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Dell Indicates Windows 7 Pricing Will Be Higher

harvardian Re:Now If We Could Just Get ... (485 comments)

I bought a Dell laptop two years ago and tried to install Ubuntu on it. It was an utter nightmare.

Your condescension does not make a persuasive argument.

more than 5 years ago

Some Journals Rejecting Office 2007 Format

harvardian Re: Why use Doc at all? (474 comments)

Your "reasonable confidence" is way off the mark, at least with respect to the scientific field I work in.

CS and math academia I have no knowledge of. I am, however, a graduate student in molecular biology at a top-5 American university. The principal investigators I work with have had many papers printed in Science and Nature collectively.

And they universally have no idea what LaTeX is. I do because I do computational work and I was a CS major as an undergraduate. They care about the results they get in R, or Excel, or the proprietary software that came with the AP Biosystems scanner. They could care less what they write those results up in. And since Word is the de facto standard, Word is what they use.

more than 7 years ago


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