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Ask Slashdot: Why Are Tech Job Requirements So Specific?

h2oliu Re: Employers want day 1 results (465 comments)

Ok. I am confused. You don't have the time to have someone on staff, helping with 50-70% of the job, but you do have time to search for 8-10+ months with no one filling the job?

Did I read that correctly?

about 10 months ago

Bell Canada To Collect User Data For Advertising

h2oliu Been done before, and dropped (127 comments)

Charter tried this in the US. It didn't last long. When someone's kids were targeted for ads based on dad's browsing things get ugly.

about a year ago

I'd prefer my money be made of ...

h2oliu Re:Trust (532 comments)

While it may have value in wires, I doubt that it would be the same as copper, gold being approximately twice as dense as copper, means that best case it would have half the value of copper. Also, the greater density, and lower strength makes it less suited in many cases. Admittedly there are many cases where gold is better, but there are reasons other than cost for selecting a material, and gold doesn't always stack up well there.

about a year ago

New JavaScript-Based Timing Attack Steals All Browser Source Data

h2oliu Re: Yes, there is a simple fix (167 comments)

Not all sites use their own code. Malicious JavaScript through advertisements would provide an attack vector. (As described in the article.)

about a year ago

WRT virtualization:

h2oliu Re:Virtual Workstations (196 comments)

There is malware that actually doesn't run if it is on a VM. This is in an effort to make reverse engineering/monitoring of the malware more difficult. I always thought that it also severely limited it's target, but if you are going after end-users, the limitation is probably irrelevant.

about a year ago

USAF Strips 17 Officers of Nuclear Launch Authority

h2oliu Re: Take them out of the loop (173 comments)

One ended fine. As long as you can teach the system the only way to win is not to play.

about a year ago

The Eternal Mainframe

h2oliu Ending maintenance also ends control (225 comments)

One of the points I found the most insightful is that the geeks don't like to take the time to make things work anymore. I remember a colleague saying that there was no better way to kill a hobby than to get it as a job.

The days of tweaking the OS and hardware as a common practice among the majority of geeks is gone. The field is too broad now. You have to pick which stack, and where on it, you want to hack.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What Does the FOSS Community Currently Need?

h2oliu Re:Statistics (356 comments)

The file system app has security uses. If you see a sudden change in behavior in file system access it can alert you to the fact that you have been compromised, or that an internal employee is doing something they shouldn't.

about a year and a half ago

Is 'Brogramming' Killing Requirements Engineering?

h2oliu Re:he doesn't know the history (432 comments)

Take a look at his biography. His experience starts mid-90s in large corporations. Maybe he thinks computing started then?

about a year and a half ago

Has Lego Sold Out?

h2oliu Re:It's just training for future geekery (425 comments)

I remember building a crane "by the numbers" using a lego building set. In 1980 or so (I know for a fact is was before 1984, since I moved out of the house that I did it in then. For some reason I still have the box, but the instructions/legos have all gone.

Yes, some sets are more specialized. Minecraft gives you a huge range of blocks that isn't possible in the physical world, but dealing with the way that they fit together in "meat space" has its own value.

about a year and a half ago

New Analyst Report Calls Agile a Scam, Says It's An Easy Out For Lazy Devs

h2oliu Re:I love it when XP/scrum practictioners defend i (491 comments)

That is nice in theory, but I have found all to often in practice, when people see what they ask for, they realize that they didn't really want that. When you have a multi-year process, requirements change (heck I've seen it in multi-week!). Even ignoring the issues of human nature which induce this type of event, there are so many external forces that can drive a change that being able to re-evaluate is key.

My take on agile, and the "developer rebellion" is that developers got fed up with 18 different "Number 1" priorities, and wanted to force management to actually do their job and prioritize.

more than 2 years ago

Leap Day, to me, means ...

h2oliu Re:Missing Option (337 comments)

True, but % 4 would be an adequate approximation given the expected lifetime of most consumer products.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Allow Test Takers Internet Access, But Minimize Cheating?

h2oliu Sometime the old ways (330 comments)

I remember being allowed to bring notes with me to class. Would just making this open book/open notes accomplish the same thing?

more than 2 years ago

Where does your electricity come from?

h2oliu Re:AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT. (498 comments)

Nope, just nuclear. Though it may travel 96,000,000 miles or so to get here.

more than 2 years ago
top Founder Gets 14 Months

h2oliu Re:Good (239 comments)

Does that include the Universal Musical Group who have broken contracts, put up hundreds of MP3s on download services without consent of the artists and then have gone out of their way to obfuscate the revenue collected?


more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Good Metrics For a Small IT Team?

h2oliu Re:Here's a few... (315 comments)

These are both good. I'd mod up if I could.

more than 2 years ago

I do my best coding after...

h2oliu Re:float (222 comments)

That was the direction of my thinking as well.

about 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Certifications To Get?

h2oliu Re:Uh, first things first (444 comments)

Echoing that this everything else is irrelevant until this is known.

more than 3 years ago

Amazon Censorship Expands

h2oliu Re:It is curious... (764 comments)

To take your excellent idea on profiling and expand it. Maybe Amazon found that dealing with government requests about those books was too expensive, and thus chose to stop selling them so they would have fewer government requests to deal with?

more than 3 years ago


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