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The Paradoxes That Threaten To Tear Modern Cosmology Apart

hAckz0r I can offer a solution to the cosmology problem (228 comments)

The answer to the cosmological problem can be found in thermodynamics, and the same solution simultaneously removes the need for Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and explains the origin of the vacuum energy. By partially defining the photon in physical terms Gravity becomes simply a emergent property of spacetime given the existence of vacuum energy and it's interaction with the spacetime curvature. In my paper I logically present an argument for the thermodynamics as a conclusion, and present a theory based on first principals. I defer the complete definition and the photon and structure of spacetime/matter for a later paper, so I apologize in advance for trying to keep the paper small enough to be readable.

On The Thermodynamics Of General Relativity.

I have been looking for constructive feedback on these new ideas, so please do so if you have the time. I published this paper simply to get these new ideas out on the table for discussion by the community while I turn my attention to my next paper on solutions to the paradox of Special Relativity, and later the structure of matter and spacetime. The same solution fits all the open issues I know about.
Thermodynamic Unification Theory https://plus.google.com/u/0/+S...

3 days ago

Backblaze's 6 TB Hard Drive Face-Off

hAckz0r Re:Man, am I old ... (173 comments)

My first PC still had the first model 64kb motherboard, and the cassete IO interface, but instead I splurged to install dual 180k single sided floppies and the first 16 color monitor. When hard drives became available I bought one of the first 5MB hd directly from IBM before anyone knew they existed, and it took me the better part of the year to figure out how to do the low level format it needed to be useable. BIOS support? Well, why do they call these the good old days?

about a month ago

Keurig 2.0 Genuine K-Cup Spoofing Vulnerability

hAckz0r Re:Holy Fuck! (270 comments)

[...] to Congress and see if it [...]to make them think.

What? Make them think? Make Congress think? That's an Oxymoron, having both terms in the same sentence.

Besides they will never think, because if they did, then all that money paid to them to buy political/financial favors might be all for naught. The rich will never let that happen.

about a month and a half ago

Nevada Earthquake Swarm Increases Chance of Larger Quake

hAckz0r Re: SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (65 comments)

Actually, with each small quake it is less likely that that particular area will see a major quake, because the tectonic stresses are being gradually released. What then becomes important is, with those plates sliding, where is the stress now building up? If the areas now building up stress snap under this new pressure we could see something major, but in a different location along the same fault. Some day I would hope we could predict where these stresses are likely to build up and deliberately frack those faultlines to weaken the rock structure so that the stresses never have a chance to build up to any significant magnitude. As long as the stresses dont have a chance to build we could keep the quakes down to a safer level. One day, with enough data collected, we might just be managing quakes by fracking.

about 2 months ago

Physicists Identify Possible New Particle Behind Dark Matter

hAckz0r Re: My house of cards, taller than your house of c (103 comments)

Do you have any refrence for that assertion? The lensing clearly show actual filiments of higher redaction which would be a completly unnatural static formation for matter to arrange itself in. There is no natural laws of physics that could account for this to my knowledge. Please expand on your assertion, as I would certainly like to know more if there is any real evidence.

about 3 months ago

Physicists Identify Possible New Particle Behind Dark Matter

hAckz0r Re:My house of cards, taller than your house of ca (103 comments)

We need all the sciences to assemble the complete and real picture. In the case of dark matter we need the philosophy/logic to pull everyone else back down to earth right now. An example of where philosophy/logic comes into play is in falsifying a theory when it breaks the actual laws of physics and thus makes no logical sense. Case in point, "Abell 520 bullet cluster" vs "dark matter" theory. Assuming the most current gravitational lensing experiments are valid, the dark matter theory looks pretty dim right now. In order to get the needed distribution of dark matter that appears in the gravitational lensing survey of Abell 520 you need a "special property" for all dark matter. That special property is that while it provides extra mass to pull on normal matter, the dark matter itself must be immune to being pulled on by normal matter, or it would otherwise not be lensing in the distribution we currently see. That can't be, without breaking the laws of physics as we know it today. Dark matter is therefore not a predictive theory to explain what we currently see, without some kind of heroic extensions glued to its sides. One only needs a single true contradiction to properly falsify a theory, and the consequences of Abell 520 is promptly being ignored.

Dark Matter Core Defies Explanation

Of course I admit I am a little biased in my analysis above, because my own theory actually predicts this lensing effect and doesn't even require any new fictitious or magic particles to do it. When the Abell 520 survey came out it merely confirmed my hypothesis of how the physics actually works at the quantum level.

about 3 months ago

Ken Ham's Ark Torpedoed With Charges of Religious Discrimination

hAckz0r "The ark park has not yet sunk" (451 comments)

Actually I was hoping for that. If only it were built on a flood plane and everyone had a chance to actually see how seaworthy it is. Those steel and concrete piles driven into the ground would likely not let it get away, and certainly it has no possibility of ever floating. Sinking is the only alternative, if you can even call it that.

I do have to wonder, with all the concrete footings, if the floor is actually wood and bowed up at the edges like a true ship hull would have been, so we can watch all the people slide towards the keel where the eliminated swill from the animals would have collected by the ton before it gets carted up several stories to be thrown out the one tiny window. Of course they didn't have steel wheel barrows back then, so they woud have to put the animals to work. You couldn't even hire someone for that these days. No wonder they want to raise the minimum wage!

about 3 months ago

The Largest Ship In the World Is Being Built In Korea

hAckz0r Finally big enough? (275 comments)

Is this one big enough to be a real Biblical ARK? Probably still not large enough to carry two of every species, but still fun to calculate how close it would come to that goal. I'm guessing (seat of the pants/armchair calculation) we are roughly about half the way there if we discount things like bacteria, fungi, and viruses (the actual majority of lifeforms on earth). Waste disposal would be one heck of a problem, and with only one window, to shovel it out, yikes!.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: An Accurate Broadband Speed Test?

hAckz0r Android FCC Speed test (294 comments)

The FCC has an Android App that will test your data connections from your phone, and allows them to monitor your provider bandwidths. When your phone connects to your local WiFi the app is testing your Cable ISP, and when not, its testing your cellular ISP. In both cases the data is collected by the FCC to make sure your bandwidth is not being throttled unnecessarilly.

In theory the ISP's might look to see where your data is headed and make adjustments based on that, but that of course would be deceitful. No, they wouldn't do that would they?

about 4 months ago

What's Been the Best Linux Distro of 2014?

hAckz0r Qubes-OS.org (303 comments)

If you are into system security then check this one out. Security by hardware isolation is very hard to crack. Even the NIC and its kernel drivers live in its own VM and protects your system via IOMMU.

about 4 months ago

Why the FCC Will Probably Ignore the Public On Network Neutrality

hAckz0r Antitrust is not an emotional response (336 comments)

If you give Comcast the ability to become the gatekeeper to their competitors services you have crossed the line. This is not about emotions rather stifling the freemarket. At least change the equasion so that comcast charges the customer directly so the customer knows who is milking then and can then choose the lowest bidder of those services ( if there is one, but thats another problem). The customer is already paying for Internet services, and the costs of that service should be directly reflected in that price. Its dangerous to give the ISP the right to adjust the indirect costs of other businesses whos services are depending on that connection that is already paid for by the customers monthly fees. Allow this and Comcast will be able to kill off their direct competition.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig?

hAckz0r Re:Alright smart guy (504 comments)

I doesn't need to be *that* old, just not the latest model. It is a known fact, from a previous SD article, that older models slow down when a new iphone is released, which always coincides with a bright new shiny OS upgrade. If you upgrade the older hardware to keep up with the Jone's you are likely to have a slower phone,ipod, or ipad after you are done.

about 4 months ago

U2 and Apple Collaborate On 'Non-Piratable, Interactive Format For Music'

hAckz0r Re:Challenge accepted! (358 comments)

So true. At the end of the day it only takes a single copy of non-drm'ed music file to hit the street and all the Billions they spend to lock it down are wasted. Basic problem: You give the buyer the data, and you give them the key to read the data, and then ask them nicely (via leagal threats) to not put the two together in a way that is not authorized. Like that will ever happen. You only need one pissed off geek that can't play their newly purchased music to make it all worthless by providing a single download of that music file as a simple mp3. Hell, you can plug your speaker wires into another console to record it. Game over. I've personally never seen a system I couldn't break, but then I'm too honest to be that one pissed off geek. There are so many others out there that are not as honest.

What is the point to "interactive music" anyway. I like to listen to music, not hold a conversation with it. Why would I even want this? Its just a solution looking for a problem.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Pick Up Astronomy and Physics As an Adult?

hAckz0r Resources (234 comments)

I have several suggestions from the things I do to stay on top of things. I have limited time to devote to my passion but there are things you can do to multitask.

Podcasts: pick up a used ipod and subscribe to the astronomy related podcasts.

Kindle: get a used kindle that has the bubble-type keyboard, and let it read books and papers to you. The keyboard lets you start/stop the reader without looking, for in the car use. Download Calibre application and convert online/document resources and copy them to the kindle. You are not stuck with just Amazon eBooks, but many of them are good.

When online use an RSS reader and connecty to the publications feeds: e.g. http://iopscience.iop.org/ http://arxiv.org/ http://www.physicsforums.com/ http://prl.aps.org/ http://phys.org/ http://physics.stackexchange.c... http://prd.aps.org/ and many blogs!

about 4 months ago

Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor

hAckz0r From reading the service agreement (418 comments)

They can prevent you from allowing others to connect into a service you are providing. Public Tor servers (aka entry/exit nodes) would thus be against the user agreement and likely result in termination of services. Running the client portion should not run afoul of that agreement. (ianal)

They would first need to prove illegal activity is happening, and that would be difficult, but then there are known exploits for some Tor applications that can be used to leak data which can give away this kind of evedence of your activity. The question is, would they go through the trouble to inject these exploits into your system so that they can find out what you are doing? Like unsecured DNS, or injections of web bugs into your open http traffic. That sounds illegal to me, and a clear invasion of privacy. Privacy is exasctly the reason for using Tor in the first place, so don't expect those kinds of users to sit back and say nothing when terminated.

about 4 months ago

Mozilla Rolls Out Sponsored Tiles To Firefox Nightly's New Tab Page

hAckz0r First impressions.... (171 comments)

... count. The uptake of new users is going to decline big time. Established users will learn to deal with the changes, but new users will be turned off before learning how to turn all this off.

about 5 months ago

Processors and the Limits of Physics

hAckz0r What we need for efficiency (168 comments)

The human brain is a marvel of technology. Brain waves move through it as waves of activity. It only consumes (most) energy where the wave of intensified activity is passing through it. If a 3d circuit could be made to sense when a signal is incoming then it could be more efficient. In this paradigm its no 1's and 0's, but rather circuit on vs circuit off. In addition, if you could turn those on/off cycles into charge pump circuits then you could essentially recycle the a partial of that charge and reuse it in a casade like or layered circuit. I believe Sun Micro was working on one such design, but the cost benifits were not there at the time to make it to production. Things have changed.

about 5 months ago

US Army To Transport American Ebola Victim To Atlanta Hospital From Liberia

hAckz0r Re:What a bunch of pansies (409 comments)

So we should not worry that the CDC says it spreads by "close conversation (3 feet)"?

Somehow I do see that as a problem, even for a good hospital. lets hope they have a good containment center.

about 6 months ago

NASA Tests Microwave Space Drive

hAckz0r The paper... (201 comments)

Is useless drivel. Its a one page abstract that reads like a news media comentatry of the test. There are not even graphs of measurments taken, no specifics on the test setup. Nothing. Its not even Science by my definition. Lets move along, nothing to see here.

about 6 months ago

Verizon's Accidental Mea Culpa

hAckz0r Re:Answer needed (390 comments)

This is fine. If Verizon wants to increase *my* bill because of my bandwidth is higher, then you and I have no problem. I pay more for that bandwidth. That is an open market system. But that is based on my bandwidth usage and not by increasing the cost of a competitor. If I were instead downloading Gigabytes of anything else, again Verizon would have the right to charge *me* more money.

Charging Netflix money just to connect is anti-competitive, because both companies sell the same service, only one is the gatekeeper to the customer. If anyone gets charged more for my bandwidth it should be me, and only me. I then get to choose who I use to connect to the Internet. If Verizon raises my rate I have the right to go shopping. If they rise the rate for Netflix that is extortion, and Netflix doesn't get to go shopping for a better source of customers. it doesn't work that way, and there are laws against that sort of thing. Why Congress doesn't get it is a mystery to me.

about 6 months ago



Say NO to software patents

hAckz0r hAckz0r writes  |  more than 3 years ago

hAckz0r (989977) writes "The WhiteHouse.gov ( https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions#!/petitions ) now has an online petition to stop the USPTO from issuing any more software patents. One must register first with the petition site, wait for the confirming email, login, then locate the "Open Petitions" menu to go to the list of petitions. Scroll down to the one called "Direct the Patent Office to Cease Issuing Software Patents", and then do what you think is right. They need 3,428 petitions total to make it meaningful, and has logged 1,572 as of my entry."
Link to Original Source

Finding Compromised/Malicious Source Code

hAckz0r hAckz0r writes  |  more than 6 years ago

hAckz0r (989977) writes "I am in the final phase of a research project software design which, believe it or not, intends to help locate embedded malicious logic in Mega-SLOC sized source code bases, and eventually even across multiple computer language linkages. This tool is intended to aid an analyst in finding things like back doors, Easter eggs, time bomb logic, or other undesired or malicious logic inserted into the source code. The design has been highly scrutinized, and the funding for the project is now looking imminent. Once all the final papers are signed, and it really happens, then it's straight from the frying pan into the fire for me. The educated nay-sayers will no doubt be quick to remind me that you can't prove a negative. I already know that fact all too well.

Ok, now on to the real question. In order to prove any real life viability in the final software implementation we will need to demonstrate its many capabilities against a set of real life threats. I could write my own tests but I feel like that would be like cheating. Compromised 'Open Source' projects would be an obvious choice for availability reasons, but the problem is that as soon as an OS project admin realizes that their software product has become compromised, it literally disappears off of the Internet, almost over night. Poof! Gone! The Fedora/Redhat OpenSSH compromise could be one such example. Anybody even seen any Fedora updates lately?

I can start by chasing down other repositories that cache rpm source and then do my own deltas, if they have not already pulled that deprecated version, but that is still timing dependent. Obtaining copies of even older exploits seems to be even more troublesome and very time consuming, especially if one has to actually contact the project owners directly to revive a specific deprecated version number.

So my questions to Slashdot are:

1)Is there a compromised source code repository I am not aware of? Hacks-R-Us maybe? If it were a simple virus or a rootkit this would be much easier!

2)If you had to identify and then find these older deprecated versions of source code (C/C++ for now, other languages to follow) how would you go about doing this collection efficiently? Is there a comprehensive list of hacked OS projects with version numbers? Closed source doesn't count if the source code is not obtainable.

3)What specific deprecated/exploited OS software packages would be most worthy of testing if you only had a short time line, say about two weeks to collect them in? What floats to the top of the list? The Linux Kernel hack no doubt would top my list, then OpenSSH *2

Thanks in advance for your consideration."


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