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Mars Rovers Return to Exploration

harlemjoe mars solar time (145 comments)

Shame on me, but this is the first time I visited the mars rover website. It struck me as slightly odd that NASA researchers call the Martian Solar Day the sol.

Anyway, for those similarly bemused and/or further intrigued, here is the explanation of Mars Solar Time as Adopted by the Mars24 Sunclock

more than 7 years ago



Afghan tech boom: Mullah embraces iPhone

harlemjoe harlemjoe writes  |  more than 5 years ago

harlemjoe writes "This article would have you believe that many former Taliban officials are superbly excited by modern technology. It further states that Afghanistan is in the grip of a technology revolution (something I can fully believe), and that although modern tech is available in stores it is out of the reach of your ordinary Afghanistan.

Some interesting things I learned:
  1. This is one of the target markets for the iPhone knockoff ($300 retail vs $800)
  2. You can make money in the Third World (Roshan telecom grew from 1 mn to 3 mn subscribers in 6 months according to this article. INSANE!!!)
  3. We need to invest in education and tech in the western world. Mobile banking is widely available in Afghanistan! This is how fast others are playing catch up.

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