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3D Printer?

hammeraxe Missing Option (175 comments)

We have one at work that we can use for personal items.

about a month and a half ago

Department of Defense May Give Private Cloud Vendors Access To Top Secret Data

hammeraxe Outrage (60 comments)

I expect there to be outrage here on slashdot. But think about it. How is this really different from, lets say, Lockheed Martin designing the F-35 and storing all the design data associated with it. Sure, they're not a "private cloud vendor", but they're probably running a bunch of servers for this purpose. So "top secret cloud" is already happening.

about 4 months ago

The Lithuanian Mob Was Smuggling Cigarettes Into Russia With a Drone

hammeraxe Russia to Lithuania? (81 comments)

Umm, I'm pretty sure it has to be the other way around. Why would they smuggle cigarettes INTO Russia.... They are much cheaper there compared to Lithuania.....

Unless of course this is another attempt at tarnishing the reputation of a country that is unfortunate enough to border Russia. They already claimed many of the key Maidan activists were prepared in special training camps in Lithuania, which seems unlikely.

about 8 months ago

Scottish Independence Campaign Battles Over BBC Weather Forecast

hammeraxe Map projections (286 comments)

This is an interesting point actually. Different map projections really do affect the way countries (and especially big countries) look like on the map.

Whether this should have an impact on how the Scottish view their potential independence I don't know....

about a year ago

EU Secretly Plans To Put a Back Door In Every Car By 2020

hammeraxe Mandarins (364 comments)

What the.....

about a year ago

Virgin Galactic Now Taking Bitcoin For Suborbital Flights

hammeraxe Makes sense (70 comments)

Well, that kind of makes sense since both Virgin Galactic and Bitcoin are something akin to vapour-ware... Full of promises but nothing substantial yet.

about a year ago

Intel Launches 'Galileo,' an Arduino-Compatible Mini Computer

hammeraxe The most important features (130 comments)

Ummmm, what about the most important features of the arduino: digital I/O pins, analog input and PWM output? It looks like there might be some in the picture, but the specs don't mention anything at all...

about a year ago

Shots Fired At US Capitol

hammeraxe Really? (608 comments)

Oh, cmon. Is this reddit? Are we supposed to get the CCTV records and look through to try and identify the shooter?

Sure this is front page news... But why on slashdot?

about a year ago

Fighting Zombies? Chevrolet Reveals New "Black Ops" Concept Truck

hammeraxe Petrol (220 comments)

Right.... And what are you going to do when this thing runs out of petrol 10 miles down the road...

about a year ago

Robotic Bartender Programmed To Recognize When You Are Ready For a Drink

hammeraxe Hazardous environment (90 comments)

It is understandable that they want to automate the work of bar staff. After all they work in a very noisy, dirty and smelly environment, unsuitable for human workers.

about a year ago

Robotics Research Lab Willow Garage Shutting Down?

hammeraxe ROS (23 comments)

ROS is a really good framework. And the best thing is that it's open-source so even if WG will go down ROS will continue to exist

about a year ago

No Child Left Untableted

hammeraxe Re:Wow! (214 comments)

That's ok, nobody's going to click on them anyway.

about a year ago

Student Arrested For Using Phone App To 'Shoot' Classmates

hammeraxe Solidarity (706 comments)

I think all his classmates should download the app, make similar videos and upload them to youtube just to show how ridiculous this is. They can't arrest them all.
The guy is facing CRIMINAL CHARGES for fucks sake!

about a year ago

OLPC Now Distributes Kid-Friendly Tablets, Not Just Notebooks (Video)

hammeraxe 6 - 8 years? (55 comments)

So they intend to replace 6 - 8 years worth of books with a tablet? How long are these cheapest of the cheap pieces of hardware actually last?

about a year ago

Technologies Like Google's Self-Driving Car: Destroying Jobs?

hammeraxe Re:Oh noes! (736 comments)

Probably none. But I don't think the picture is as dire as you paint it because the change from "driver" cars to driver-less cars isn't going to be instant. It's not like all truckers are gonna lose their jobs tomorrow or next years. It's gonna be a gradual process over the next ten or maybe twenty years.

about a year ago

What percentage of the software you use regularly is open source?

hammeraxe Quantity vs time (222 comments)

In terms of number of programs I probably have more proprietary ones than open source on my hard drive. However, I spend most of my time using OSS. Mostly Firefox and Thunderbird (on my home laptop anyway).

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Low-Latency PS2/USB Gaming Keyboards?

hammeraxe 50 ms? (177 comments)

Surely 50 ms is just human response time. I highly doubt a "low-latency keyboard" (even if such a thing exists) could improve your gaming performance...

about a year and a half ago


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