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New Search Engine Cuil Takes Aim At Google

heytal About "I'm Feeling Lucky" (649 comments)


Feature # 4 : Search term suggestions:

When you type a query, sometimes you'll see a search suggestion with an icon representing a website. Click on this link and you will go directly to that website. We let you look before you leap, because not everyone feels lucky.

more than 6 years ago



IIT Bombay, Microsoft at loggerheads over OOXML

heytal heytal writes  |  more than 6 years ago

heytal writes "Microsoft has courted a major controversy in India by complaining to the government of India that those who voted against OOXML were working against "national interests". Prof. D. B. Phatak from IIT Bombay has raised his voice against this complaint and has demanded an apology from Microsoft. He says "... the complaints have painted these organisations and their representatives, including the Indian delegation which attended the Ballot Resolution Meeting (BRM in Geneva this February), as acting against Indian national interests. This is the most derogatory accusation to any Indian...," The letter adds: "I have a special word of thanks to the officials of Microsoft, some of whom have been personal friends for years... I, of course, still await the action from Microsoft which I have requested, viz., formal withdrawal of all complaints, and a formal apology to my institute." More details at"
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