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Swedish File-Sharers File For Religious Status

hfuzzin Re:Heretics! (420 comments)

And i thought i was the only one. Yes, brothers, the keys of the chosen ones will forever be: STRG - INS, SHFT - INS, SHFT - DEL (and while were at it: i will throw in: ASDF vs. WASD for ego-shooters) (preferably typed on a "DasKeyboard Ultimate"-Board)

more than 3 years ago



Poll suggestion

hfuzzin hfuzzin writes  |  more than 3 years ago

hfuzzin writes "Hi guys, i just stumbled about my favorite friend in Windows, the dialog to change the PATH-variable, that led me to suggest the following poll:

Pollname: Windows File System Crimes

-Allowing spaces in filenames
-Calling personal folders "My Documents"
-Identifying drives by letters
-Allowing users to save stuff on the desktop
-Inventing Autorun for CDs, USB Sticks
-A dialog to change the PATH-Variable that fits about 30 times onto a regular (NON-WIDE!) screen and displays a whopping 3% of the actual path
- Cowboy Neal not caring about any of this"


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