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Linux Hackers Reclaim the WRT54G

hawkstone Re:What's The Point? (265 comments)

Exactly! I'd mod you up if I had points, but I'll just "me too" instead. The Linux ones were rather good, and I felt confident buying a Linksys b/g router after my old 802.11b-only Linksys died after a happy useful life. Only after I'd suffered with the new one for a while did I realize what the problem was. No one will probably buy the vxworks piece of junk for the insignificant cost savings.

That said, while the utter joke that is the V5 should never have made it out the door, they've finally fixed many of the worst problems with the thing. So my guess is that this is mostly really good news for those that have problems still not yet fixed or for those that wanted some of the OpenWRT features -- I would have jumped on this a year ago, but today I might skip it.

more than 8 years ago


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