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America's Second-largest Employer Is a Temp Agency

Aaron Barlow How Sad (541 comments)

Does this seem sad to anyone else? I mean, I kinda see how it's part of American business culture right now and only worried about the bottom line. If that bottom line needs to be 'lined' per say with the cost savings of temp workers so be it according to corp group-think. Too bad we can't go back to thinking that if you pay a decent wage maybe your employees will be able to afford your product...

about a year ago

World of Warcraft Film Shooting Begins Early 2014

Aaron Barlow Warcraft The Musical (181 comments)

I wanna see Hellscream go all Le Mis on it...

about a year ago

PayPal Denies Teen Reward For Finding Bug

Aaron Barlow No class (318 comments)

Wow, 17 years? You can get any bank account in your name before you're even 12! I can think of at least a dozen ways you could have made this kid whole. Way to diss the kid...

about a year ago

Google Glass: What's With All the Hate?

Aaron Barlow You all have it all wrong... (775 comments)

Glass isn't some fashion statement, or lack there of. Glass isn't some bodily extension or prosthetic. Glass isn't a spy device. It's not a window into another world. While I think some can certainly argue that it can be and/or is all of these things, to me these miss the point. It's a freaking TOOL! Like a phone, or a hammer, a wrench, a cup, a plate, a knife. They have a purpose; whatever you might want that to be at the time. To me it's a tool. You use it to do things to make your life more convenient. It's not some 'cool look at me thing'. If you're using it for that, you're doing it wrong! Also, why in the hell should anyone care or be so judgmental on the likes and dislikes of others? Not enough of a life of your own that you must pass judgment or live vicariously? get off it already...

about a year ago

Bloomberg To HS Grads: Be a Plumber

Aaron Barlow I've thought of it. (368 comments)

Honestly, I have thought of doing this. I don't see anything wrong with it either. Although plumbers might have those times where it's an extra dirty job. Makes you wonder if the extra pay is worth it though, lol.

about a year ago

Rice Professor Predicts Humans Out of Work In 30 Years

Aaron Barlow Never Happen (808 comments)

One simple reason why this will never happen - humans like company. Take a look at how the automated lines in grocery stores have barely hung on and that's something super simple! People like interacting with other people, it makes them feel comfortable to have someone around. Who are you going to ask questions too? Now, that's from a retail environment, but what about manufacturing? That I fear will be staffed by those who can control, operate, and repair the automated systems. The price of pretty much anything hand-made has already jumped up biog time. Especially furniture.

about a year ago

The Body's "Fountain of Youth" Could Lie In the Brain

Aaron Barlow Re:Yeesh (118 comments)

Wow. Then again when I think about it. It's my body, why shouldn't I be able to tell it what to do? I can now make my hands pretty dang hot on demand. This all came about though due to going through cluster migraines for about 30 years. One doc gave me a feedback device to practice meditation. It's not perfect, but it helped.

about a year ago

Device Can Extract DNA With Full Genetic Data In Minutes

Aaron Barlow 6 years (95 comments)

I give it 6 years. Then we will have a complete scanner. Another year or two after that and it will be included in the handheld-bio-metric-scanner-device-thingy.

about a year ago

CISPA Passes US House, Despite Privacy Shortcomings and Promised Veto

Aaron Barlow To Complicated (231 comments)

The problem is that they try and make these things so complicated. For what? Someone needs to draft a bill in freaking bullet points that does what it says and says what it does! I have yet to see one bill that should be more than a couple pages long.

about a year and a half ago

New CFAA Could Subject Teens To Jail For Reading Online News

Aaron Barlow Say What? (230 comments)

"or an employer's Terms of Use policy..." What? So wait, if the TOS for being on a company work computer says you can look at certain things and you do, not only can they fire you but throw you in jail? I'm I reading this correctly?

about a year and a half ago

Windows Blue 9364 Screenshots Show Feature Enhancements

Aaron Barlow Lame (502 comments)

I would rather have Live Tiles more like an active wallpaper on my Windows 7 start screen. Not two distinct UIs.

about a year and a half ago

If I could augment my senses (w/ implant or similar) ...

Aaron Barlow Octopus (456 comments)

Id like to change my skin color like an octopus!!

about a year and a half ago

Google Launches 'Keep' To Rival Evernote

Aaron Barlow SpringPad Is Better (205 comments)

IMO Springpad is better than all of them combined. Then again, it also seems like it tries to be like PT in a way.

about a year and a half ago

Astronomers Probe Mysterious Gas In Titan's Atmosphere

Aaron Barlow Titan blamed it on the dog (104 comments)

I mean, who doesn't?

about a year and a half ago

U.S. Calls On China To End Hacking; Start Cyberspace Dialogue

Aaron Barlow Like asking fire not to burn you... (160 comments)

We can ask till we are blue in the face. Unless we get something on them that is without refute, nothing will change. Even then, if we did have something like that it would be handled in a very hush-hush manner as to not hurt someones feelings in the international community; it will be back-door. We need to upgrade our security, or just outright ban foreign IPs from certain companies. This is one of those problems where there really isn't a good solution.

about a year and a half ago

Is It Time To Enforce a Gamers' Bill of Rights?

Aaron Barlow DRM Advertised? (469 comments)

Most of the time the closest that these publishers come to advertising their DRM is the statement, "Online connection required". To most of us, this isn't such a big deal when you are buying a game that is supposed to played online and with a bunch of other people. But yes, we do need a GBOR, and badly as this crap with EA once again shows us. If you buy a product and you can't use it due to the error of the company that sold you the product in the first place, you should be able to get your money back at the very least within 30 days - standard. Like they say, money talks, I just don;t think that the majority of buyers are educated enough on a particular issue,game, etc to make that decision at the time of checkout.

about a year and a half ago

Gubernatorial Candidate Speaks Out Against CAS

Aaron Barlow I was wondering... (121 comments)

I was just wondering about this the other day. I was thinking, why isn't the internet more like a utility? I mean, it's large enough and it's got to the point where most people almost have to have internet access. No one should have a say of what I do with that access / bandwidth.

about a year and a half ago

How Million-Dollar Frauds Turned Photo Conservation Into a Mature Science

Aaron Barlow Re:Eheh... but photos are older then all those you (65 comments)

So according to the TFA, does this mean that I can't have my work processed in a LAB for printing only, but rather I need to print all copies using my won equipment?

about a year and a half ago

How Million-Dollar Frauds Turned Photo Conservation Into a Mature Science

Aaron Barlow Re:Every new medium is always snubbed by the snobs (65 comments)

It's a bit reductionist to say that it's just because they're 'snobs'....the way it was explained to me by my art teacher is thus:

There are artists, and there are artisans...artists create art, artisans create craft...the yardstick used [in the art world] to differentiate the two is the ability to reproduce the work given the same skills, equipment and environment.

Take for example, two metal workers...both with the same training, equipment, environment and requirements...likely it will be difficult to spot too much of a great difference in the resulting product. Same goes for photography...same camera, settings, direction, time of day, physical location end up with the same shot (as this article eludes to)....very difficult to tell the difference between two works of craft produced in the same way. take two draughtsman (sketch artist, not architectural)...with the same years of experience, give them the same pencil, same paper, same light, same get vastly different results. Same for painting.

Interestingly, before Rodin, sculpture was considered a "craft"....he showed that it wasn't.

IMHO, the jury is still out on photography...with film it had an small element of art because of the nature of the development process...with digital, it's really hard to argue that it's not a craft.

The most telling point I think is that, if you talk to a artist (classically trained painter, sculptor or draughtsman) who is also a great photographer...he/she will usually not classify his photography as art, usually as fact, even the greats like Ansel Adams used to get angry when people called his work 'art'....he saw himself as an artisan and historian more than anything.

Classically trained artists sound like snobs sometimes because of the wholesale trivialization of their hard won skills....Donald Trump calls contract negotiation an 'art', I've heard some programmers call coding an 'art'...everyone calls what they do an 'art'....go spend 10 years trying to master classical portraiture and you'll see why those classifications are just laughable on all fronts.

But that's just the view of this programmer, classically trained portrait artist, sculptor and photographer :)

Pretty much wrong on so many levels. I can see the logic behind this, but all you need to do to figure this is false is spend a good deal of time actually trying to produce good photography. For another example, go on a photowalk with a bunch of people and go into a confined area. Out of the hundreds of photos taken, I would be my life savings no two are exactly the same even if the camera settings are the same. In the end, it's WHO is making the image, digital or not, not HOW it is made that matters.

about a year and a half ago

Comet C/2013 A1 May Hit Mars In 2014

Aaron Barlow Can I See? (150 comments)

If it is going to hit, I want to see what happens. Also, do you think it would be a good time to try and send another prob down to the impact spot to study what happens right AFTER an impact?

about a year and a half ago



Amazon launches Amazon Preview. Hints at Original Content.

Aaron Barlow Aaron Barlow writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Aaron Barlow (2836495) writes "Amazon recently rolled out something interesting. Amazon Preview. Details are sparse at the moment but Amazon Preview appears to be geared toward assisting Amazon in the development of original content. One can only guess that this is a bid to let Amazon Instant compete with original content from the likes of Netflix.

As of this moment, Amazon Preview is by invite only."

Link to Original Source


Aaron Barlow has no journal entries.

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