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More Gas Station Credit-Card Skimmers

hieronymus Re:Two Simple Rules (251 comments)

Bravo. Credit card fraud is not the same as identity theft. If your credit card gets skimmed, you are not going to be liable for the fraudulent charges. The only "cost" to you is going to be having to call the card company and maybe having to wait a couple days for a new card. The card issuers (issuing banks) are the people who bear the most cost for fraud and theoretically the group which should be most concerned.

more than 4 years ago

BetOnSports Founder Pleads Guilty To Racketeering

hieronymus Re:Lottery, Stock Market, Gambling--All Sucker Gam (223 comments)

Sports betting is not a "sucker game" if what you mean by that it is not beatable. Betting on sports at 11-10 odds (Bet $110 to win $100) as is normal for most sports bets involving a point spread requires the bettor to win 52.5% of his / her bets to make money. While most people do not, the game is beatable. Doing so online involves risks like the government seizing your payouts and other stuff that raises that hurdle. Poker is another game that is also played online that is very beatable by skilled players.

more than 5 years ago

How Apple's App Review Is Sabotaging the iPhone

hieronymus Yeah, platform is hurting (509 comments)

Only a billion downloads. What a disaster.

more than 5 years ago

Bank of NY Loses Tapes With 4.5 Million Clients' Data

hieronymus False outrage does nothing (156 comments)

Despite the near monthly occurrences of these incidents, the fact is that they have very little material impact to the companies who perpetrate them. If consumers, rather than venting on message boards, would in some numbers actually act in such a way that really affects these organizations (like moving their accounts to another bank) you would see more attention. In fact, so few do that there is very little economic disincentive to take any real action by the banks. Send out a contrite press release and be done with it. We saw this week that very little seems to have changed in the security culture at TJX after their breach. Why should it? Their revenue has increased since the incident happened.

more than 6 years ago


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