The Introvert Advantage

helo Re:The obligatory joke... (684 comments)

i have noticed myself doing this at work before, and realized that i inherited it from my father. he always goes on and on explaining things about his work (artificial lift), and just about any other topic we talk about.

i would say that extroverts are more interested in other people, and introverts are more interested in ideas.

i certainly dont think my father was just seeking my attention whenever he started talking about sucker rods and submersible pumps. he was just talking about what he is interested in, and (as a few other posts have said) was sharing it with me because he thought i might be interested in hearing it. it is the same with me whenever i explain things about computers to other people.

when i notice i'm talking about something that shows some superior knowledge of a subject, i feel like i'm gloating, and that feeling isn't one i like.

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