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Every Day Is Goof-Off-At-Work Day At the US Patent and Trademark Office

hashish16 When I was at the USPTO..... (327 comments)

As an examiner it was the managers who were screwing over the examiners. The would wait till the last minute to review applications and then force examiners to scramble at the end of the quarter to catch up on work that managers weren't approving. Hell, after I left my manager took credit for my work that he wouldn't approve. That honest work would have netted me 2 promotions and a nice bonus. Using software to monitor examiner work is pure bullshit.

about a month ago

I'd prefer military fiction books that are ...

hashish16 War+Future= No Evolution (236 comments)

I think future war stories are the best because the fiction and science can be way out there. But I have to believe that humans can evolve past war.

about 7 months ago

Have eBooks Peaked?

hashish16 No Ebook Reader Innovations (323 comments)

Once we get 8" ebook readers with flexible capacitive touchscreens and very light weight, we won't see any growth. These ebook reader innovation is stagnant so the ebook market is stagnant. Too much focus on Android tablets and Ipad development vs. eink tech.

about a year ago

How Intellectual Property Reinforces Inequality

hashish16 "Non-use" Clause (272 comments)

Innovation is moving faster than the laws. Just as in Trademark, one should have to prove actual use of patented material in the course of ordinary trade.

about a year ago

Patenting Open Source Software

hashish16 Re:Why patent? (60 comments)

You can register it to as prior art. Who may not want to patent something, but don't want their competitors to get a patent on it so they submit it anonymously to

about a year ago

$5 Sensor Turns LCD Monitors Into Touchscreens

hashish16 Too much lag (98 comments)

This is very cool and rather unique solution, but there is considerable lag between the input and the registration of the input. I don't see it being much useful beyond pause/play video or music or to wake up a computer from sleep. That being said, I love the spelling mistake in the powerpoint in the youtube video.

about a year ago

From 'Quantified Self' To 'Quantified Car'

hashish16 Bluetooth 4.0 LE (173 comments)

The only advantage this device has over other much much much cheaper variants is bluetooth low energy capabilities. Its also geared towards non-techies, so essentially not the slashdot crowd.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What Planks Would You Want In a Platform of a Political Party?

hashish16 Repeals Telecommunications Act of 1996 (694 comments)

Unlock the swathe of dark fiber running through this country that telecommunications companies laid with our tax dollars and regulate broadband internet under the “rate of return” model.

about a year ago

7 Hackers Who Got Legit Jobs From Their Misdeeds

hashish16 Re:KEVIN MITNICK! (123 comments)

He is self employed now, but after he was released from prison and was allowed to use a computer again he became a consultant. I don't think he was self employed at the time, but even if he was, as a consultant you get hired for your services.

more than 3 years ago

7 Hackers Who Got Legit Jobs From Their Misdeeds

hashish16 KEVIN MITNICK! (123 comments)

Come most you should remember the "Free Kevin Mitnick" campaign. He is the original hacker/cracker turned "consultant".

more than 3 years ago

Micro-SD Card Slot Abused As VGA-Port

hashish16 Margi Presernter - SD to VGA device (77 comments)

I don't remember the details, but this device came out a few years ago. Only difference between MircoSD and SD are a few ground pins, right? The margi probably used a ucontroller for the signal generation, now that devices are more powerful, the software implementation is now plausible.

more than 3 years ago

Hiding Backdoors In Hardware

hashish16 Re:Yes They Are! (206 comments)

Seriously? First my real name is actually embedded in there (Coward). Second, i've had that handle since the mid 90's. Third, I had an intimate relationship with an employee of one of those organizations. And they admitted not just PCI style intrusions. They described that most Chinese electronics, e.g. mp3 players, dvd-rom drives, thumb drives, all have some soft of malicious code.

more than 3 years ago

Hiding Backdoors In Hardware

hashish16 Yes They Are! (206 comments)

Chins is absolutely doing this and the DoD, NSA, and CIA are aware of the activity. Honestly, they don't care about regular consumers, but govt. officials and employees are banned from having Chinese manufacture equipment during official business/work.

more than 3 years ago

Inside a Full-Body-Scanning X-Ray Van

hashish16 F' privacy, ITS DANGEROUS (313 comments)

Look, I work in medical imaging, which includes X-ray imaging. I don't care what they say, the backscatter radiation imaging they are using is dangerous. Mark my words, if the tech become ubiquitous in airports, those with the most frequent fliers miles will have a greater incidence of tumorous growths.

more than 3 years ago

Man Patents Self-Burying Coffin

hashish16 WHY NOT RECYCLE! (159 comments)

Seriously bury the dead is such an antiquated and wasteful tradition. Why not just give back.

more than 4 years ago

Sidestepping A-to-D Convertors For Town Government's Cable TV?

hashish16 Maybe you need D-to-A converters (539 comments)

Seeing that the input signal is DIGITAL cable and the output is Analog TVs, I would start with D-to-A converters and not A-to-D.

more than 4 years ago

IBM's Patent-Pending Traffic Lights Stop Car Engines

hashish16 Wow, what a bunch of morons (423 comments)

Its called the caravan model for autonomous vehicles..... Bunch of babies. Its called the inevitable.

more than 4 years ago



Decline of H1B's resulted in India & China Boo

hashish16 hashish16 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

hashish16 (1817982) writes "Has the decline of the H1B visa's issued in the US after 9/11 resulted in the recent boom of the Chinese and Indian economies in the past 10 years? Both countries saw a build up of talent, particularly engineers, over the past decade that would normally emigrate to the US under an H1B visa. Sure they would send money back home, but they were still driving the economy (buying homes, shopping, and working) which would in turn create jobs here.

This is my question, did our largest Tech companies have to go where the talent is? Companies generally want to remain centralized because its cheaper, rather than extending their operations abroad and having to pay for travel and communication expenses. I do not think cheaper labor drove these companies abroad because the costs for setting up operations coupled with the increasing salaries in India and China wouldn't seem to net that much a profit.

Could have our our policies regarding H1B visa result in the recent boom in India and China and the current decline in America? Could our economy be in a similar state if the financial crisis did not occur or was avoided because of the attrition of tech companies?"


hashish16 has no journal entries.

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