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Nook Color Rooted — Will B&N Embrace the Tablet?

hatrisc Re:Could be very, very good for BN (181 comments)

Does the Kindle app require a menu and/or back button? That's my biggest concern with buying one. I'm certain that this i sa first step in liberating the NC in all it's glory, but the lack of the physical buttons makes me wonder how far this can actually go. One thing I've actually seen suggested is using the volume buttons for back and menu, which seems like a great idea--especially since volume control can be accessed from onscreen settings.

more than 3 years ago

What Programming Languages Should You Learn Next?

hatrisc Re:Going from C to others is a matter of right boo (759 comments)

And a powerful macro system. Scheme's is interesting, and you can do most anything with it, but certain things require a great deal of hoop-jumping.

I'd say that Scheme macros are far more powerful (especially in r6rs) than CL macros for the reasons of both hygiene and referential transparency.

more than 6 years ago


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