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Data Theft Notifications - How Soon is Too Soon?

heldlikesound This has happened to me before... (137 comments)

I create addresses specifically to receive mail from retailers I order from. For example: companynameorderjunk@mydomain.com.

I NEVER type these addresses anywhere, and they are not something a wide net spam sender would guess...

Over the last few years i have had about 4 situations where those very account specific addresses began receiving a LOT of spam.

The sites included Dell, and PCMall. The PCMall ones very primarily sexual in nature...

I have thought of every possible way they could have gotten that address, and a security breach seems like the only feasible way. I have never typed those addresses anywhere else (no forums, no re-use on other sites, etc...), have never had a virus or spyware on my machine (OSX, thank you very much), so there is really one source for those addresses, the companies internal database.

anyone else experience this before?

more than 8 years ago


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