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Apple Threatens To Pull Siri Clone From App Store

gyaku_zuki Re:Is this Apple or MS? (251 comments)

I don't even like Apple, but I agree with everything this dude ^ said. I love my Android, I find it much better than any iOS device, but when so many people buy and don't care about the lock-in and so on, you can't really argue they aren't doing something right.

more than 2 years ago

Gene Therapy Approach 'Completely' Protects Mice From HIV Infection

gyaku_zuki Re:Gay Mice (190 comments)

It's been a few days but tbh I feel I should reply to you - you'll probably never see it, unfortunately.

Honestly, you're an arrogant little shit who chose a ranting foaming-at-the-mouth "god hates fags" type of AC to respond to because you want to take an easy cheap shot at a target no one will sympathize with. Same reason you slam religious people, it's trendy to hate on them even though many of them keep their personal beliefs quite separate from their scientific studies and business careers. I know people like you. You're very brave behind a keyboard when you expect no real opposition. You're a complete pussy every other time, when you stand a real risk of failure/rejection/being wrong. Enjoy your few minutes of pleasure, I suppose.

Actually, I chose the AC to reply to because he was the first comment on the submission that came up on screen, and as both a physicist and a 'fag', his post was relevant. I have no problem with religious people who keep their opinions where they belong - themselves, rather than policy, schools, health etc. I do not believe in religion as defined by any current religion, but I am open to the idea of something more (I never once said I was atheist). Yes, a 'nature' could be aware, but not how we as a species define conscious, surely? As I said, I find it ridiculous to think that one day, 'nature' decided to create a disease purely to screw any particular people. That is extreme arrogance to believe that our importance is high enough to justify such a move.

But yes, blah blah, I can't prove beyond any uncertainty that the universe isn't conscious. Happy? But don't pretend it changes the argument. Prove to me it is. Then I'll concede it might have made up a disease. I think it's fair that at this stage, the burden of proof is on you rather than me.

You 'know people like me' do you? From one post of a mere 6 lines or so? Professor pop-psychologist has me all figured out. In real life, away from the keyboard, I'm a wuss, who sits at home every day. Oh, no, wait. I'm in fact a university graduate at a master level in Physics and studying for a PhD, a former Irish Intervarsity champion in karate, a board member of a LGBT rights charity in Belfast as well as a volunteer.

Few minutes of pleasure? Was it good for you, too?

more than 2 years ago

Gene Therapy Approach 'Completely' Protects Mice From HIV Infection

gyaku_zuki Re:Gay Mice (190 comments)

I love how you decided to keep this comment anonymous. 'It's as if' you are scared to actually back up your opinion. Seriously, in the 'playground' version of being a fag, you are the biggest one I've seen.

Gravity - 'It's as if nature doesn't think' humans should fly, but we do (planes).

Fun fact - nature isn't CONSCIOUS. It doesn't really give a crap what you think or do. Nature didn't wake up one day and think 'hey, I think I hate queers today!'. Unless you're religious, then of course why I even waste my breath is beyond me.

more than 2 years ago

Gene Therapy Approach 'Completely' Protects Mice From HIV Infection

gyaku_zuki Re:Billions (190 comments)

Jeez - and here I thought Slashdot to be a haven from this sort of nonsense. Seriously, you and your fellow 'Anonymous Coward's should have your human license revoked.

more than 2 years ago

Ubisoft Blames Piracy For Non-Release of PC Game

gyaku_zuki Re:Pirates (424 comments)

95% is utter trash of a number. It's just not realistic - do the maths and work out how many people that implies pirated the game...

Meanwhile, services such as OnLive, Steam etc continue to rake in subscribers by offering DRM mechanisms that are inoffensive, and by locking you out of their servers if you are cracked. If you can't even be bothered, Ubisoft, to try to think of an alternative, then take your poor quality game and put it onto an Xbox or PS3. All you do is shrink your market - I mean:

Not releasing a game on PC = Zero sales on PC
Releasing a game on PC and having even 95% piracy = Greater than zero sales on PC

I mean sure, there's a chance that the existence of a free or paid PC version might reduce your console sales a little, but not much. The experience of pirating PC games is generally pretty terrible - one most people avoid after trying a few desperate cracks and them failing or requiring too much effort to get going. Laziness will win, every time.

more than 2 years ago

Charlie Miller Circumvents Code Signing For iOS Apps

gyaku_zuki Re:App redacted... (172 comments)

How about common sense?

I don't suggest it's perfect and doesn't have its own flaws, but at least, when I install an Android app, I get told its permissions and therefore it's my own dumb fault if I let in an app that calls China 5 times a minute.

I'm waiting on a vendor coming up with a firewall program for your phone - think ZoneAlarm, where you are prompted to allow or block when apps request 'outside access'. If only I could, I would do it myself and make... probably pennies :(

more than 2 years ago

Game Devs Predict Death of Flash, Installed Games

gyaku_zuki Running all games in a browser? (295 comments)

The idea of HTML5 and presumably Javascript replacing C, C++, Python, Perl, LUA, BASIC and all the other languages used to code games is ambitious. As is the idea that I will be content with my browser middle-manning all the code - have you seen how slow Firefox and Chrome can be rendering things, even on excellent hardware? Additionally, since many PC games are (unfortunately) console ports, will this mean that my console will just be an oversized browser? Doubtful.

Yes, maybe with time and a huge paradigm shift, this could happen. But frankly, people keep saying that the era of hard-media (discs, carts) games is ending, yet I still see shops like Game, GameStop, etc making a profit. This smacks to me of that. Whilst some MMOs could use this model (mostly crappy free-to-play in-game purchase models) I don't see the guys at Crytek making this swap anytime soon. Maybe in time for HTML8...

more than 2 years ago

Bethesda tells Minecraft creator: cease and desist

gyaku_zuki Bit of a non-story (1 comments)

Bethesda lawyers doing what they are paid to do - attempt to enforce even trivial violations so that they can show they care for when an ACTUAL infringer comes along.

Copyright is broken.

more than 3 years ago

Bionic Body Parts For the Disabled

gyaku_zuki Not all robots are bad! (25 comments)

In all seriousness, I think the future holds great promise for artificial limbs. At the same time we advance robotics for use in construction, industry, and service jobs, this tech translates directly back to "poor boy crippled in car accident by drunk driver can now walk". And that is a good future.

On a lighter note, nice to know that when the AI takes over and the robots march on us, it'll be good to have a few who are 'armed' (hehe) like Will Smith in I, Robot that can save us all :P

more than 3 years ago

Why Are There So Few Honeycomb Apps?

gyaku_zuki Re:Why should there be more? (432 comments)

People don't particularly want Android. They don't particularly *like* Android. Not on the whole. But people *do* want iPads.

Based on you and your mates from round the corner, or what? What mystical tree did you pluck this fact from?

more than 3 years ago

Samsung Withdraws Counter-Suit Against Apple

gyaku_zuki Re:Well, guess what Samsung (172 comments)

You WERE making a spurious claim ;)


"As for my opinion, what really matters in a discussion like this is how widespread it is. It doesn't take much observation to conclude that people tend to see the iPhone and iOS as outclassing Android. Even nerds don't generally try to claim otherwise. They tend to (reluctantly) cede this point and instead harp on about Android being "open" and how Apple is somehow going to find themselves repeating the Mac vs PC scenario (an assertion with extremely tenuous support)."

I'd love to know which nerds you talk to, perhaps we can see your sample data. Whilst the whole Mac vs PC argument is a silly one, you come across like a fanboy, simply because you make statements of iOS superiority with no backup in fact - that's what's getting a slightly hostile reception in this discussion. Sure, it's an opinion, and so your opinion can be as ungrounded in fact and reality as you want, but don't expect people to agree with it on that basis.

"And it's especially ironic given that Apple's supposedly inferior model has them being the most successful player in at least three different markets, using the exact opposite model to what you think is the best one."

I'd love to hear what these AT LEAST three markets are that Apple are apparently leading. Leading implies to me having the most market share - and the only one they have currently is tablets and possibly MP3 players, though I couldn't find any recent figures to verify this. They DON'T have the lead on smartphones, nor on PCs, or TV. I'm pretty sure that is the sum total of Apple's markets. Have I missed some?

more than 3 years ago

RIM Responds To an Employee's Open Letter

gyaku_zuki Unfortunately it's true (197 comments)

Having recently left RIM (BlackBerry Storm 2) for an Android (Galaxy S 2) I'm 100% happier. The Storm 2 had great potential, but was marred by RIM not innovating with apps and core functionality - it didn't even get an upgrade to BB OS6 despite being only 8 months old. That, I could have lived with, but the worst was they'd been saying all along that it WOULD. Suddenly, nope, it didn't. The advantage of RIM was always in email, and it still does email very well, but not so much better than iPhones and Androids anymore. BBM is equally being made redundant by things like PingChat. Its variety of market apps is poor and ridiculously expensive for mediocre apps. Finally, even when their phone is JUST onto the market, its already so far behind the curve. Processors, displays, memory... they all suck, making the phone a slow, unattractive smartphone for this day and age.

more than 3 years ago

Twitter Prepared To Name Users

gyaku_zuki Re:This is dumb (292 comments)

I can't wait for the Max Injunction!

more than 3 years ago

Scientists Create Mice From 2 Fathers

gyaku_zuki Re:Some scientific pursuits we should refrain from (435 comments)

Why the hell did you bring Assange into this? Lol. You are paranoid if you think the world cares that you have 2 male/female/whatever parents. I like to think that in a future where we have FUCKING ARTIFICIAL WOMBS we have got past the stage of caring who people's parents are. I'd rather have two parents who were loving enough to go to all that trouble to make me than someone who got knocked up on a drunken night out, or couldn't be bothered wearing a condom that night etc...

more than 3 years ago

Interpol Issues Wanted Notice For Julian Assange

gyaku_zuki Re:Bullshit (1020 comments)

For instance, if someone is so blindingly drunk that they can't stand on their own, it becomes fairly obvious to onlookers. And even if they say yes, when they're that drunk, they're too drunk to give consent.

In that case, how do you measure how drunk someone is? Fact is, if a girl was drunk but consents - if that's rape.... then the jails would be full! It's OT but you can't expect someone to breathalyse all their prospective suitors before getting down - if the girl is getting that drunk she should be going home (or not getting that drunk) rather than saying yes and then accusing someone of rape.

more than 3 years ago

Iran Acknowledges Espionage At Nuclear Facilities

gyaku_zuki Re:yeah, we know.... (175 comments)

I think you were the target of some espionage....

more than 3 years ago

Europe Proposes International Internet Treaty

gyaku_zuki Re:Europe? (116 comments)

You forget that the people are in control of their own country's leadership, in effect a form of control over 'Europe' leadership. It's not perfect, but as a citizen of the UK, I enjoy being part of the European Union, because 'elbowing the US big boy out of the way', as you put it, is often dearly needed. Gay rights, human rights (can anyone say torture and Guantanamo?), anti-trust companies, religious-political interference, commercial-political interference, special interests, need I go on? Yeah, Europe is not perfect; at times it has the same flaws as the US. But in my opinion it works, suffers these things less than the US, and I like it. A bunch of independent, culturally different countries coming together and hammering out deals, agreements, systems, laws that work to try and make things better for them all.

more than 3 years ago

Hurt Locker File-Sharing Subpoenas Begin

gyaku_zuki Re:Maths ? (376 comments)

To be honest - I can totally see someone sitting down at a desk and thinking this as a viable plan...

about 4 years ago

Steve Jobs Publishes Some "Thoughts On Flash"

gyaku_zuki Re:proprietary and apple (944 comments)

We'll stop whining about iPhone when all the fanboys stop shoving it in our faces, or claiming how 'revolutionary' it is when it finally adds things such as cut and paste or multitasking... If you are free to talk it up at every opportunity - "MY iPhone can do this, and this, and this" - then we are free to say what it CAN'T do. Stop bragging over nothing and we'll stop bashing over nothing. Deal?

more than 4 years ago



New source of rare earths?

gyaku_zuki gyaku_zuki writes  |  more than 3 years ago

gyaku_zuki writes "As reported in the BBC, a Japanese survey team has discovered 'vast' quantities of rare earths in international waters in the pacific ocean.
The search for alternative sources of these expensive elements (used in common consumer electronics including mobile phones) was intensified recently after a territory dispute with China, who produces more than 90% of the world's rare earths, resulted in China blocking export to Japan."

Link to Original Source

Could iPhone 4G be delayed by Foxconn boycott?

gyaku_zuki gyaku_zuki writes  |  more than 4 years ago

gyaku_zuki (1778282) writes "Foxconn, the company doing the legwork for Apple in terms of manufacturing the iPhone, hasn't had a great time lately. Many suicides are making people very worried about what exactly is going on there. Everybody knows how protective Apple is over their products, and it is likely they impose harsh security and contractual conditions on their partners to avoid leaks. Just look at the recent leaks by Gizmodo, and the police action and questionable search warrants that followed. If you run a company, and Apple are your big customer, what if Apple were to demand you safeguard their invention; "If this product gets leaked by your staff, we will never work with you again.". What lengths would you reach to protect your contract?

It has lead to much speculation about the nature of the working conditions that Foxconn impose on their staff. Perhaps these fears will soon be put to rest, or at least remedied, with calls for investigation. However, amid calls for boycotts of the iPhone by a group of Hong Kong activists, asks if investigations, strike threats and boycotts will cause a delay to the new iPhone 4G. What makes this interesting is what Jobs will say in his keynote speech at the WWDC in just about two weeks."

Link to Original Source


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