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Microsoft Claims Google Chrome Steals Your Privacy

h0tr0d Video can't be viewed by Chrome users (522 comments)

This is great. Microsoft may or may not have done a good job of providing valuable information to users of Chrome. Except users of Chrome can't view the video so what's the point? To convince someone using IE to not use Chrome. Do they hope that that using Chrome will switch to IE because they can't view the video? No, those users will simply disregard the video as typical Microsoft propaganda attempting to scare users into using Microsoft products. What a waste and proof of how stupid and arrogant large corporations have become.

more than 4 years ago

Does Santa Hate Linux?

h0tr0d No problem tracking Santa in Firefox 3.5 on Ubuntu (271 comments)

Sure, there may not be a kml file available, but my kids have thoroughly enjoyed (to the point of annoying us parents out of our mind) watching Santa travel the globe in full screen mode.

more than 5 years ago

What Do You Look For In a Conference?

h0tr0d Is your conference free? (186 comments)

And located where a large enough number of IT professionals will be able to attend with minimal travel expense?

Travel and training budgets have been completely wiped out where I work. This means the only way I can attend anything is if it's free and local or out of my own pocket. There are some things I'm willing to pay for, some I'm not. A brand new conference with unknown quality of presenters falls into the not willing to pay for category.

more than 5 years ago

Best Buy's ConnectedLife One-Ups Geek Squad

h0tr0d Internal competition (113 comments)

I hardly think this will put any of Best Buy's internal units against each other. First off, there will be the $2500 service package they will sell you to configure your firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, and I suppose anti-nosy neighbor. Then the end user (being the technically inept we all know they will be because anyone technically capable will build it themselves, not buy it in a box) will lock themselves out of their very own home automation system requiring a mandatory Geek Squad service contract and on-site repair. "no, ma'am, we don't know your password, but for $99.95 we will come out and reset it for you"; "no ma'am, we don't know (or care) that its 32F in your house but we will gladly adjust your thermostat for a discounted fee of $69.95." I imagine the Best Buy execs are dreaming of all those wanna be techies with money and see this as the last great cash cow. In-fighting withing Best Buy, I doubt it!

more than 8 years ago


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