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Only One US City Makes "Top Ten Internet Cities Worldwide" List

hashish I don't get the rating system (240 comments)

For example why would LTE be in a criteria for free and fast? Tokyo for example has great mobile coverage and speed, but not a lot of free wifi. Being a tourist having free wifi is better than no access because your phone cannot be used on the network or the cost is prohibitive. Maybe a better breakdown than what is in the article is required, because getting internet access in London is easier than Toyko; although the speed is not as fast.

about a year ago

Aussie Government Brings Back Piracy Talks

hashish Re:So let me guess... (114 comments)

That's because the population and ticket prices are larger. Monies made and tickets sold at box office has never been a good metric to measure a film.

Back on topic, I am not happy that my internet charges will go up to implement and police a system that will not fix the problem.

more than 2 years ago

Vermont Bans Fracking

hashish Re:About time.. (278 comments)

Fracking is not the elephant in the room. The unknown effects of de-pressuring the gas seams and poorly completed wells are bigger issues that the fracking process.

more than 2 years ago

The Numbers Behind the Copyright Math

hashish I am sure you aren't comparing apples to apples (311 comments)

Pun intended btw.

Pirating music maybe part of the drop but there are many other factors. The world has changed, people play youtube music at parties now.

more than 2 years ago

PI License May Soon Be Required for Computer Forensics

hashish Re:what's the problem? (282 comments)

No it doesn't. There is nothing stopping a IT security 'investigator' gaining a PI license, what is being proposed is using existing laws to ensure that the IT security invegtigator are controlled in the same way PI are. The existing PI laws were created to weed out the rouge PIs and how would weeding out the rouge IT investigator be a problem?

more than 6 years ago


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