolving at any point?

HIV alone is a direct example - many people world wide have died from this, but a small handful of people have been found to be resistant to it.
A classic (and sad) example of evolution at work.
A similar thing happened to North & South America when Europeans showed up with dozens of new diseases, wiping out a large percentage of the native population. (See "Guns Germs & Steel - an excellent read)

more than 4 years ago

Australian ISPs To Disconnect Botnet "Zombies"

gwait Colour me skeptical... Disguised "Three Strikes" ? (213 comments)

Why bother implementing a troublesome and unpopular "Three Strikes" law to stop torrents when all you have to do is claim their machine is part of a botnet?

more than 4 years ago

Ireland's Blasphemy Law Goes Into Effect

gwait Re:This is one of occasions wher... (845 comments)

Because religions that don't force their beliefs on others eventually die off. It's a darwinism thing..

more than 4 years ago

Ireland's Blasphemy Law Goes Into Effect

gwait Re:No, it's a stupid idea... (845 comments)

So, you perhaps have proven that atheists are as irrational as Christians.
See, I know god doesn't exist, because he came to me in a vision and told me so.
I have faith that this is true.

more than 4 years ago

Ireland's Blasphemy Law Goes Into Effect

gwait Re:Atheists Unite... as a religion (845 comments)

Cause it usually includes being put to death in some fairly uncomfortable manner?

more than 4 years ago

Ireland's Blasphemy Law Goes Into Effect

gwait Re:Atheists Unite... as a religion (845 comments)

Semantics, really. Black is not really a colour, but pretty much everyone treats it as one.
I happen to agree with you that atheism is the "black colour" of the spectrum of religion by the way...

more than 4 years ago

Ireland's Blasphemy Law Goes Into Effect

gwait Re:Atheists Unite... as a religion (845 comments)

I think Dawkins' concept of the selfish gene is a more accurate portrayal - an organism's goal is to propagate it's own DNA.
If it is beneficial to kill off the competitors, then that is the nature of the beast. If it is of benefit to have some level of cooperation with the tribe to eventually help propagate ones' own DNA, then the beast has become a little bit more civilized..
It is not a given of evolution that an individual organism looks to benefit the species. It can work out that way, but it's not a rule/law of evolution.

more than 4 years ago

Firefox 3.5 Now the Most Popular Browser Worldwide

gwait Re:Browser down. (422 comments)

Of course, you had it easy.. We had to wait for the rocks to form from the cold burning ashes of a local supernova, and there wasn't any air to breath. Try holding your breath for 100 million years while comets slowly seed the atmosphere, while trying to remember those VI key commands!

more than 4 years ago

Plowing Carbon Into the Fields

gwait Re:Totally ridiculous story (467 comments)

LOL, I think you just hit that one out of the park - Most sensible thing I've seen on this news item!

more than 4 years ago

Plowing Carbon Into the Fields

gwait Does it really trap CO2 in the soil? (467 comments)

The article is a little light on details, but makes claims that this method accomplishes carbon sequestering.
I can see how any soot (unburned carbon and friends) would stick to the soil but I'm a little skeptical that C02 itself would be trapped.

Perhaps microscopic plants in the soil manage to capture the C02 before it makes it's way back out to the atmosphere?

Anyone know what is the percentage by volume is C02 versus nitrogen gas?


more than 4 years ago

Cisco, Motorola, and Other Companies Take Aim At Net Neutrality Rules

gwait Motorola? Ackkk! (239 comments)

No surprise Motorola's part of the group that wants to strangle the open internet. In Canada they have a near monopoly on the Cable "DVR" box, and it's the worst bit of crud I've ever had to use.
Motorola should be legally forbidden from ever writing software again. Can't have torrents competing with their crud, can we? (Actually the hardware bites too, standard definition recording looks worse than VHS)..


more than 4 years ago

Canadian Minister Lies On Net Surveillance Claims

gwait Re:STOP THE PRESSES! (155 comments)

Harper appointed a creationist as science minister.

Harper and gang are moronic G W Bush wannabees.

The Conservatives think it's ok to sue a teenager for $20,000.00 per song for "illegally" torrenting a song that costs 99 cents on itunes,
so that the big media broadcasters can stay rich. Anyone actually vote for that issue? No? Gee, I wonder why the politicians think Canadian parents who voted for them might like this in place?

more than 4 years ago

CRIA, MPAA Demand Expanded DMCA For Canada

gwait Re:Will Canadian Pols Roll Over (224 comments)

And no real heat from the Liberal party either. They played it safe with their "town hall meetings" during the Bill C-61 fiasco, but never committed to any side of the debate at all.
I'm sure they would cave to big media pressure (cough cash, wine and dine, free trips) if they thought it would help them win the next election.

more than 5 years ago

Goodbye Apple, Hello Music Production On Ubuntu

gwait Re:Come on, let's be honest here... (513 comments)

The point is that the PC squeaks & squawks will hide quite well inside the digital squeaks & squawks of the aforementioned author of said electronic music. Nothing wrong with that.

It won't hide well in a clean recording of an acoustic guitar.

I thought the Twin Peaks sound track was good stuff, for the reference, and I also like a beautifully recorded acoustic guitar track.

There's lots of good and bad music of all sorts being recorded, it's all a good thing.

more than 5 years ago

Goodbye Apple, Hello Music Production On Ubuntu

gwait Re:Come on, let's be honest here... (513 comments)

Two points -
1. Just by pluggin my elcheapo earbuds into my work PC without anything actually playing and I hear a virtual jungle of digital crickets, that squawk and chirp with every mouse movement, and every task that's running. Same thing on the PC I have wired into my home recording studio. The proof is in the pudding.

2. I do electronics engineering as my day job and know full well what it takes to reach 16 bits of silence in an audio design, it's almost impossible inside the case of a PC, and the requirements for PC audio is to be "good enough for gamers" - not to satisfy audiofiles.

Hell, even my prosumer Yamaha dedicated recording workstation (AW16G) has audible crosstalk and hiss on the input channels, which isn't a serious problem, but is surprising in a box designed for audio recording. (Not enough care and attention in isolating the power supply of the input mosfet channel switches would be my guess as to the source of the crosstalk).

You can't always assume that everyone on slashdot is a clueless moron.

more than 5 years ago

Goodbye Apple, Hello Music Production On Ubuntu

gwait Re:Come on, let's be honest here... (513 comments)

Exactly, linux or not, the build in sound card on almost all PC's is utter crap, filled with buzzing squeaks from the internal PC switching power supplies.
This guy wouldn't notice. Try recording a nice acoustic guitar sound with a good mic..

This alone means you need some decent quiet soundcard, and it then has to talk with linux audio drivers..

more than 5 years ago

Goodbye Apple, Hello Music Production On Ubuntu

gwait Re:Good on him (513 comments)

Interesting point.
In the early days of Windows audio, people found that their gaming graphics card was grabbing the PCI bus for incredibly long stretches at a time, as a side effect of the graphics card driver trying to max out performance and show great benchmark results. This would totally mess up any audio latency.

I wonder if the linux graphics drivers are doing similar games, causing all sorts of latency hiccups?

(As I'm typing this on a windows box the hard drive is causing seconds long delays as I try to type this!)

Linux audio is definitely not yet what it should be..

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Changing Users' Default Search Engine

gwait Re:Once more with feeling (389 comments)

I do - find it disgusting that is!

Don't assume.

more than 5 years ago



Buzz vs Slashdot

gwait gwait writes  |  more than 4 years ago

gwait (179005) writes "On managing the quality and feeding of forum postings.

I posted these thoughts on a Buzz comment thread today:

I've always thought Slashdot were along a decent path to manage this sort of problem, but then stopped 1/3 of the way — their numeric tagging system has only 6 integer steps, giving a signal to noise ratio of about 16 db, that could easily be made larger.
As a result the difference between "top rated" comments and the middle of the pack is way to small to allow for "really interesting" comments to rise to the top of the pack.

Also, the Slashdot scheme doesn't have enough dimensions — there are only a handful:
Funny, Flamebait, Troll, Interesting etc.
There could be a lot more — their defence is they want to keep the comment moderation simple, but I suspect one could add a lot more dimensions and manage a reasonable interface.

The third problem in Slashdot (relevant to managing Buzz) is that only moderators can flag comments. If Slashdot opened it up to all signed in users, then the tiny 6 level range of moderation levels would become even more overwhelmed. If the moderation levels were a full 32 bit number, then this would not be an issue, (there would be other issues for certain!)


MonopolyCityStreets - how not to run an online gam

gwait gwait writes  |  about 5 years ago

gwait writes "By now most everyone must have heard that Hasbro and a third party developer have launched — a massive multiplayer variant of monopoly tied in with google maps.
No surprise when more people signed up than they were ready for, so they've been constantly adding capacity, to try to keep ahead of the land rush.
Here's the latest couple of kickers -

Kicker 1:

You start up with $3 million in monopoly money when you sign in. You can earn $1 million (plus rentals) per day, to a maximum dailiy income on your first day of $3 million (my estimate).
So by day two the best you could do is own $3 million in streets & property, and have $3 million cash. How is it that someone managed to by a $1 billion dollar street on the second day?

Turns out you can sign up as many accounts as you like, then trade back & forth with yourself to pool your resources.

Kicker 2:

Turns out you can steal accounts from other people in different countries just by registering under the same name as your victim.
Several reports of people suddenly locked out, password changed, and secret password restore hints changed, and you are out of the game.
This happened to me, and seems to have happened to many more:

[spam URL stripped]

Perhaps these guys should get into the voting machine business!"

Link to Original Source

Is Slashdot poking at my PC during a post preview?

gwait gwait writes  |  more than 5 years ago

gwait (179005) writes "Why does slashdot try to contact my PC at a high port number when I click the preview button? At least twice now when I click the preview button on a posting I get a zone alarm pop up blocking access to a high value port number (in the 50K range). The post goes to preview mode next no problem, and I can submit it to the discussion even though zone alarm blocked the traffic in question, so it doesn't seem to be part of the slashdot core functionality.. Whats going on?"

Who's blocking the Canadian Electric Car?

gwait gwait writes  |  more than 6 years ago

gwait (179005) writes "Canada has it's own successful Zero Emissions No Noise electric car, but Canadians can't buy one!
The electric "ZENN" car is available all over the US, and meets all the safety standards and costs about $14,000.

So what's with all the lip service for the environment from our Canadian politicians? Get on with the approvals already!!

Here is the youtube "Rick Mercer" report on the Zenn car:

The Canadian Federal government finally came thru with approvals, but the provincial governments are next on the approval roadblock. Can we get David Suzuki to go kick some butt and get these cars rolling on our streets?"

gwait gwait writes  |  more than 7 years ago

gwait (179005) writes "Here is a stunning demo from Microsoft showing two killer apps, Seadragon, and Photosynth.
Seadragon knits together gigabytes of images into a blazing fast collage, The presenter zoomed in and out several orders of magnitude instantly. They then tie Seadragon into a second app (Photosynth), which collates a series of digital images in 3D space, and you can scan and scroll thru a 3d view that's apparently generated automatically from the 2D photos you feed it. It's a 3D version of your photo stich application, which you can scroll thru, zoom in and out just as fast as the Seadragon application.
Absolutely amazing stuff."

Link to Original Source


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