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A Toolbox That Helps Keep You From Losing Tools (Video)

hidden space? (81 comments)

The basic idea is appealing, but surely you could do it better by rfid tagging the tools or something. The toolbox seems totally impractical:
1)You have to get out your phone/tablet to open my toolbox. Don't stick your phone charger in there!
2)This is super wasteful of space.The entire top tray of the box now holds 2 wrenches, 2 sockets, a volt meter, and a couple of things I can't really identify.Mine, without all the fancy foam and sensors holds a socket SET, a wrench SET, a volt meter, and some other random stuff. Now, maybe if you're building special task specific kits, that's not a big deal, but if all your tool boxes triple in size, surely at some point that turns into a health and safety concern for the technicians that have to drag the things around...


Rhode Island Comic Con Oversold, Overcrowded

hidden Re:First hand report (126 comments)

You know fire occupancy exists for a reason right? Fire marshals are strict because when fire code is ignored, people die
If the con had more people in that room/floor/whatever than fire occupacy allowed, the blame is 100% on them, not the marshal.

about three weeks ago

Hitachi Developing Reactor That Burns Nuclear Waste

hidden Re:Already commented on this elsewhere (200 comments)

I agree with your first statement, and I agree that Fukushima should have been prepared for that size of tsunami, but seriously.

The last one was 300 years ago. They were due.


about 3 months ago

Valve In-Home Game Streaming Supports Windows, OS X & Linux

hidden Re:I tested it in beta (106 comments)

Valve actually SPECIFICALLY recommends against using wifi. Good old copper wires are very much the way to go in a low latency/high bandwidth application like this.

about 6 months ago

How Asimov's Three Laws Ran Out of Steam

hidden Applicability (153 comments)

I'll be the first to say that the autonomous killing machines scare me. But I don't think the 3 laws have anything to do with anything either. The 3 laws are based on having something that is smart enough to actually comprehend what it is looking at (a human) and what it is doing (hurting that human) As far as I know, all current "killer robots" are just computers following a set of rules fed in by some programmer, which is not the same thing at all.

about a year ago

Need Directions? Might Not Want To Ask a Transit Rider

hidden Expert Knowledge (97 comments)

I think it depends what king of trip planning you are looking for. I'm betting that if you want TRANSIT directions from A to B, asking a transit user is better. If you are seeking road directions, then of course you want to ask a road user (eg, a car driver)

about a year ago

Researchers Convert Phones Into Secret Listening Devices

hidden Re:Physical access? (59 comments)

I dunno. Not leaving any hardware behind to be discovered seems like it might have SOME value.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Tell Non-Tech Savvy Family About Malware?

hidden Re:Uhm... No, it's just spam. (340 comments)

I'm sure there's some stuff like what you're talking about out there but most of phishing and scam crap I've seen seems to stay separate.

Facebook attacks stay in the facebook realm, spreading through sketchy timeline posts and using FB connect, and email attacks stay in email realm, attacking via addressbooks and sketchy email links.

this is just from my personal exerience though. milage may vary

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Tell Non-Tech Savvy Family About Malware?

hidden Re:Uhm... No, it's just spam. (340 comments)

When the from and to names are people who genuinely know each other, it generally means that one or the other of them's address book has been stolen. Less frequenty, it may mean that a third party (that they both know) had their address book stolen. Subby doesn't think his address book has been stolen, so that leaves the relative as the most likely victim.

Who we think the most likely victim is maybe be another story, but his logic seems fairly sound to me, if we accept the initial assumptions...

about 2 years ago

Canadian Copyright Board To Charge For Music At Weddings, Parades

hidden Re:Who is receiving the money? (349 comments)

Actually, it does. The people in the recordings do in fact receive royalty cheques from SOCAN. Mind you, I'm not sure exactly how fair the split is, or how much of it goes to "administrative fees"

The other thing that isn't very clear from the article is that this system is NOT new. SOCAN has always collected fees for radio play, and recorded music at public functions, shows, etc in Canada. All that's happened now is that the fee structure for certain types of event has been updated. (simplified, I think?)

more than 2 years ago

Why Google Should Buy the Music Industry

hidden Re:Honestly... (472 comments)

He seems to be somewhat dedicated to doing exactly that. Only his sights are set a little higher than the recording industry

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Is There a War Against Small Mail Servers?

hidden Use smarthost mode (459 comments)

Most mail server software is capable of routing the outbound mail through the isp's mail server in such a way that it gets listed as the origin. You get to keep running your mail server, but the spam labelling and port blocking issues all go away.

The only time this is an issue is if the isp's mail servers do some kind of filtering or mangling, but most of the ones I've dealt with don't

more than 3 years ago

Why Debian Matters More Than Ever

hidden Re:You can't just count packages and draw conclusi (345 comments)

debian has a package called popularity-contest, which it asks to install when you do a new debian install. from the package description:

Description: Vote for your favourite packages automatically
  The popularity-contest package sets up a cron job that will
  periodically anonymously submit to the Debian developers
  statistics about the most used Debian packages on this system.
  This information helps Debian making decisions such as which packages
  should go on the first CD. It also lets Debian improve future versions
  of the distribution so that the most popular packages are the ones which
  are installed automatically for new users.

more than 3 years ago

Debian 6.0 Released In GNU/Linux, FreeBSD Flavors

hidden Re:I love it! (250 comments)

I'm pretty sure modern versions of the debian installer do work with the intel wireless cards. Plus, if you download the full install disk, rather than the net install, you actually don't need network until after the install is done.

more than 3 years ago

Canada Courts Quash Gov't Decision On Globalive

hidden Re:Is Wind up and running? (104 comments)

Luckily, they are actually operating in WESTERN Canada as well:
At least Edmonton, and I'm pretty sure Calgary and Vancouver/Victoria.

more than 3 years ago

Court Rules Photo of Memorial Violates Copyright

hidden Re:isn't the memorial already in the public domain (426 comments)

Uhhh. I don't believe movies DO have to get approval for products to be shown. They simply generally CHOOSE to obscure product identifiers unless they've been payed off to show them, and to avoid any accusations of showing a product in a negative light...

more than 4 years ago

iPhone's Liquid Sensors Can Be Triggered By Wintertime Use

hidden Re:Uninformed at best (484 comments)

But that condensation occurs under normal use, so the device should be designed with it in mind.

more than 4 years ago

iPhone's Liquid Sensors Can Be Triggered By Wintertime Use

hidden Re:Technicalities of specs, vs reality (484 comments)

Well, if my phone is in a purse or backpack, and I'm outside, the phone isn't going to get much benefit from body heat...

Even in my personal case - I carry my phone in the cargo pocket of my pants most of the time - so I'm sure it gets some body heat, but it's certainly cold to the touch when I come inside with it.

more than 4 years ago

iPhone's Liquid Sensors Can Be Triggered By Wintertime Use

hidden Technicalities of specs, vs reality (484 comments)

1)Apple sells this phone in northerly climates (Canada for one)

2)Apple specs that it can be (when turned off) in environments down to -20 Celsius

3)I don't think anyone will argue with me that the nominal purpose of a cell phone, is as a communication device that a person CAN CARRY AROUND WITH THEM.

Combining these 3 facts, I think a reasonable person would conclude that they can take the phone in and out of the house with them when it is warmer than -20 C outside.

Thus, It seems reasonable that the warranty should still apply when this "reasonable person" has taken the phone in and out of the house at, oh, say -15 C

However, this test shows that doing so can trigger the humidity sensor, thereby voiding the warranty. Even though the person has not done anything unreasonable.

The think that I think some of you (who live in warmer climates?) are missing is this: the environment changes used in this test simulate normal daily use for those of us who live in colder climates.

Also, I doubt this issue is limited to iPhones: I had at least one motorola phone's warranty voided by the water sensor, even though I was unaware of having ever gotten the phone wet. This article could finally explain that issue as well...

more than 4 years ago

Washington Post Says Use Linux To Avoid Bank Fraud

hidden Re:What about the banks? (422 comments)

Well, with a token generator (for example), the thief would only have a few minutes to login before the token changed... that would help considerably.

Of course, that means the banks somehow convincing everyone to carry a token generator... (could some of these "printing circuits on paper" things we've been seeing lately be used to put a token generator on your bank card?)

more than 5 years ago


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