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Russia Writes Off 90 Percent of North Korea Debt

harvey the nerd yep (214 comments)

...except it might not be too mysterious. Potential win for everyone, if they half way behave themselves...


Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What?

harvey the nerd Microsoft Ofc often incompatible/incompetent (278 comments)

At the Office 2003/2007 interface, I had better luck with Open Office displaying some documents between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 than with either Excel. Microsoft internal document standards are a farce.

3 days ago

Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

harvey the nerd old fools... (1581 comments)

Sounds like a senile old socialist.

4 days ago

CSIRO Scientists' Aquaculture Holy Grail: Fish-Free Prawn Food

harvey the nerd time... (116 comments)

....will tell as to the "superiority" of these prawns. For those of us that grew up with the "superiority" of margarine over butter, high carb foods over paleo etc I'm willing to watch for 5-10 years first, see what the food chemistry and real problems turn out to be.

about a week ago

Michael Bloomberg: You Can't Teach a Coal Miner To Code

harvey the nerd Gloomberg (578 comments)

We should consider clean coal plants and dump Bloomberg not so gently. CAGW is a scam....

about two weeks ago

Why There Are So Few ISP Start-Ups In the U.S.

harvey the nerd falling behind (223 comments)

Parts of Asia have their act together. The US is largely a 2nd world country in terms of internet access and rates.

about two weeks ago

Florida Judge Rules IP Address Can't Identify a BitTorrent Pirate

harvey the nerd a lot of innocent neighbors... (158 comments)

...and grandparents can breathe easier today.

about a month ago

Mute Witness: Forensic Sketches From Nothing But DNA

harvey the nerd The 100 (68 comments)

Imagine when they investigate 100 sperm donor siblings or "cousins"...

about a month ago

Survey Finds Nearly 50% In US Believe In Medical Conspiracy Theories

harvey the nerd conspiracy is irrelevant... (395 comments)

but there are a lot of cheaper, better therapies that are ignored or attacked by pharmaceutical, medical interests, whether natural substances or generic drugs used off label. The FDA essentially promotes expensive, less effective, often dangerous therapies that are officially blessed. I've saved $40,000+ a month recognizing this situation the last several years, with better research and results in my family when the doctors themselves said no real hope several years ago.

about 1 month ago

Medicine Delivered By Flying Drones

harvey the nerd kids' "skynet" (43 comments)

Better that having butterfly nets. Free samples galore.

about a month ago

College Board To Rethink the SAT, Partner With Khan Academy

harvey the nerd SAT abandons the most promising of undiscovered (134 comments)

Sounds like the College Board will concentrate on evaluating an increasingly dysfunctional middle and abandoning the top 0.1-2% with the SAT. Probably a battery of advanced, expensive achievement / AP tests for the top 2%-5% well educated students, forget about finding untrained native ability. This is a disaster to the poor but promising who can't afford to great schools.

about a month and a half ago

Why Improbable Things Really Aren't

harvey the nerd years before Fukashima happened (166 comments)

Fukashima was a multifactorial accident waiting to happen. Never improbable. e.g. Low seawall height, aux power location, tie in location, dense packed stations.

about 2 months ago

German Court Forbids Resale of Valve Games

harvey the nerd sales and use taxes (261 comments)

...use is what would apply on a lease.

about 2 months ago

DARPA Seeks the Holy Grail of Search Engines

harvey the nerd citizens (78 comments)

....needed to address distributed aggregation, analysis, and presentation of citizens' content."

about 2 months ago

Study: Some Antioxidants Could Increase Cancer Rates

harvey the nerd Re:poor (117 comments)

A trivial case is folinic acid, aka leucovorin, which is used with 5 flourouracil as the 5FU-LV pair and with third and fourth adjuvants. Old hat. Note: common folic acid is an oxidized precursor of folinic acid.

"Show" is a relative term to the level of evidence. Your tone implies you are looking for grade A evidence, with multiple multimillion dollar trials. There are a lot of lower level evidence cases and what is more important is the individual case. Extensive individualized lab work is already doable but not common. Few spend multimillions for large trials on commodities. Yet.

about 3 months ago

Study: Some Antioxidants Could Increase Cancer Rates

harvey the nerd poor (117 comments)

....word choice. Some antioxidants are good killers of cancer cells, and some aren't. Like various chemotherapies, you need to know which ones in which combinations and dosages work, and which don't, for a particular cancer.

Been there, done that, works well. This article just sounds like another pharma shill attack on supplements.

about 3 months ago

Michael Mann Defamation Suit Against National Review Writer to Proceed

harvey the nerd notes of systemic bias (393 comments)

Here are 3 videos, Mr. McIntyre's dissection of the hijinks of climate academics, given at the 4th Int'l Conference on Climate Change. 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 , merely academics' bias or more ?

about 3 months ago

Michael Mann Defamation Suit Against National Review Writer to Proceed

harvey the nerd SLAPPed hard (393 comments)

Does persistent presentation of flawed mathematical techniques, alteration of data, and highly selective selection aided by ad hominem, conspiracy (climategate emails) and initimidation count as a reasonable suspicion of fraud?

about 3 months ago

New England Burns Jet Fuel To Keep Lights On

harvey the nerd iced... (230 comments)

Sounds like an excuse to bust out the extraordinarily high price cap. First shut down the coal plants, then free up prices. Newly minted fortunes. Thanks, Obama the careless.

about 3 months ago


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