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Americans Happy To Pay More For Clean Energy, But Only a Little More

hazzey Re:I guess I am odd then... (325 comments)

Could you give a little more detail? Also living in the midwest, if I COMPLETELY replaced my electricity needs with solar, I could only spend about $4,000 total on a system and have it pay back in 3 years. In some very brief looking online, this MIGHT pay for the inverter and installation. What size system did you install?

more than 2 years ago

Netflix Compares ISP Streaming Performance

hazzey Not Much Difference (209 comments)

All that this shows is that there isn't much difference between the ISPs. They had to scale the chart (it doesn't start at 0) just to show the differences. As Netflix commented in the linked post, their HD streams are much higher (4.8kb) than these graphs. Of course the graph is just an average, so it doesn't speak to how HD users are affected.

more than 3 years ago

Rumor — AT&T Losing iPhone Exclusivity Next Week

hazzey Re:Who cares? (353 comments)

Another point which I rarely hear about in discussions of the iPhone is how it is fundamentally marketed differently. We have had an iPhone for many years now. It hasn't been the exact same hardware this whole time, but it has been an "iPhone" the whole time. Now think about other mobile phones. Ask someone what phone they have and it is either "LG", "Motorola", etc. Mobile phone models change so often than no one can remember what model they have currently, because there is a good chance that you can't even buy the model anymore. Apple has won the marketing game because by keeping the same name, they don't have to scrap all of their previous marketing whenever the model changes.

about 5 years ago

Bad PC Sales Staff Exposed

hazzey Re:Yes, but it's still betrayal of trust (650 comments)


What do all of these have in common?

Some sort of license to work, i.e. they have to prove in some way that they know what they are talking about. Why are you trying to hold someone in an entry-level job up to the same standard as a "professional"?

more than 5 years ago



Frequently Updated Administration Blogs

hazzey hazzey writes  |  about 4 years ago

hazzey (679052) writes "I don't work in IT, but my addiction to Slashdot implies a fascination with technology. I really enjoy the few times that the tech sites I visit post updates on their server equipment and administration issues. By far the best example of this is SetiAtHome. That blog has been updated weekly for years. In my search for similar reading I have even resorted to looking for informative answers to StackOverflow or ServerFault questions. What other examples of freqently updated real world server/network administration blogs are out there?"


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