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My favorite brand of snake oil is ...

heatdeath Secret Option F (291 comments)

Austrian Economics

about a year ago

Would You Take a One-Way Ticket To Mars?

heatdeath Re:Missing option (561 comments)

Only if I get to go through the body scanner first.


more than 4 years ago

Windows 7 To Be 256-Core Aware

heatdeath The real reason for no headaches (441 comments)

"Seems like they learned from their mistakes with Vista, and now that they have a stable, solid kernel (whether you'd like to believe it or not), a lot of the headaches from Vista's development are simply not there."

The headaches from Vista's development were because they wasted 3 years trying to rewrite the kernel and had to scrap all of it and do a full reset...they had a (relatively) stable solid kernel the whole time...it's just that they didn't try to rewrite it this time around.

more than 6 years ago

New Contestants On the Turing Test

heatdeath I doubt it will raise any questions (630 comments)

It could also raise profound questions about whether a computer has the potential to be "conscious" -- and if humans should have the 'right' to switch it off."

Maybe in the esteemed opinion of vitamine73 it will, but if you knew anything about how artificial conversation engines were constructed, you would understand that it's anything but sentient. Right now, conversation logic is simply trick laid upon trick to stagger through passing as a human, and doesn't, at its core, contain anything remotely similar to self-aware thought.

more than 6 years ago


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