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Oregon Sues Oracle For "Abysmal" Healthcare Website

hesaigo999ca wtf! (212 comments)

>Oracle issued a statement saying the suit "is a desperate attempt to deflect blame from Cover Oregon and the governor for their failures to manage a complex IT project.

When a client pays you sums of money that reach this proportion, you would think that they have 0 interaction to do, and would have 100% support of any type of situation possible.

I developed softwares from a-z from start to finish including dev, deploy and support, and I can rest assured that a health care system should not cost this much, let alone give the client such limited service as to say they would still need to be interactive in the configuration, maintenance or deployment of the product.

Oracle to me is the worst overpriced and underworking company out there, they beat IBM , Microsoft and any others for the amount of services provided for the amount they charge. Everyone knows (as a running joke) if you want to make money, get certified as Oracle pro, and you can charge limitless amounts of money...even though technically a MSSQL certified pro could easily surpass in knowledge or service what is offered by way of Oracle.

I worked with Oracle recently and found a glitch in their new 12.0 version of a specific dll responsible for communicating in background...and saw a performance hit based on which version of the client connecting to the new 12.0 db. SO an older client 10.0 dll would not get same sql query execution time then a new client 12.0 dll. In the end, it was because they added new way of pooling queries being searched, and the indexing of the queries was taking longer with older dlls.

I would think this one of those corrupted moves that force all companies to upgrade ALL Oracle components (instead of just a backend)..and get even more money.

I really didnt like their product when compared to the ease of use and speed of dev. of MSSQL. All earlier features that Oracle was known for are now also available with MSSQL, so no more reasons to select Oracle at all..... they even just got around now (15 years after MS) of adding proper increment seeds to their tables....

Overall again, dont like the product as it is way overpriced as all are finding out the hard way now...

about 5 months ago

Spacecraft Measurements Indicate Shifting Interstellar Wind

hesaigo999ca only now? (75 comments)

I have been saying this on /. for 10 years atleast! Now finally someone gets it, yes there are 3 orbits to the earth, the daily, and the yearly and the ??? which comes from the orbit we are in from the solar system spinning inside the galaxy, which "IT" could affect the gravity/orbit of the other 2.

If you take a coin and put it on a table top to spin it and use your finger to spin it, you will see that eventually gravity will affect the orbit as it slows down, but if it did not slow down it would still be affected in terms of the direction the coin would be spinning in. I have seen this and consider this to be more the reason why we haveglobal events then say global warming being the cause. The climate changes and locations on the planet are getting strange weather but only strange to that location, but say you shifted the worlds axis by 1.5 degrees, then you would see a change everywhere, and the weather would be normal for that location based on the new degrees, although my example could be off degree wise, you get the picture.

I am no scientist yet can figure this out, so how much more should the real scientist know , or maybe they knew all along but didnt want the world to freak over this??

about a year ago

Romanian Science In Freefall

hesaigo999ca Re:A bit off topic (156 comments)

You seem very well educated on the subject, what do you think of this idea...

I think any country (like Argentina or Iceland or Greece), that declares bankruptcy becomes eligible to be "bought" to become part of another countries affiliations.
Seeing as the former government there made such a mess of things, that their people are now considered broke, that country should not be allowed to continue ruling itself, without the guide of an existing country that is successful. Countries take away peoples freedoms without choice. When yo are born into a country, you can not say you do not belong there, or will not follow their rules, and there is no "international neutral zone" which allows people to live without rules, except the ones they "want" to adopt for themselves.

Now it sounds extreme when you consider we have great laws against killing others, but say in a country like colombia or cuba, where the dictators stop you from leaving at all costs, forcing you to live in conditions that you find unacceptable, then this is not free will, as you were born into this, with no choice to another option.

Now keeping this part in mind, when a country whose has responsibility to be the best they can, becomes a danger to all its people because of the corruption or incompetence or whatever the case might be for that country's mismanegement, that country now becomes eligible for a buy out. All resources become another countries with the exception that you also have to accept citizenship for all its people. The uS accepts Argentina to be a 55th or 56th state, all the Argentinians become US citizens, as their resources could not be had without this, a fail safe if you will.

This I would hope to become a movement that spreads across the globe. Imagine if we had no borders because the world was 1 country!

How much would we save on border patrol globally
How much would we save on legal tender management.
How much would we save on transport fees if we have no customs to worry about.
How much would we etc, etc, etc ( fill in limitless vision here )

What I see happening with the reverse if we have splinters of countries everywhere, is that to get your goods by land from spain to ukraine, you might have 150 countries to get through, you would have 150 more chances of catching smugglers, but also 150 more chances of corruption and something happening to your goods in transfer.

about a year ago

The Golden Gate Barrage: New Ideas To Counter Sea Level Rise

hesaigo999ca Here's a hint... (341 comments)

We see in so many movies that have underwater cities etc... they all have bio domes and seem to have their infrastructure and atmosphere all encapsulated, but I guess this could have happened over time instead of all at once, as this could be a sign of changes to come, if the sea keeps rising, then we could just need to start building a dome like encasement, allowing us to keep the buildings where they are without too much worry about moving or losing the investment of that chosen physical location.

about a year ago

Romanian Science In Freefall

hesaigo999ca A bit off topic (156 comments)

This post is a bit off topic but uses this article to bring into light certain phenomenons that appear when fractured countries fall and crumble...bringing into question would they have done better keeping themselves as part of the whole (other country they left prior).

If the US currently said to any world government, join us as another one of our states, and allow us to manage you, although you keep certain laws and policies in place, thereby strengthening the fabric of government that might be fragile, they could then also help continue to mine that counrtie's (or new state's) resources whatever they might be. They would both profit as the new state would have less hardships with such polices that could just be adopting, and the US would become even stronger, but we are fracturing smaller and smaller, but to what end?

This fracturing to say you are "this label" or "that label" just to say you want to keep your culture alive is pure crap. I live in Quebec and deal with stupidity all the time concerning such issues and find any government that forces their people to the brink of bankruptcy just to say they are keeping their culture alive is wrong. The culture will remain alive no matter what country you live in as the Jews have clearly demonstrated up to today. Unfortunately they have bought into the fractured point of view by now bying their land back so to speak....

In the end, remove all borders and barriers, we are left with a language we speak and a heritage we choose to either accept and maintain or do away with. Neither is right or wrong, but atleast it is the people deciding for themselves, instead of the government deciding for them at the cost of tax payer dollars.

In this case we could see a reintegration into academic excellence and have a level of standards adopted from the US.

By the way, by no means do I think the US is the only country that could do this, as any country with a level of excellence could be considered as a viable source to "GROW" the united one world nation!.

about a year ago

Technologies Like Google's Self-Driving Car: Destroying Jobs?

hesaigo999ca I concur, but it might be a good thing! (736 comments)

Say we replace bus drivers who are obnoxious and think they own the road and can cut you off at a whim without any consideration, we could use such technology to introduce better driven cars/buses which would not cost a salary, therefor would not be under any pressure to actually keep a schedule other then just drive to the next stop. This lack of pressure does not allow tempers to enter the factors that might affect road conditions for a bus operator.

We see also that taxis that keep crying they need to make more money and keep inflating pricing, would then be able to lower the costs way down, and bring about less pollution as less people would use their cars if they knnew the alternative to downtown travel could be a cheap cab ride (think about it, if cab fares were 1/5 the cost, would you worry about finding parking, or wasting time and gas, when you could for the same cost just grab a cab?)

This is turn would have an effect of lowering the amount of cars in the downtown area, and also lower pollution from carbon exhaust and traffic. All in all, I think all taxi drivers and bus drivers should be replaced with a safer or cheaper alternative. This is public transport though, so when we think about what that person now would need to learn to have a job, they could be a car washer or gas pump jockey, etc... I know other jobs can be had to replace the ones they would lose.

I am not worried, only excited.

about a year ago

New York Times and Twitter Attacked By Syrian Electronic Army

hesaigo999ca so far... (169 comments)

>The hoax caused U.S. stock markets to briefly lose $200 billion in value
You know when I found out they could hack the power grid, I thought, wow what damage could that cause!
Then I heard they could hack into missal silos and probably decrypt the launch codes given enough time to brute force the sequence, I knew for sure how much damage that could cause....
Now i see that they can hack media outlets where people get their information from and post hoax stories on almost any news paper or channel, getting access to internal account info on any of those accounts, I really think we are screwed.

If the source of info we have to make daily decisions is compromised, this is worse then limiting our supply of power (we know how to set up solar panels to get some electricity and could somehow still survive the attack), or even damaging our population through nuclear attack (there are a limited of nuclear arms available and the distances of effect of nuclear fall out would not cover all of the US, therefor we could still survive). The source of information telling us the white house has passed a new law stating it is ok for people to go out and hoard water and food because there is a missal on its way from China...even being a hoax, would take a long time to recover from, and eventually no one would ever pay attention to media outlets, and be ignorant to many things happening every where.

We communicate our daily lives through these mediums, and if these mediums are compromised, then we have no communication. News outlets has been around before electricity, and is one of the measurements of how civilized a country has become!

about a year ago

Break Microsoft Up

hesaigo999ca Hugh Pickens who? (355 comments)

Hugh Pickens writes...blah blah blah...

Who is Hugh Pickens? I ask only because for someone to suggest that this is what MS needs to do, would need a precedent for this to be suggested, where this person would have been apart of and seen the end result directly. This person would have had to have been in a previous situation with a similar company with similar situations and have seen the progress in order to turn around and suggest that fracturing a company into smaller parts is for the better. If you have proof that this works, then please put on the table. I have yet to hear of companies that got better when they fractured off into smaller pieces, if anything, it has been the reverse, merger after merger solidifies the companies overall hold on the market and offers stability towards unifying that all sub sections follow the same protocols and can lose the dead weight of needless duplication of processes.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Good Ideas For Creative Gaming With Girlfriend?

hesaigo999ca Re:The only one I can thinnk of.... (337 comments)

Sorry, here is a redo using ~ instead of open close tags

Stan and Kyle > ~playing gutiar hero~
Stan's Dad >Hey, boys, heres something really cool....watch .... ~playing real guitar~
Stan and Kyle > Thats lame Dad!
Stan's Dad > But I am playing for real !?!
Stan and Kyle > Mom....can you get Dad out of here!

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Good Ideas For Creative Gaming With Girlfriend?

hesaigo999ca The only one I can thinnk of.... (337 comments)

The only one I can think of actually would require a joystick throw back to the 80s.
The rest of the post would require lots of censorship and therefor will be left up to your imagination.
Why do something with a GF on a video game, when you can do it for real!

Stan and Kyle >
Stan's Dad >Hey, boys, heres something really cool....watch ....
Stan and Kyle > Thats lame Dad!
Stan's Dad > But I am playing for real !?!
Stan and Kyle > Mom....can you get Dad out of here!

about a year and a half ago

Canadian Hotel Sues Guest For $95K Over Bad Review, Bed Bugs

hesaigo999ca perfect example of how to use technology (432 comments)

Yes, you can NOW be burned for trying to skim, dust under the rug, threaten, or even deny accusations that your business, product, or services, is under par.

Thank god we finally have the internet, although businesses still are lagging in accepting this is here to stay, and you should do your best to take care of the client.

If you are a hotel, and have bed bugs, this is a crime... if you are a mehcanic shop and have bed bugs, who the f*ck cares!

Lets keep it real, a hotel with bed bugs is like a mechanic shop with no wrenches! You will not get the job done properly.

Don't cry if you are caught with your pants down.... and I am sure this is the only guy that thought to complain online, but I can bet this is not the only guy to get bitten by bed bugs in that hotel.

Now as a hotel, will you look at this and see the importance of hygiene? I hope so...

I stayed in a hotel in Sault StMarie, where they had replaced the covers as they were before the previous person was there, i opened up the covers and found pieces of cheese, pubic hairs, and some stains on the sheets, all the while having a bed with a middle that sagged 5 inches deep! This was in 1995, and you can bet if I came across this now, I would and WILL do the same as this guy did.

Hotels need to be held accountable, just like any other business taking your money for a service provided.

about a year and a half ago

New Drug Mimics the Beneficial Effects of Exercise

hesaigo999ca Re:Would probably be outlawed... (492 comments)

I actually condone proper use of those, as in mexico, europe, and the US, it is accepted as being normal to sometimes need them....
Here in Canada, you just mention the word, and everyone thinks you are criminal...

Imagine all the people, living in a world where you just go to the pharmacy and get what you need....

about a year and a half ago

US States Banned From Exporting Trash To China Are Drowning In Plastic

hesaigo999ca volcanos! (427 comments)

Joe and the volcano seemed like a good idea, what is stopping them from trying this...run up the side of the volcano, dump the stuff in, and run back down for the next load, & repeat!, Eventually, you will be able to close off the volcano completely, no?

about a year and a half ago

Write Windows Phone Apps, No Code Required

hesaigo999ca Re:Nobody cares (210 comments)

I know this very exact situation is in a canadian government office, and with major content management, you would think this to be the most critical thing to get away from, yet they stick with Access and the 1 guy who knows it all....god save us if he dies tomorrow

about a year and a half ago

How the UN Might Have Inadvertently Started a Cholera Epidemic In Haiti

hesaigo999ca Re:Not quite (158 comments)

>The infrastructure in Haiti under normal conditions was perfectly capable or providing drinking water

Have you been to Haiti to be able to confirm this?
Are you a water treatment plant manager to be able to expertly describe what is considered "perfectly capable"?
When you consider a country to be an island, and that their drinking water is coming from only 1 supply, would you say that it is perfectly acceptable?

I think it would be wise for anyone going into a building that houses flammable materials, to know all fire exits just in case, dont you?.

about a year and a half ago

Security Researcher Makes His Point By Hacking Into Zuckerberg's Facebook Page

hesaigo999ca haxormania (266 comments)

Mark considers himself a haxor, so do many others that use his app. Some are smarter then others, this one proved he was, and went so far as to show the creator of facebook he was, instead of 500$ , I would have asked for a job, and some cigars, love those cigars, and maybe a bottle of tequila.... but never money!
Its the principle of it all

about a year and a half ago

Instagram "Likes" Worth More Than Stolen Credit Cards

hesaigo999ca Lady GAGA (106 comments)

Thats how she got 25 million fans on twitter!.
I knew that was a bit much for fans that actually liked her music, ;)

about a year and a half ago

Wikileaks Releases A Massive "Insurance" File That No One Can Open

hesaigo999ca encryption (394 comments)

Of course no one can read it, if there are insurance info on how they scammed their people as per the cliche hollywood movies dictate we are, they would have encrypted it. My assumption is that this is a move by an individual that might be holding this file hostage and be asking for money or else they will release the decryption info and voila, end of story.

Why put an encrypted file on the leaks without being able to open it, unless it just a show of how far you would go to get what you want. I am going to follow this one for sure though as I would be greatly interested in knowing how bad insurance companies have been scamming us.

about a year and a half ago

"Jekyll" Test Attack Sneaks Through Apple App Store, Wreaks Havoc

hesaigo999ca Bravo (206 comments)

Well done, by jove I think you've got something, my dear watson!

about a year and a half ago

How the UN Might Have Inadvertently Started a Cholera Epidemic In Haiti

hesaigo999ca Not quite (158 comments)

The problem here is that Haiti is very poor, and think that having a drinking water facility without the proper filtration should be an excuse to blame someone else for bringing in germs, viruses or bacteria. The thing to remember is if your infrastructure is badly built from the beginning without having any contingency plans setup, you will get burned, and it will only be your own fault.

If i go on a trip and have only enough fuel to make it to a specific place, and then stop to pick up a hitchhiker, adding more weight to my car, leaving me to run out of fuel before the next gas station, should i blame the hitchhiker? No one forced you to pick him up. If you were smart enough to have a gerry can in the back with just a bit more fuel to get you to that gas station, which most people do before long treks, you avoid this situation.

Having one source of drinking water with no special reserves setup and no proper filtration in place to catch all the contaminants, leads you to have this situation.
Dont blame someone for helping when you should have helped yourself before they got there. Just refuse the help next time if you are concerned they will bring disease with them. No one forced you to take their help.

As for the UN, there should be more testing in place for who they send in, this could easily have been avoided as well from the other side of the coin. We had firefighters and cops from here go and help over there, but i can guarantee you no one tested them properly for any sort of communicable diseases.

about a year and a half ago



Gamers pushing Blizzard for Wow past level 100!

hesaigo999ca hesaigo999ca writes  |  about a year ago

hesaigo999ca (786966) writes "The long reigning champion of the gaming industry Blizzard has been bombarded and flooded by worried WoW adepts about their planned level 100 cap for new content. The insider information from source working on the game has mentioned that the planned level 100 cap would signal the end of development for any new content, giving room for the next gen titles on Blizzard's drawing boards.

In response to the said leak of information, gamer's have been sending massive amounts of mail and tickets concerned that their favorite game would no longer have any real continuity past level 100. Rob Pardo was heard saying that there was a special project under wraps that would bring about a revolution to the WoW world and allow for autonomy of content based on the pvp aspect of the game.

It was heard that the project takes into consideration a level 100 cap would signal a start of a new game but with the same character, allowing for the addition of a class, such as a fighter rogue, or a mage priest. The experience would be cut in half for that new class, with each class cutting further (half of a half)!

With this new character model for ongoing limitless potential for character development, we could see a level 100 fighter level 100 druid level 45 priest take on a level 100 mage level 100 death knight level 45 rogue. The pvp would be off the scale and the ongoing challenge to grab first place at having 2 3 or even 5 classes would be something that would take much longer then hitting level 100 for the first time.

The potential for amazing pvp is limitless with this new business model and would keep fans playing for the next 5 years easily at peak use of the game. What is unclear is how the classes would mingle when it comes to gear, would there be limitations for a mage wearing armor other then robes?"

How to solicit help from the forums

hesaigo999ca hesaigo999ca writes  |  more than 5 years ago

hesaigo999ca (786966) writes "We have all had this situation, where you post your question on a forum, which in certain instances, are with a company that should respond ASAP, concerning most issues. But what happens when you have silence..especially with an issue that is critical...?

Is it the person's fault for poorly designed sentences that just don't stand out to the support team as being interesting enough to peruse? Is it the fact that certain issues are taboo to discuss openly, and would rather leave you hanging then actually admitting defeat.

What are some options or tricks to get responses, especially when there has been no activity
for some weeks, and you are anxiously awaiting the help you need to continue onwards with a project?

link for dying subject matter here at

Link to Original Source



hesaigo999ca hesaigo999ca writes  |  more than 6 years ago

I have a huge library of movies at home, as many people do, and I was thinking, once I have watched them it may be rare I actually go and watch them again, unless someone comes over and wants to watch it.

I decided to translate my movie collection into .avi to them place on backup hard drive. Doing so will take a long time, for converting a dvd to avi has a few steps. There are some softwares that can be bought such as the Xilisoft DVD Ripper Platinum or the free AutoGK which both do the same thing.

By so doing this, I can place my large collcetion into a small enough size hard drive (500gb) and keep an extra as backup (2*500gb). This means should anything happen to my first hard drive, then I have the second, enough time to go out and buy a replacement.

This leads me into the quality of the hard drives. I have heard horror stories of people buying the 500gb then having the disk fail and loosing all that data. In todays day and age, where every company speaks about having back ups and raid etc... it is almost impossible not to know that you need a good back up system for you files. Mine is just doubling the data and 2 drives instead of one, and keeping the extra hidden in a safety deposit box.

This strategy allows me to focus more on having fun, then worrying about the info being stolen or lost or even damaged.

A 500gb right now from tigerdirect.ca is about 110$ Canadian, which to me makes scense if I want to keep my data safe!


hesaigo999ca hesaigo999ca writes  |  more than 7 years ago

So far so good, I have come across many applications from many different companies that have hired me for converting their older applications into .NET applications (vb.net or c#) and I have to say, so far so good.

I am of course translating everything into vs2005 version. I feel that going straight to vs2005 from the deprecated Visual Basic 6.0 makes things easier, as you see the improvements right away on refactoring,
code placement etc. Rewriting the app sometimes involves a lot of time dissecting what is happening and nothing slows you down more then unreadable code.

This is due to the fact that many developers have their own style, even though there may be corporate policies in place, they tend to still keep a certain of their own "style". This coupled with the fact that each person has their own settings for any environment *tab indenting etc...)...well you get the point.

Next up is an issue that was rectified in this version of VS, which is the debug functionality of VB 6.0. This is a god send for those like me that rely a lot on run through testing. I prefer setting the text or code as I think it, then work out the bugs through intellisense etc..

As well, sometimes the logic is off by a single digit, which I may or may not remember at the time, if the Id in the database had been started at 1 or 0, depends on the implementation of that company at that time.

Rewriting a whole application from scratch is sometimes easier then trying to reuse all the code from a previous version, however if the conversion is simple enough that you keep 3/4 of the code written, this is better, as any developer coming back into the code will find themselves much easier to continue where they left off.

I thoroughly enjoy using the 2005 version as well, as the advanced refactoring, lets you find better placement for your blocks of code or "snippets" as they call it. These can be extracted and replaced everywhere using regular expressions from your IDE, to find and replace bits of code you have now decided to move or alter or even rename ( based on company policy).

The next thing on the table to be improved was the regions. These regions had been improved a la UltraEdit a tool I use profusely as a web developer. You can now enter regions inside methods, making things very neat and tidy. Again reading code to find an error or bug should not take you a day, with proper regions and comment systems in place
(TODO etc..) you can find ,replace ,search for where your bug is causing a crash.(ie- Time out error, please contact your admin....)

Of course this is a windows tool, a pretty encapsulated tool I find worth the money for development in any environment, more so then previous version. Any developer should have their versions upgraded if they can.

To finalize , there is an integrated web server for web development, even if you don't have IIS installed, which can really help you, but remember that just because you made it work on your machine, you may need more tweaking to make it work in an intranet environment with security settings set to high(windows2003).

As well, a free express version of SQL2005 comes with it, which again avoids having to install your own MSDE version as before when you wanted to debug any application at home etc..

Until they come out with 2008 version, I will keep using this version
and learning new tricks to help me with my development (book called Visual Studio 2005 Hacks- Tips & tricks from O'reilly)

Until next time ....


VMWare vs. Xen, who will win in the end

hesaigo999ca hesaigo999ca writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Wanting to be up to date with new technologies for our company, I have
come across a few virtualization solutions ( by far not the only ones, but the most popular right now). VMWare leads the pack, with Xen coming up quick right behind them. I signed up to both for info on purchasing, then went and did some research. I came across a few sites with pros and cons for both. The worst case for Xen, is its need to be on Intel VT chips only, and minimum required RAM. Someone wanting to run testing for this product will have to get themselves set up right away with their hardware, where as VMWare lets you use pretty much any box, although the more RAM and better chips, the better the response.

VMWare itself is pretty steep, being its only real flaw, as anyone wanting to start small, will have to spend the 15000$ plus for setting up small time components and the VMWare OS itself. Mind you, I am not refering to the free version (Server1.0) which is great for a small time developer/network admin to use for testing.... I am talking about the ESX version.

The important thing I noticed with VMWare being from a linux based environment, was the load balancing and other features you could usually find in a linux clustered environment ( no, not the fake clustered environment Windows talks about). That got me thinking, what if I set up a clustered environment on linux and used the Server1.0 version for linux, and see if I could maybe get a run down ESX version going...

As of yet, I have not been able to get my company to give me the time I would need to set this up, but it is a plan I am considering even for my home. Saving 15000$ sounds like a pretty good plan.

Has anyone ever thought of doing something similar and wanting to share with others their findings? Sounds to me like a possible alternative
for those too poor to get the real deal.

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