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Becoming a Famous Programmer

haluness Poor visualization (347 comments)

What a horrific visualization - first it's a pie chart and on top of that why put in a background to obscure the colors? Someone went overboard with their charting software

more than 6 years ago

10 Percent of Colleges Check Applicants' Social Profiles

haluness Common sense (398 comments)

Don't put up what you don't want other people to see - I hear all about the new generation growing up with the Internet and Facebook being a part of their life.

But what about simple commonsense rules (either derived on their own or imbibed from parents)?

Would you make a fool of yourself in the street (OK, some people would)?

more than 6 years ago

Open Source Licenses For Academic Work?

haluness Enforcing the license? (173 comments)

So, if you were to get such a license and then somebody published a result without citing your software (as opposed to mentioning that they used the software), how would you (or your boss) enforce it?

Would your boss really sue another academic for not citing the software?

Of course, as an academic myself, not citing the paper for some software that I used, is sloppy anyway.

more than 6 years ago


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