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Australia To Block BitTorrent

haraldm Re:*sigh* (674 comments)

You're waaaay up the protocol stack, dude.

What have TCP SYN done to prevent contacting pirate sites to begin with? And slash terrorist home sites while on the go.

more than 6 years ago

Bavarian Police Can Legally Place Trojans On PCs

haraldm Ohmygod what a crap. (256 comments)

Seems you were taken for a ride by some obscure kraut. Or yours was a July 4 joke.

There are 3 (or 4, depending on how you take it) different types of "TAE" phone sockets here. A single one for a phone (coded "F"), a dual one for a modem and a phone (coded "N-F"), where the modem or answering or fax machine plugs into "N" and cuts off the phone socket when active, and a third one which combines a N-F socket with another F socket accomodating 2 lines (coded "N-F-F"). There are also "N-F-N" types for special uses. Your flat or hotel room apparently got only a "F" socket. Next time you come to Munich you visit one of the electronics stores in Schillerstrasse and buy an N-F socket for 3.50 Euros and exchange it for the F socket.

No nazi conspiracies here. Duh.

By the way the German federal constitution court in Karlsruhe already ruled online searches of the said kind unconstitutional, and the law now passed will most probably get probed there, and fail. Why in the world the Bavarian government would do that I've no idea. Any Bavarians here who can shed some political light on it?

more than 6 years ago


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