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Intel Pushes Into Tablet Market, Pushes Away From Microsoft

hetz Re:ARM is the new Intel (110 comments)

I'm sorry sir, but I disagree with you.

I'm typing this reply on Asus Transformer TF701T, and I've checked Bay Trail. If this is Intel's answer, then they better get back to the drawing board, yesterday!
This tablet has 2560x1600 resolution and from my experience the battery holds for 14 hours (it got 2 of them). On many occasions I use it without keyboard and I get around 5.5 hours of battery, try that with Bay Trail (without dimming the screen to an unreadable condition!).

Performance: look at this link ( - nVidia's Tegra 4 beats it on almost any test. Try 3D Mark for tablets/smartphones and you'll see that both Tegra 4 and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 beats it by a very wide margin.

Tegra 4 is more of an "evolution" of Tegra 4 and nVidia is changing it in the upcoming chip, the Tegra K1, and according to early benchmarks ( it beats every mobile processor available today including Apple's A7, and what Intel is doing? still working on the garbage Atom processor and improving it. Someone should tell intel that they need to bring the big guns and also do something about the battery. The upcoming tablets will be using QHD & up resolution (wait till next year when you'll see LG shows 4K resolution tablets, they already have prototypes) - Atom has issues with those resolutions.

The competition this time is different. Yes, Intel got the fab technology 2 generations ahead of the competition, but it doesn't matter much! with the current technology the competition is beating Intel and the gap will only wide. Intel cannot stick some i5 because it will kill the battery. They'll have to come up with something different.

about 4 months ago

Android On the Desktop

hetz Re:Pet Peeve No More (247 comments)

It really depends on which ROM you have on your phone/Phablet/Tablet..

If you have an official ROM from your vendor and it's 4.2.x, then you might have a problem which can be overcome by unlocking/rooting your device and install 3rd party ROM like Cyanogenmod 10.1 or anything else that has Android 4.2.x as a base for that ROM.

Once you have it installed, all you have to do is go to the Settings on your device, scroll down a bit and you should see "Users", there you can do all your management.

Good Luck.

about a year ago

Can Red Hat Do For OpenStack What It Did For Linux?

hetz Re:Break things that used to work? Sure (118 comments)

Fedora (the "Core" part of the name was removed in Fedora 7 IIRC) IS MEANT to be a DEVELOPMENT version. Version X has ABC, Version Y - the ABC has been kicked out of the window. Red Hat team mention it in big letters!

Want stable? either buy RHEL or use CentOS.

about a year ago

Can Red Hat Do For OpenStack What It Did For Linux?

hetz Re:Probably won't.... (118 comments)

My guess (based on past experience with RHEL road) is that you may see RHEV 3.x versions with fixes (like RHEL 6.x), but RHEV 4 will probably be Open Stack (or Open Stack based solution). Red Hat is already working hard on Open Stack and you can see it in the Fedora releases.

about a year ago

Dave Perry Shows Off Cloud Gaming Service "Gaikai"

hetz Re:Notably missing from the video: (79 comments)

Regarding the bandwidth: take a look at the left side of the video, it shows the needed info.

One thing many people missed: Almost at the end of the demo, he shows Photoshop CS4, and then he moves the windows. Take a good look at the cursor, specially when the cursor is out of the window it shows something which might be familiar to any Linux user :)

more than 5 years ago

Google Finance Beta Released

hetz Re:I like! (206 comments)


It's flash.

more than 8 years ago


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